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St Tropez Illuminator

I love a good highlighting product. Sure, I  have way too many but sure what’s one more eh?! I have been using a St Tropez Illuminator for the last week or so.

The illuminator comes in a few shades for to suit different skin tones – Rose, Gold and Violet. I have the Rose version which gives a pink pearlescent (maybe iridescent is a better description) glow. It actually reminds me of No7’s highlighting lotion.

When I first saw it I saw the pearly pink shade I thought it wouldn’t look good on the skin but it’s actually quite natural. I applied it to my cheekbone only to give you an idea of the sheeen.

Consistency wise it’s not greasy or oily. It goes on smooth and doesn’t contain any glitter or shimmer chunks, just soft iridescent particles.

You can buy it in all the  usual places that stock St Tropez – Boots, pharmacies, department stores etc.

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Review: New St Tropez SPF50 for Face with Tan Enhancer

St Tropez have launched a new product for the face this season. If you’re like me and you’re paranoid about ageing but still want a light tan this one may be of interest to you.

I’ve been using SPF50 High Protection for Face with Tan Enhancer. According to the sales blurb it…

  • offers UVA and UVB protection (three star rating) and is suitable for sunbathing
  • contains Melanobronze which is said to stimulate melanin production – melanin is responsible for our tan
  • is infused with Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, Hyaluronic Acid and Raspberry Seed Oil to keep your skin nourished and supple.

My thoughts

My initial impression is that this seems far fancier than my usual Nivea sun cream. I love the packaging and I quite like that it comes in a box (fickle, fickle). It smells different to tradition sun protection products too. It’s quite fruity and smells almost like a fragrance without being over powering. Texture wise, it’s rich and creamy. Because of this I expected the product to just sit on my skin like most creams do on mine but I’m happy to report that it absorbs within a few minutes.

The absorption time is fine since you are supposed to wait for 15 minutes after application before going out in the sun anyway. My skin felt soft all day without feeling greasy and so far there’s no sign of a breakout. I’ll keep you updated.

I have been using the highest sun protection factor that they have available. If you don’t need as much protection as me it’s also available in SPF30.

The 50ml tube for the face is €19.95 and the larger 150ml body tube is €28.50. I’d love to try the SPF20 for the body, especially if it smells as gorgeous as this one. There is also an after-sun available which contains a touch of dha, sounds interesting.

What spf do you use during the Summer?

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St Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion – A Review & Pics

It’s that time of year again – I embraced my fair skin all Winter but now that it’s Spring I’m starting to think about a little bit of colour. I can’t stress the ‘little bit’ enough.

I have been trying out St Tropez’s new Dark Instant Glow Body Lotion for the past couple of weeks.

The blurb: A deep tan minus the commitment, the new Dark Instant Glow Body Lotion is designed to deliver an instant glow and flawless finish.

Before I share my thoughts, I will give you a look at what it looks like on my skin.


After one application (tan applied to top arm)…


And after two applications….

Before I apply this product I prepare my skin as if I was using a tan that develops. I exfoliate my skin, focusing on my elbows and knees. Moisturising is essential for me before I apply tan (particularly instant products) as I have dry skin. Chunks of tan stuck to dry skin is not as good look. I wait until my moisturiser has been absorbed, then I apply the product.

I always apply tan to my body using a mit. I buy mine from my local pharmacy. I think this gives the best finish and you don’t have to worry about staining hands.

Other methods of application I’ve tried:

Rubber gloves – the smell of latex makes me gag. The worst thing about it is that you can smell it off your skin all night. You can buy latex free gloves but I find that it’s harder to work into my skin that the mit and even the small size gloves move around on my hands.

Bare hands – I hate when tan sticks to the palms of your hands. I usually wash my hands with soap and warm water for 2 minutes but I sometimes have to resort to scrubbing –  not convenient if you’re in a rush.

St Tropez Back Applicator -I just couldn’t manage it.

Sponge – I use a sponge to apply tan to my fingers. I have also used the St Tropez Sponge face applicator in the past, I wasn’t a huge fan. This was mainly down to its shape – long and flat, very hard to use on your face.

I’ll be sticking to my mit :)

My thoughts:

I like that you can achieve a rich dark glow which can be removed with soap and water at the end of the night. It didn’t move in light rain, it didn’t even budge after an few hours of dancing. The colour stayed put until I showered the following morning.

The best part for me is the colour – deep and olive toned. There is not a hint of orange in sight. Another thing I love is that there is no ‘developing tan’ smell. You know that smell, the one so many describe as digestive biscuity :)

It’s easy to apply blends well and dries rapidly. I’m glad to say goodbye to the days I used to walk around my bedroom like a robot trying to dry tan.

You can also highlight and contour the areas you want to help sculpt your body (that would take way too much time for the likes of me). I once read that you should use a slightly darker shade of tan on your legs.

It goes without saying that if you don’t exfoliate or moisturise than you can’t really expect this product to look good. Every tan requires a bit of maintenance. In this case, it’s well worth it.

Would I repurchase?


As far as where to buy – St Tropez is widely available around the world. In Ireland you can find it in Brown Thomas and pharmacies for €17.40.

What tan are you using right now? Do you use instant tan?


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Video – St Tropez Wash Off Tan

I know it’s Autumn but as I explain in the start of this video, this is the time of year that I actually use a bit of tan. I have been using St Tropex Wash Off for a few weeks now so I thought that it was time for a video review. I always included a little arm application so you could see the colour. I hope you enjoy!


What is the best instant tan you have used?

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Video: Tanning

It’s coming up to that time of year again. I had an Autumn/Winter tan ban last season. I enjoyed my fair skin and loved being low maintenence. Since changing my hair colour I find that I need a bit of fake tan. Here is what I use and how I use it…

What is your favourite tanning product?

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My tanning Issues

Ok it’s that time of year. I am gone beyond pasty with no sunlight in my near future. Now if you’re one of those ladies blessed with beautiful fair skin that stays that way all year round, I’m well jealous. At least you have skin tone consistency, so much easier to work with.

I am not so fortunate. My skins darkens quite a bit in the Summer and then fades gradually ’til February, when it can’t possibly fade anymore. The contrast between July and February is ridiculous. None of the make-up I bought works on my skin anymore. That aside, I look a little anaemic.

It has left me wishing that I had the sort of fair skin that doesn’t tan. I can’t seem to work with the colour of my skin at the moment, everything looks wrong. Every smidgen of discoloration seems more noticeable. I am so tempted to try a bit of St Tropez into my  moisturiser but I dare not go down that path. If I start, there will be no stopping me. My tanorexia days are done.

As you may already know, I was once a Winter self tan addict.  I needed a support group to ween me off the dark stuff. I haven’t touch the tan bottle in almost a year and am happy about that. I don’t miss smelling like biscuits, stained bed sheets, dealing with streaks or smelling like a rubber glove for a week. But I do miss the fresh face!

With Spring on our doorstep my commitment to the tan ban is waning. Must. Stay. Strong.

Are many of you relying on tan this season?

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Tanorexic no more!

I remember my first fake tan experience like it was yesterday. I was 14 and preparing myself for the local disco. I found a tube of Sally Hansen instant tan in my Mums bathroom and happily smeared the mahogany brown gel over my pasty legs and arms. I thought I looked amazing! Within 5 minutes of leaving the house one of my friends, generally unobservant, asked why my neck was a different colour to my arms. I proudly announced that I was wearing false tan.

Over the next decade I spent an absolute fortune on tanning products. I probably tried most of the products on the market. Amongst my favourites were; Ambre Solaire spray, Piz Buin tanning cream, Fake Bake. The best I’ve tried is St Tropez Bronzing Mousse.

Last year I made a resolution to wean myself off false tan. I managed to stick to it most of the time, occasionally giving in for special occasions. It was hard to let go of tanned skin but I’m now converted. I am officially happy with my own skin colour. Best of all, I get to save all that money for something better!

Do you remember your first false tan experience?


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Tanning: St. Moriz V St Tropez


I’m a self confessed St Tropez addict. It is quite expensive (€39) so when I heard that there was a product that has the same colour, quality etc I was delighted. When I saw the price tag (€5) I was even more delighted. I bought some on ebay and gave it a try. It would be brilliant if I didn’t have to spend so much money on tan! Here’s my video;

What’s your favourite self tan product?

Amy x