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LookBook | A Touch of Grunge




Kurt Cobain T-Shirt | Only (On sale)

Tan Handbag | Dunnes Stores €25 (Current Season) Bargain of the year!

Cardigan | Only €25 (Couldn’t find it on site but similar here)

Leather Look Leggings | Mango 

Boots | €55 Dunnes Stores (Current Season and so comfortable)

Necklace | Forever 21 (last year)

Glasses | Bvlgari (Sunglass Hut in January)


I often take a snap of myself in the dressing room mirror when trying on clothes, in this case the Mango Leather Effect / Look Leggings. For some reason I can’t judge how something looks on my when with my eyes lol.

You guys have been asking for more Outfit of the Day posts so I hope you liked – let me know what you think.

Amy x

Haircare / Styling

My hair is getting the chop & Hair Extentions – the aftermath

I’m finally biting the bullet and getting my hair cut tomorrow. I got such a huge response from my post on bedhead bobs Most of you thought I should go for it whilst a few of you, my sister included, pleaded with me not to.

Well, the choice has been taken away – the only way is snip!

This weekend I had my semi-permanent hair extensions removed. I loved them, they were great but it has been a month since I was supposed to have them removed or replaced. I had decided to give my hair a little rest for a few months and have them removed…but I dilly-dallied (‘delayed’ for those of you who speak proper English).

They were perfect for 4 months but in the last month I have caused a bit of a mess.

The result of this one month delay in removal? Well, matting, tangles, roots and worst of all some keratin bond melting – all self inflicted I might add. The latter was caused by my mashing a few bonds with the hair straighteners whilst in a hurry. Silly, silly girl! The mess I caused made removal, which is usually straight forward, more of a challenge.

Anyway now that they’re  finally out I have to say my hair is in pretty good condition. Since having the extension in I use heat rarely so my hair is a lot less fried. My hair had also grown a lot but I had my mum cut my hair with the extensions in a few weeks ago so I can’t really show the growth.

Condition aside, here’s the downside. I forgot how thin my hair was! The stylist who put in my extentions at Contours of Mind said that I would feel like crying when I saw what my hair is really like after months of luscious lock. She was right.

The last inches of my hair is so thin that it looks ridiculous! A hair cut is necessary at this stage to ensure future hair health.

My mother dearest will be cutting it this afternoon so I will be back with an ‘after’ shot this evening. For now I leave you with the dismal before shot.

Look at the thinness!

Fingers crossed for me!

Fashion & Accessories

Outfit of the Day

It’s a sunny Autumn day in Dublin –  shocking, I know!

Today’s outfit…


The sun is beaming into my eyes! My dress is from Zara… I really need to find somewhere new to shop. My cardigan is from Penneys.

Jacket is from Forever21, tights are from Penneys

My watch, bracelet and ring are from the accessories shop in the Biosfera, Peurto del Carmen, Lanzarote.

Shoes are from Zara…I think!

I went to BITE (beauty industry trade event) yesterday. Click here to see some pics :)

What are you wearing today?


Outift of the Day

It has been a while since I last posted an outfit of the day. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m usually rushing somewhere and also because I rarely remembered to take my camera. Not any more. I have an iphone now so I have no excuse!

outfit of the day zara

Yes – No make-up! Aaaaaaagh!! I was heading out for breakfast and decided that barefaced with lipbalm was the way foreward… what was I thinking?!

Anyway, back to clothes! My skirt, t-shirt and cardi are from Zara, tights are dark grey from Penneys, as is the belt and my boots are from Schuh. I’m just noticing how see-through my skirt is in the sun light. Makes me think about the fact that I wore this skirt all summer with bare legs, I was probably flashing and lady garments to the world :)

What are you wearing today? I love hearing what people are wearing. In fact some clever person asks that question regularly on my forum and I love reading the daily responses.

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Video: Clothes and Shoes Haul

I did a little Autumn shopping, couldn’t resist. At the start of a new season I feel the urge to add a few additions to my wardrobe. I was budget conscious for the most part though :) Do I get brownie points for that? I even went to Belfast with my family a few weeks ago and managed to buy only a pair of boots. I have to admit, I’m a little proud of myself.

Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the video:

What have you bought this season so far?

Fashion & Accessories, General

New coat – Roadtested in Howth

I have always had a variety of coats in my wardrobe but last year I had to do a major clear-out. Nothing in my press fit me anymore and as result every coat that was even a tiny bit too big went to the charity shop. Replacing my clothes was an expensive pleasure but basics took priority. When it reached Spring and my winter coat was too warm I realised that I had no Spring coat. As we in Ireland know, we often need a light coat in Summer. On Anna’s recommendation I wanted a navy mac. Every one I tried on was too wide on the shoulder or too long (the petite ranges out there are deplorable!). I finally found this one in Diesel.

I spent the afternoon in Howth and a coat is nearly always required in Howth thanks to the wind. The mac cost €80 and I picked mine up in the Blanchardstown centre. Ignore the walking boots, I was trudging through sludge.


Face of the day

Outfit and Face of the Day

I just took these with my little crappy camera so they quality it not fabulous but thought I’d give you a little look. Spring is in the air so I decided to let the legs out of prison for the day.

PIC_1070I love this skirt and it was only €5. Yes, 5 friggin euro. Bargain! Thank you Penneys. The cardigan is from Awear, as is the white racer back top underneath. The butterfly necklace is from Penneys too.

PIC_1079Could there be a more ‘Amy’ pair of shoes in existence? I think not! I found these pretties in New Look last Summer. I love loud shoes, I do get funny looks though. Such is life!

PIC_1154And the face (whilst in PJ’s): Maybelline Dream Cream Foundation, MAC Satin Taupe on lid, Rimmel Intense under eye,  MAC Angel lipstick with Perfectly Unordinary Dazzleglass, Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara, Benefit Hoola under cheekbones, Bourjois Blanc Diaphane as cheek highlight. Oops, forgot to do my eyebrows.

What are you wearing today?

Fashion & Accessories

Outfit of the Day (3)

I am crazy about ditzy floral print. I am so happy that it’s in style but to be honest I’d be wearing them regardless. I like throwing on a waistcoat to give more shape to my clothes. I am a UK size 8 but I am petite so I can look dumpy very easily. My biggest problem is trying not to get lost in clothes. I haven’t really figured this out yet. I think I’ll ask Anna. As you can see I am wearing practically no make-up, mousse shadow and mascara.

These are my best buy this year (so far). They are made from the softest leather and they go with everything.

Those of you who watch my haul videos will have seen this bag. This was a bit of a staple purchase. Although I’m a handbag junkie I didn’t own a very neutral one. I usually love unusual bags and this one is quite boring. For some weird reason I like it.

I have layered a plain Abercrombie vest top under my shirt because it’s friggin freezing! I adore this bangle. I picked it up in a crafts fair in Spain.

1.Forever 21 2. Bershka 3. River Island 4.Mango 5 Top Shop petite Baxter skinnies 6. River Island

This ring is a little big but I find myself wearing it regardless.

My waistcoat is from Bershka. I love the pink charm in the button loop. I’m all about the pretty details hee hee

What are you wearing today?

Fashion & Accessories

Outfit of the Day


Jesus my hair looks illuminous! The sun was shining when the pictures were taken so it looks a little extreme.

1. A-Wear 2.Kathy Van Zeeland 3. Zara 4. Penneys 5. Penneys 6. Topshop 7. A-Wear Boots are from Claire’s Accessories



Love this bag so much. Wish I had have bought it in green too!



I wear this braclet so often and it only cost €5. I love wearing it with a bold bag of another colour but similar strength.



Wow the gruaig looks bright in the sunshine!


What are you wearing today?

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Style: Mixing Patterns for a Quirky Look

If  you’re like me and you freak out at the thought of wearing two patterns together this might be useful to you. Generally I wear a neutral item of clothing with a print rather than two prints, the later scares the bejeepers out of me. But this is so boring for me.

Since it’s Spring and I’m a huge fan of colour (there is only one black item in my closet) I decided to experiment with mixing patterns since I enjoy a quirkier style.

I started a little bit of research and then I came across this tip which will totally help me get dressed this season! Continue Reading

Fashion & Accessories

Outfit of the Day & New Hair Colour

This is my first photograph of my new hair. It’s SO bright! Very Irish picture though don’t you think! Red hair, blue eyes, good aul’ Irish rocks and grass :)

And the whole outfit…

1.River Island 2. Mango 3. Pull and Bear 4. Kathy Van Zeeland 5. A-Wear 6. River Island 7.Claire’s Accessories. Skinny jeans are from Urban Outfitters.

I loved this bag as soon as I laid eyes on it. It’s by Kathy Van Zeeland, I picked it up in Chicago. I like to wear it messenger style for casual days like this.

Cardi is from Mango. I never liked it until now, the gruaig change has made this cardigan look better.

I love this scarf. It goes with so many things. To be honest I’m not overly concerned with whether stuff goes or not. I like a good clash sometimes.

The wooden bangle is from Penneys, I throw it on most days with other bracelets and bangles. The gold cuff is from River Island.

It was freezing today so a hat was necessary. This cute wool bear hat is so warm. I bought it is River island a few weeks ago.

What did you wear today?