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Getting ready for the Beach – Kerastase Soleil Range


I seems like only yesterday that I was dreaming of a white Christmas and now hear I am dreaming of a week in the sun. Holiday beauty packing is probably my favourite kind of packing. I put a lot of thought into what I bring with me. Top of my list is always hair care. The combination of heat, humidity, chlorine and sea salt has the potential to ruin my locks. My usual hair care products will Continue Reading

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Pic Post | YSL

Nothing like Yves Saint Laurent to put a smile on my face!

  • Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Waterproof  in 5 Golden Sand
  • Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss  in 54 Golden Sand
  • Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil in 8 Luminiscent Gold


I can’t wait to try a Summery gold and bronze look with these. Xen tan is on this evening so I think I’ll play around with these beauties tomorrow. I’m not sure what to expect from the gold mascara… should be interesting.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!

Amy x

Tanning Products

St Tropez Illuminator

I love a good highlighting product. Sure, I  have way too many but sure what’s one more eh?! I have been using a St Tropez Illuminator for the last week or so.

The illuminator comes in a few shades for to suit different skin tones – Rose, Gold and Violet. I have the Rose version which gives a pink pearlescent (maybe iridescent is a better description) glow. It actually reminds me of No7’s highlighting lotion.

When I first saw it I saw the pearly pink shade I thought it wouldn’t look good on the skin but it’s actually quite natural. I applied it to my cheekbone only to give you an idea of the sheeen.

Consistency wise it’s not greasy or oily. It goes on smooth and doesn’t contain any glitter or shimmer chunks, just soft iridescent particles.

You can buy it in all the  usual places that stock St Tropez – Boots, pharmacies, department stores etc.

Nail Polish/Care

Switching to Brighter Nail Polish – Eyeko Coral Polish

It may still be freezing out but the sun has been shining. On cold days I love a bit of colour injection. Today I opted for a bright coral.

Eyeko Coral Polish is creamy and easy to apply. It may be a bit extreme for some and I really have to be in top form to pull it off. It will look beautiful on holiday and during the Summer.

Here’s some swatches if you would like a look. The photos were taken in natural day light.

I feel cheerier already! Excuse the messy application – I’m a disgrace :)

What do you think of bright nails?

Perfume / Fragrance, Reviews

The perfect Summer scent for me – Roger & Gallet Rose

It’s hard to find a fragrance that is suitable for the hot summer days. I find that the summer versions of out favourite fragrances are sometimes still a little heavy for me this time of year.

Who am I kidding? It’s an excuse to satisfy my perfume addiction.

Anyways, this month’s favourite is Roger & Gallet Rose Eau douce parfumee.

I’m not a huge fan of rose scented products, they can be a little grandma-ish but I do enjoy the scent when it’s blended with others. This is the latter.

It smells fresh, contemporary and pretty rather than rose-y. To my unsophisticated nose it’s Continue Reading


Summer Lush goodies…

The postman brought me some Lush goodies this morning. I love when I tear back the envelope and the scent washes out. Inside there were two things:

1. Keep It Fluffy bath ballistic (€3.50)

Smells floral like the dear departed B Never too Busy to be Beautiful; Vanilla, rose and jasmine. I usually find the scent of bath ballistics get up my nose and make me sneeze all day but this one is softly scented. There’s nothing worse (in bath terms) than an over-scented bath product so I’m looking forward to trying this one.

2. Grass Shower Gel (€6.50)

I love the smell of freshly cut grass but when I saw the name of this one I assumed it would smell synthetic. Not so. It clearly has to be a synthetic fragrance but it doesn’t smell overly artificial. It’s quite uplifting. It contains Wheatgrass Juice, Neroli and Bergamot oils but also Methylparaben and Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

I’ll keep you posted on these. Have you tried either of them?

What Lush products have you tried lately?

Bath & Body, Organic / Natural

Amy’s been making Summer beach skincare :) …

I had many requests for a more Summer appropriate wash bar, exfoliator and cream. I originally just made these for myself  to prepare my skin for a beach holiday. I ended up bringing them all with me and used them for the whole trip. I was was so delighted with myself that I decided to add them into my shop.

Boho Summer Beach Set:

Ocean Breeze Wash Bar – Moisturising whilst leaving a lingering scent of the ocean on your skin.

Sandy Beach Exfoliating Bar – Refreshing and zingy with oats for gentle exfolaition.

Caribbean Coconut Lotion – Helps prolong your tan, leaving you skin smelling like coconuts

Click here for more info

€3.50 worlwide shipping (shipping costs stays at this price now regardless of how much your order)

Thanks for all your support and ideas cailíní!

Le grá,


Fashion & Accessories, Hauls

New summer accesories

I love accessories. They are my weakness. I can’t go anywhere without picking up something I don’t need. Here are a few bargains I found this week…

P1020924I picked these up in Superdrug for €1. I wore them in my Products I’m loving:May video. A wee but tacky? Yes, but pretty on!

P1020926These headbands come in sets of two in Penneys. As far as I can remember they were €1.50. I love headbands at the moment.

P1020962I need to wear hats in the sun otherwise my scalp gets burned, sunstroke is not a good look! This hat came form the mens section in Penney’s. It was only a couple of euro. I’m a bit annoyed that I paid €40 for a similar hat in Zara. Ah well, now I have two!

Have a great day everyone!

Le grá,




Bath & Body, Skin Care, Tanning Products

I can’t live without exfoliating gloves!

I am recording my May favourites later and was gathering the products I needed when I realised that there is one item that I have relied heavily on last month. No fancy creams or expensive make-up just exfoliating gloves.

I have tried quite a few brands of exfoliating gloves but my favourites are from Infinity (have no idea who they are). I found them at my local pharmacy for €2.99. The Penneys version are a bargain at €1.50 but I find them a little too abrasive.

I exfoliate like a mad woman before a sun holiday to prepare my skin. I have tried so many exfoliators. Currently in my bathroom I have L’Oreal Exfotonic (love the smell of this one), St Tropez Body Polish, Fake Bake Scrub, Soap and Glory and a few more that have made their way onto the shelf. I like them all but they don’t work near as well as exfoliating gloves.

I find exfoliating products are great for maintenance of already smooth/exfoliated skin but the gloves are Continue Reading

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Just a little hair removal update…

It’s that time of year again, skirts, shorts and dresses. Fantastic as that may be there is one downside, obsessive grooming. I’m quick finicky about grooming anyway and rely on my epilator (Click here to see my post on epilating ) but this time of year poses a little problem.

I’m going on holiday soon and want to have smooth epilated legs for the trip. Unfortunately that means there has to be hair there to remove. That wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that the sun in shining and I will have to wear jeans. Ah the plight of the modern woman. At least we don’t have to worry about whale bone corsets and plague!

I could just cave and use the razor but on holiday my skin ends up irritated beyond belief. For me epilating is the best method of hair removal.

Click here to see my post on epilating and my favourite epilator

What method of hair removal are you relying on this summer?