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Bloody brilliant -Vichy Normaderm Nuit

If you’re a regular reader you might remember the trouble I was having with acne during Winter and Spring. It was confined to my chin area, thank you hormones, but it made me miserable. I tried leaving it alone but after the condition of my skin worsened I pulled out every spot cream I had and tried to get rid of them. This was largely unsuccessful but I did find two that were impressive. One of these is Vichy Normaderm Nuit.

Normaderm Nuit Anti-Imperfections is designed for swollen and deformed pores and irregular skin texture. I have both of these issues but was rather skeptical, being a beauty blogger has made me very cynical :) I smeared a little of the product in desperation one night, expecting nothing. However, the next morning my skin looked less agitated and red. I continued using it for two more nights and on the third morning I woke to zero new spots, zero! After a few more nights of application the rest of my spots started to heal and my skin looked clearer.

You would imagine that I would love this for it’s spot fighting ability alone but not so. What I like most is the effect this product has on my pores. It has made them smaller, more regular in shape and much less noticeable. To make sure that this was down to the cream, and not other factors, I stopped using it for a week. I completely regretted this decission – the spots and irregular pores returned.

Bottom line, this worked a treat for me and is continuing to work. I apply a tiny amount every night on my chin and nose – the former gets spotty, the latter suffers from large, weird looking pores.

The product itself smells quite nice, no chemical scent like most spot creams. It’s between a lotion and a cream in consistency so it’s easy to apply. It’s not thick or greasy and absorbs easily. In fact on occasion I have applied it under my makeup in the morning.It didn’t cause any reaction or irritation and best of all it didn’t cause any dryness. This was a concern of mine since some reviewers found it too drying. I’m chuffed.

Here comes the science bit…It contains LHA, an exfoliant and anti-bacterial agent and Vitamin E to bring down inflammation. Normaderm has Zincadone A complex which contains glycolic acid, glycadone, and stimoderm.

As a testament to how much I love this product I bought my second tube last week from my local pharmacy (€15.50). The tube contains 50ml and one tube lasted me four months with everyday use.

Friggin’ amazing!


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Clear Skin Suppplements – Day 1

I’m starting a little experiment today and thought I should share. As many of you know I suffer from hormonal acne which started in my mid twenties. It only effects my chin (definitely hormonal). I picked up some Works With Water supplements for clear skin in Boots.

There are 14 sachets in the box I have so my two weeks of testing starts today. I will keep you updated on my progress with some photos – how brave am I!

Here is a little more information on Help:Clear Skin if you are interested:

The product works by inhibiting the development of the bacteria that cause acne and reducing the inflammation associated with existing acne blemishes – acne help that works from the inside.

“The effects of Praventin have been proven in medical trials, showing a median decrease in acne blemishes by 71% within one month and 95% within two months. In the studies, subjects took 200mg of Praventin each day to achieve a noticeable difference in the texture of their skin. In studies with teenage consumers, no adverse side effects were reported. It was also seen to contribute positively to the physical and emotional well-being of young adults” (taken from their website)

It says on the box to take the supplement for a minimum of 3-4 weeks. I’ll start with my box of 14 and see how I get on.

Help Clear Skin is also sold for men. As far as I’m aware Works With Water also sell sachet supplements for cholesterol and blood pressure too. They’re all on sale in Boots.

I’ll be back with an update in a few days!

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Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Visibly Clear Facial Wash

I bought myself a new cleanser from my local chemist last week – Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Visibly Clear Facial Wash. I have seen the advertisements for this product on bus stops around Dublin and the pinkness always catches my eye. I also love Grapefruit scented products, more grapefruit essential oil rather than sugary citrus.

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Visibly Clear Cleansing Wash

I love anything that smells refreshing and this wash is refreshing to the max. Texture wise it’s the same as most cleansing washes. I pump some into the palm of my hand, add a little water, lather and rub into all over my face. I then rinse well to ensure so residue remains.

I have quite reactive skin at the moment but I had no irritation as of yet. This may change with continues use in which case I will update this post. Otherwise you can assume that I’m still irritation free.

I had a little breakout on my chin and along the side of my nose.  The morning after my first night of use the little red bumps had dried a little and come to a head (ick but productive!) and within 3 days my breakout was clear. I do have to point out that this while this product would be great for girls with combination/oily skin that get some breakouts it probably will do very little for acne. It’s not an acne treatment so I wouldn’t expect much in that sense.

I would happily repurchase this in the future, especially since I can’t find my Vichy Essentuals Facial Cleansing Wash anywhere! I bought it for €4 which was quite surprising as I expected  it to be about €6 or €7.

What are your favourite Neutrogena products?

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Vichy Normaderm Moisturiser

This review was requested by TheIrishGurlie. Since I have tried Vichy Normaderm last year I am happy to share my thoughts with you.

I picked this up early last year in a desperate attempt to clear my spotty skin but provide moisture at the same time. I knew that was a tall order but the sales assistant in my local McCabes pharmacy informed me that it was all possible with this product.Vichy has a great reputation in Ireland. It is a respectable brand and portrays a rather scientific approach to skincare.

This light cream claims to tighten pores, reduce oiliness and improve skin clarity. Another tall order? Yes. Too good to be true?

I used the entire bottle in about 3 weeks. It’s expensive for such a small amount of cream.  I have quite sensitive skin and when I have breakouts my skin is extra sensitive. Unfortunately this serum dried out my skin  a little (probably due to the alcohol used).

There are lots of good ingredients including Witch Hazel, Zinc and Glycerin to Salicylic acid. There is a down side for those with sensitive skin and that is the potentially irritating ingredients. The alcohol makes this a ‘light’ moisturiser but it’s also a major cause of irritation for us sensitive ladies.

This was not for me at the moment, my skin is just too sensitive. It might work better on someone who has very oily skin with no sensitivity issues.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts on Vichy as a brand?

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My Breakout Clearing Skincare Arsenal

I have been whining for a week now about the state of my skin, as you all know. I decided to leave my skin alone and see would it clear itself. Nothing happened. Enter my skin clearing arsenal:


  • Netrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash
  • Clearasil Rapid Action Cream
  • Profound Advanced Performance Glycolic Cleanser

After 2 days of using this combination of products my the breakout has dried out. The marks are still these but no more spots are coming up. In the past I have relied on a combination of the Neutrogena 2-in-1 and Clearasil Rapid Action to tackle a bad breakout and they have never let me down. I decided to add in the glycolic cleanser to help eat away the dry skin left from the use of the other 2 products.

Both the  Neutrogena wash and the Clearasil cream contain salicylic acid which eats away dead skin cells and penetrates the pore Continue Reading

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The World of Concealer

For me concealer is like fairy dust! When I look tired, dehydrated, spotty, blotchy…the list goes on, a good concealer always saves the day. Every girl should have a concealer in her arsenal for emergency skin saving!

I haven’t come across one concealer that I can use for everything. This is because my under-eye concealer is a different formulation and shade to blotch covering concealer. Concealers designed to cover spots will look cakey, dry and aging on the delicate skin under your eye. The same goes for concealer designed for under eye area, it won’t mask a spot very well. If you’re new to concealer I would recommend buying two.

Find your formulation:

Cream Concealers: Very natural. The coverage isn’t as thick as the stick types but a Continue Reading

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Bridal Series: Blemishes

Ok so spots aren’t what you dream of for your big day but sometimes they are a reality. Stress and diets reek havoc on the skin.

To conceal blemishes  you will need a dryer, solid concealer in your makeup arsenal. You don’t want the spot to look cakey but if the concealer is too moist it will just slide off. Dryer concealers will stay put. Continue Reading

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Skincare for Combination Skin & Breakouts

I have spent a fortune over the years on anti-blemish products. I have finally found some that work for me… for now. Those of you prone to breakouts will understand that what works one month may not work the next. I’m happy to have found a balance, even if it is short-lived.


What works for you at the moment?

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Clearasil Ultra – Does it Work?

I was very excited to try a new cleansing routine. It turns out my skin doesn’t seem to like change. After a week I woke up with a big breakout on my chin. I usually use Quinoderm but my chin was sore all over so I didn’t want to use anything too harsh.

I picked up Clearasil Ultra Vanishing 3 Day Acne Treatment Cream when I was in Spain (there weren’t any other options!) and it worked then so I decided to give it another go. I applied it morning and night and my skin was nearly perfect after two and a half days.

One of it’s main ingredients is Salicylic Acid which causes cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, preventing pores from clogging up and allowing room for new cell growth. Some people are allergic to Salicylic Acid so be careful.


I’ll definitely repurchase this product. I may even bin my Quinoderm!

Amy x