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Video: Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Review & Spray Tan (LA Make-up Academy)

So I have already blogged about my Xen Spray Tan so I thought it was a good time to review the home version. I bought the Xen Dark Lotion for €23 online, there is no way I’m paying House of Fraser prices. I also do a little comparison between the lotion and the salon spray, enjoy!


Thanks for watching :)

What’s your favourite tan?

*I bought this product myself.

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Spray Xen-Tan: My first Spray Tan (at LA Make-up Academy Dublin)

I had my very first spray tan a few weeks ago. The fact that a beauty blogger has never tried one seems strange to people. To be honest I never gave it a second thought.I have been experimenting with tan since I was sixteen and I like to think that I can now apply it properly. This is the main reason I never saw the point in me having a spray tan done. Why pay to have it applied when you can apply it as well yourself? I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I had a Xen spray tan in LA Make-up Academy on Chatham Street. A lovely girl called Lorna looked after the application that day.I was expecting it to be an uncomfortable experience, as most experiences are when one is standing almost naked on front of a stranger. Not so.

Lorna was very friendly and explained everything to me like the spray tanning newbie that I am. The tanning room itself was calming and pretty. There were candles lighting and hot cloths at the ready for make-up removal if I so wished.

I was informed that I could leave my make-up on as the tan can be sprayed on top and still develops. I held on to my own underwear bottoms and passed on the paper thong, I just couldn’t.

The application took about 5 minutes during which I was required to place myself in certain poses to ensure even coverage. Ok, I felt like an eejit, but they see this all the time!

I dried myself off for a few minuted using the air from the compressor and got dressed. I choose an old dress that I was happy to ruin in the name of a good tan. It was also loose so it wouldn’t leave any lines or marks. I was also told to avoid water and  exercise that would cause perspiration until I could shower the tan off in the morning.

I left the building a deeply bronzed yet tacky (as in sticky) woman. It was an extremely humid day in Dublin and the sun was shinning. This didn’t bode well for the no perspiration rule. I made a quick dash for the car.

I have to say that I was a little tanned to begin with. I had the tan applied about 4 weeks after I came back from holiday. I was amazed by the colour. It was olive based rather than golden or orangey and it lasted about six days with daily moisturisation.

I have recently tried the Xen bottle tan (more on this tomorrow) but it’s nothing like the spray tan result.

I will definitely get another one for any events of holidays coming up.

What has been your experience with spray tans?