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Product Revival & Review – Olay Daily Facials Clarify Scrub

Whilst cleaning out the press under my bathroom sink last week I found a tonne of unloved products. At the very back I found Olay Daily Facials Clarity Daily Scrub.

I bought this last year used it a handful of times and moved on, the usual story. In the interest of clearing out the press I decided to use it up.

I have been using it for nine days now and I have to admit, I like it.

It contains tiny little beads, so tiny and so few that I’m not sure how exfoliating this product is. This doesn’t bother me since I have been using it as a cleanser morning and evening. I follow with Liz Earl toner and Origins Mega Mushroom Serum (video review coming soon on this one!).

My skin has been quite sensitive lately so I was expecting a little irritation. Not so. My skin feels soft. I actually look forward to using it before bed.

The only thing that puts me off is the colour, it’s blue!

The scrub contains green tea, aloe vera and salicylic acid which makes this a good option for those of use who suffer from spots.

As much as I’m enjoying using the wash I’m not sure if I would repurchase. We’ll see! It costs around £4.50 / €6 for 150ml’s.

What are your thoughts on Olay products? Are there any that you recommend?

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Create a Matte, Luminous Base: Make-up Trend A/W 2010-11


Matte luminous skin

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Every season we see a different skin trend. Natural-looking skin was big on the Autumn/Winter catwalks. Matte yet luminous skin sounds like a contradiction but it’s easy to achieve.


You want to create a fresh faced effect but still maintain matte skin. The work is in the preparation for this look. Use a

How to create matte yet luminous skin:

  • Use a primer if you have oily skin. This will help keep the oiliness at bay during day.
  • Those with dry skin should moisturise well before make-up application
  • Ensure your that your skin is exfoliated regularly. This means you have fresh, even skin to work with.
  • Blend your foundation well into your skin, leaving your skin looking polished without visible product.
  • Conceal any under discolouration, redness and blemishes.
  • Powder is essential for this seasons trend. A light touch is the way forward if you want a silky looking effect. Use a very finely milled powder that will let the skins natural radiance shine through without looking cakey. MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural is perfect for this.
  • Then add a little highlight powder down the centre of the nose.
  • Carry oil absorption sheets if you have combination or oily skin or if you are in a humid climate.

This is a trend I will definitely be exploring this season. It’s also perfect for bridal and special event make-up – just make sure your powder doesn’t contain Titanium Dioxide if you are being photographed (it photographs white).

What way do you like you base – dewy, matte, satin?

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My thoughts on Avon Anew Age Transforming Compact Makeup SPF15

Foundation review time!

I have been trying out Avon Anew Age Transforming Compact Makeup SPF15, wow what a mouthful. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Avon products. This one was a gift from my aunt last year. It has stayed in the bottom of my makeup drawer but last week I decided it was time to give it some life.

This is a silicone based compact foundation. I generally don’t like compact foundations but I tried to be as unbiased as possible. One great things about this product is that it offers protection from UVA rays thanks to Titanium Dioxide. The downside to this ingredient is of course that it can look a little pasty when exposed to flash photography. Right away that makes this a no no for a bride.

It feels quite greasy when first applied but it’s smooth and easy to blend. It sets to a satin finish, no grease. It’s a little powdery to the touch but didn’t actually look powdery on the skin. It provided a light coverage which didn’t last very long on my normal to combination skin.I tried a little on an older client to see if the foundation seeped into wrinkles and pores. It didn’t thanks to the silicone.

This product also contains a retinol blend. I wouldn’t get too excited about this, the levels are more than likely ridiculously low (to avoid skin reactions in customers) and even at that the tiny dose of retinol could be affected by it’s exposure to light and oxygen.

This foundation would be a good option if you..

  • have dry or mature skin
  • like light coverage
  • need UVA protection in your foundation
  • like compact foundations

For me, I’m afraid it’s a thumbs down. In fact every Avon foundation I have tried, admittedly a few years ago, left me disappointed.

What are your thoughts on Avon foundations and their make-up in general?

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Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

I know it’s strange to be talking about tinted moisturiser in the middle of Winter. It is traditionally a Summer product. However, I fancied a break from foundation today.

I bought the Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer 6 months ago in a Stila set for $16 from I was mainly interested in the eyeshadows and gloss and never gave the tinted moisturiser a go.

I squeezed out a little on the back of my hand and patted it on freshly cleansed skin. I don’t really like the texture of it, it felt quite greasy on my fingers, like Sun Block.

Two hours after application my skin doesn’t look greasy at all. I don’t really see any trace of a glow or of product for that mattter. I ended up slapping on some MUFE HD Foundation on my chin because the stila product seemed to draw attention to my imperfections.

Now I know it’s a tinted moisturiser and not a foundation but this really had zero coverage. It’s definitely one of those products designed for a glow. It would be a great product for someone with really clear skin. I do like that it has SPF15.

Would I buy it again? Not a chance.

I would love to try Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. Have you tried it?

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Skincare for Combination Skin & Breakouts

I have spent a fortune over the years on anti-blemish products. I have finally found some that work for me… for now. Those of you prone to breakouts will understand that what works one month may not work the next. I’m happy to have found a balance, even if it is short-lived.


What works for you at the moment?


Pick the next video I make

Applying Make-upHi ladies, My friend Sarah over at ‘The Ultimate guide to all things fabulous’ will be posting one more of my videos (it won’t on YouTube) on her blog.

She has decided to run a Poll on her site to let you pick. This way you can vote what video you’d like to see next :)


The video choices are:

  • Day to Night Make-up Office to Party
  • Contouring Tips – Slim nose, fuller lips, sculpted cheekbone
  • Party Night Beauty Prep Routine

Click here to vote

Amy x