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Lush Japan Aid Soap

Hi ladies,

We love Lush soap but this one is for a really important cause.

Buy one of Lush’s limited edition Japan Aid soaps (€5.00) and all proceeds go to the relief effort in Japan

Here’s what Lush have to say…

“We were heartbroken to see the pictures of devastation from Japan and we know that we’re not the only ones.  For Lush it is very personal, as we have 145 shops in Japan and a factory – with 1,600 staff.  Some of these staff and their families have lost everything.

You can help by buying some of our limited edition Japan Aid soap (€5.00) and, just like our Charity Pot scheme, all the proceeds except the VAT will go directly towards the relief effort in Japan.

We are working with a charity called Peace Boat ( <> ), who is organising teams of volunteers, transporting aid goods and cooking hot meals in the disaster zone.  Despite their efforts, it is hard to keep up with the queues of people needing food and help.  All the money raised in the UK from the sales of this limited edition Japan Aid soap (€5.00) will go directly to Peace Boat, to help them help more people.  Your support can make such a difference.

Shaped like the Japanese flag, this limited edition soap will soften your skin and leave it scented with the popular tropical coconut fragrance of I Should Coco.

We have made enough to raise £50,000 in the UK & Ireland and $80,000 in North America (money will go to another aid agency). Some of the money will also go to animal rescue organisations”.

This is a great way to do out bit for Japan. I hope that you’ll join me.

Bath & Body, Organic / Natural

Creamery Creek Goat Milk Soap

It’s no secret that I enjoy natural soaps. My shower gel days are gone, until I come across an organic shower wash that smells divine. Natural soaps usually contain skin nourishing ingredients and are a far cry from out Palmolive days – no more dry skin!

I was sent a few soaps from Shelley at the Creamery Creek Farm in Utah, USA and I thought I would give you a look. All of their soaps are made with goat milk. I took some snaps of the soaps.

Usually when soaps arrive I open the box to a bang of fragrance, this was more of a softer, gentle waft of delicate scents. I’m was suckered in right away. I unwrapped the soaps from their paper and wanted to have five separate showers to try them all out. I resisted since that would be plain ridiculous :)

Red Clover Tea –  This is a bright blend of green tea, fruits and delicate flowers. It’s quite contemporary, not a traditional scent,with fresh marine notes and a gentle musk. This smells very delicate to my untrained nose. This smells divine!


Green Tea -This one is quite delicate. The top notes are of green tea but there is a spicier base note and a teeny hint of spearmint (that could just be my nose though). This is very modern and definitely unisex.


Aloe and French Green Clay – This has a clean and elegant  fragrance. It  can detect green notes and a fresh top note. It conjured up an image of delicate clothing drying in the Summer breeze (don’t ask why!). French green clay is known to draw out impurities and toxins from skin. I love the scent of this one.


Black Raspberry Vanilla – This is the punchiest and fruitiest of the lot. It is described as raspberry, Peach, Lemon & Strawberry on a bed of flowers and musks. There is also a beautiful berry scent with darker base. They have added finely ground vanilla bean to the middle layer of this soap, as a gentle exfoliant.


Cleoptra’s Bath – This is a new soap that will be available in the next week or so.  The lead notes are Frankincense and Myrrh, They have also added a huge dollop of organic local raw honey, colloidal oat powder and Kaolin clay.  Shelley’s daughter says that this soap feels like a warm hug, I think that’s an accurate comparison. It’s soft and milky with a few intoxicating notes. This one is just gorgeous.


Besides the gorgeous scents what really appeals to me about these soaps is that they each contain about a third of a cup of goats milk. If you have dry, sensitive skin like mine than goats milk could really help. It can also be used on eczema, psoriasis, sun/wind burn, skin of patients undergoing chemotherapy Goats milk and coconut oil gentle exfoliate pores and has a low ph balance.

I used one in the shower this morning in preparation for this blog post. It lathered up very well, it’s hard to find a moisturising soap that also lathers well. They are quite a big size for a soap 6oz – 6.5oz. Soaps made with goat milk also last much longer than others as they’re harder.

When I get through my five I will definitely order some more. The Bulgarian White Rose, Moroccan Nights and Bonsai are next on my list.

The soaps are available from Each soap costs $5, they also ship internationally. All of the information is on the FAQ section of their website.

Have you ever tried skincare products using goatsmilk? How do you feel about using soap instead of shower gel?

DIY Skincare - Make Your Own, Organic / Natural

DIY Skincare: Make Your Own Liquid Soap for your Home & Gifts

Ok so I am cheating a little here to make this easier for you. If you buy an organic Liquid  soap base online (I buy mine on ebay for a couple of euro, it’s called castile soap) then you can add healthy oils and essential oils suitable for your skin type, mood and the season. Even though I make my own organic soap bars they tend to be more suitable for body use so I like to leave a liquid soap beside the skin in the kitchen and bathroom.

I’m very anti-antibacterial products – you can make your own antibacterial soap without harsh chemicals very easily. I also make up batches for family and friends. I enjoy finding unusual bottles and jars for this purpose – I’m all about the pretty :)

My favourite blend to add to liquid soap at the moment is quite calming and warming which is perfect for this time of year.


125ml Liquid Soap (organic preferably)

5 drops Clary Sage essential oil

10 drops Lavender essential oil

25 drops sandalwood essential oil

*You can add a few drops of Jojoba or sweet almond oil if you have particularly dry hands.

Lavender has antiseptic and skin calming qualities which makes it a great soap ingredient. It’s not the dominant scent in this blend since it’s in lesser quantities than the sandalwood. The Clary Sage adds a warm, winter citrus punch – it’s also a great mood lifter.

All you have to do is mix the oils into the soap and store it in a pump bottle. You could also get a little creative with the packaging.



Lush Easter Range V Easter Eggs

Easter is coming. I can hear the cries of joy from the ladies down the back. Yes, the sadists who gave up chocolate for lent!

I have to admit that chocolate doesn’t interest me. I know, I know,  you can have me stoned to death later. Every Easter I get approximately zero Easter Eggs. Instead I get a different kind of pressie, ranging from a box of Fizzy Cola Lollies to perfume.

This year I knew what I wanted instead of an chocolate egg… although I am tempted by the Jedward Egg (that’s when you know you’ve arrived). I wanted a Lush egg, the pink one.

Long story short, I couldn’t wait (don’t pretend to be shocked). Look how pretty they are! So instead of having chocolate guilt this Easter and having to open my jeans, I will have a lovely pink bath. Very Amy.

Who’s with me on the no chocolate egg for Easter plan?

Bath & Body

Mother’s Day Gift Boxes, with Freebies

I am a busy bee preparing Mother’s Day gift boxes. The box includes seven 100% natural soap bars. I use therapeutic quality essential oils to soothe skin. I have added  in some free items, since Mammy’s are worth it. The box includes:

  • Lemongrass & Calendula Body Wash Bar (Fresh & Zingy)
  • Lavender & Oat Body Scrub Bar (great exfoliator for sensitive skin) Continue Reading

I need your opinion…again!

Hi everyone,

I need your opinion…again! (It has become apparent that I need to consult you all before making beauty/makeup choices haha)

I’m trying to decide where to go with the whole natural soap and lotion thing. At the moment I have 7 soaps, bath bombs, Vitamin E Cream, Body Butter Bars, Dead Sea Bath Salts and healing lip salve. I want to try some new things but am unsure about it.I was thinking about foot care, hand care, pet shampoo bars etc. What do you think?

I’d love to hear your ideas. What types of products would you expect/like to see ?

Thanks everyone

Amy x

Bath & Body

Bye Bye Bumpy Arms!!


I had so many questions about how to get rid of the dreaded red bumps so many of us get at the back of our arms. I decided to respond to everyone in one go in this blog post.

A bit of background; I found that the bumps were worse after a bath or shower. This led me to believe that my many chemical laden bath products were to blame. I embarked on a natural skin care mission, made some soaps and got a huge response from all of you lovely ladies.

The lavender soap I made got rid of the bumps. I now never bath or shower without it. I haven’t had one flare up since. I’d like to point out that it was a happy accident that this worked on my arms, it wasn’t my intention. I made a natural Vitamin E cream to use on the area too(since most lotions flare up the rash!) and it has worked a treat.

I had so many requests that I put them up for sale here (as you already know). I put the cream and the soap in a package together since they work so well for me :)

Click here to see what’s available

I made my first 8 orders today. I loved every minute of it! I spent ages packaging them, I LOVE gift bags and raffia and dried flowers and ribbon and jewels and…. basically I’m in heaven! Best of all, I get to share what I love with you.

Thank you all for your support and advice. I’m not exactly a good business woman, just a woman who makes soap! Haha

Amy x



Natural Products Update

A few weeks ago I posted a piece about my natural bath and body experiment. For anyone who didn’t read that particular post, I started making my own natural, essential oil soaps and cream. Click here to see the post and some pictures.

I couldn’t believe the response I received, it was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks so much to everyone who gave me feedback, I was delighted to see so many people shared my views on natural skin care.

I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen in my skin since I’ve stopped using chemical laden products. My skin is no longer dry and the bumps on the backs of my arms are gone (as you all know by now).

The general consensus from you all was that I should sell them on my blog. Well this got me thinking. I thoroughly enjoy making my soaps and lotions. I could stand over a pot for hours, stirring and blending oils. It’s very therapeutic.

Thanks to all your encouragement I have decided to put my goodies up for sale on my blog. I am so excited about this. I love all of the therapeutic soaps I’ve been making (well at least the ones I have made again and again!) and they are now the only products I use on my skin so I am so happy to be able to share the love :)

Thank you all for your support and encourgement. I would never have thought to do this without you!

Amy x

Links to past video about my experiment:

Natural Aromatherapy Soap

Previous Posts on the subject



Bath & Body

All Natural Beauty Experiment – An Update

This is week 3 of my ban on chemical laden bath and body products. I am feeling quite proud of myself this evening :) I have not caved once! The reason for this is that I have quite simply made my own products from scratch. Now I know what’s going in my hair, bath and on my skin. I am happy with that. The best part is, bye bye rash at the back of my arms, hello smooth nourished skin. I am quite chuffed with myself. I just made them for my own use. And here they are..

soap03 Continue Reading

Bath & Body

100% Natural Products Experiment – Update

Just a little update on my chemical free products week. I decided to focus on bath and body products this week.

The first thing I did was collect all of my bubble baths and shower gels and give them to my friends and family. I was actually shocked at how many of these products I currently own. It got me thinking, turning to natural home made products will save me a fortune. Bye bye high end bath & body product addiction!

After getting rid of said chemical filled products I realised that I hadn’t given very much thought to the alternative. Really all I had done til then was purchase an organic shampoo, I was far from informed. It was at this stage that I started to research. I am officially fascinated.

essential oils

I have been educating myself on the magic of essential oils and natural soap and lotions. I have even bought myself a few books on the subject. So far I’ve managed to create my own body scrub, moisturiser, body butter, soap and bath oil. Not only did I focus on the natural aspect of my creations, I made sure the ingredients were organic and blended with appropriate essential oils for my skin type. I have to say, I am a little proud of myself.

In a previous video I mentioned something I made at home that got rid of the hideous bumps at the back of my arms. Well that was one of the soaps I made blended with particular oils for irritated skin. It works perfectly! Not a red bump in sight.

I am officially converted.

How do you feel about natural products?