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A Red Lipstick sort of a Day…

I felt like donning a red lipstick today. Don’t ask me why, it just felt right :) I haven’t worn red in a really long time. I tend to apply it and then change my mind. Not today.

I opted for Lancome’s new collaboration with Kate Winslet – Rouge L’Absolu Rouge BX in 132 Caprice.


Here’s a rough application to give you an idea of the colour…


And a full face shot – beware there is very little other make-up left on my face…

This is such an old-time glamour shade, but with a more modern finish. Although it’s intense, it’s very wearable and works very well on fair skin. It also smells lovely, in an old-school way. This shade makes me want to don a vintage dress and paint the town red.

The finish is satiny. It’s very easy to apply, in fact the shape of the lipstick means you could by-pass the liner entirely (although I always wear one with red). It also lasted well on my lips, hours in fact and it’s not drying at all.

I love the packaging – sleek. The magnetic closure is a god send, I wish all lippies came with one.

This collection was created with Kate Winslet in aid of the Golden Hat Foundation. I blogged about the collection recently if you haven’t seen it. (Link)

Do you have a favourite red?

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Nails of the Day – Sally Hansen Pink Slip

Today I opted for Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Pink Slip (170). It’s chill-out sort of Saturday (filled with an afternoon of Come Dine With Me) so I decided a laid back polish was in order. If I head out later it will still work.

I would describe it as delicate and pretty. It reminds me of a Rimmel Nail Polish I repurchased a million times as a teenager, but better. It’s creamy but sheer in consistency. There’s no shimmer or glitter

I applied three sheer coats for this swatch.

taken indoors, no flash


taken outside

The finish was a little streaky, my own fault. In future I would stop at two coats – it looked more sheer but the finish was smoother and more professional. Paired with white on the tips of the nails this is perfect for a gorgeous French Polish.

What do you think? What are you wearing on your nails today?

14.7ml / 0.5 fl oz – €8.95

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Milani Easy Liner in Blue Eyes

Continuing with my pattern of buying all things blue, don’t ask me why, I picked up a Milani Easy liner in Blue Eye. I must have really been feeling the blue while I was in Chicago but at least it’s a little different to the countless navy eye liners I possess. This one is a little brighter.

It’s one of those twistable liners, which  I usually hate as I always break them. But this liner came recommended from a friend. It also only cost me $1.50, an absolute bargain.

Here’s a little swatch (taken in natural light, no flash)

I have worn this quite a few times since I picked it up in December and have also received a few compliments on it. I think the reason for that is that this liner looks a little different than the usual.

It’s a creamy royal blue without shimmer or sparkle. It’s very easy to apply and blending is a doddle.My only concern is that I will probably manage to break it some how, I always find a way.

My favourite way to wear this liner is to pair it with a nude shadow. I’m not a fan of bare lids as they often look discoloured. Even on days where I don’t feel like wearing eye shadow I still will. I just opt for a matte bone shade which makes me looked a little more polished. It also opens the eyes a little. It looks really pretty under the eye too, á la Stephanie Pratt. If I opt for a more striking liner shade I usually keep the rest of my make-up very neutral and let the liner speak for itself.

How do you feel about coloured eye liner?

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MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush

I have had an on off love affair with MAC’s Ladyblush over the years. Since I use it so often I thought it was about time it got a mention on my blog. Very often my most used products are the ones that are over-looked.



Ladyblush is a cream product that works best when applied over foundation and under powder.

It’s foolproof to apply. I tend to use a duo fibre brush to apply, like the MAC 187. I dip the brush in lightly, be careful a little goes a long, long way. I them stipple the colour on the apples of my cheeks. When the majority of the pigment is placed there I gently stipple the brush up towards my cheekbone. It’s worth bearing in mind that the area you first apply the brush will have the most pigment.

Here’s a little swatch, I took the photo in natural light…

Ladyblush is described as a ‘demure, cool pink flush’ on MAC’s website. I think that’s probably the best description. It’s perfect for fair skintones although you can build the colour up if you have darker skin. I should point out that here is no shimmer or glitter, woo hoo!

I find MAC’s blushcremes very long lasting, although I always apply a sheer coat of powder or some Fix+ to set my make-up.

I have heard that some people have an allergic reaction to Blushcremes so it’s worth testing some on the the inside of you wrist before you buy. That being said, I have very reactive skin and have had no problems. I have heard that they are going to remake the Blushcremes due to large amount of customers who have experienced reactions. I wish they’d do the same with Studio Finish Foundation, I love the coverage but it always ends is an allergic reaction for me.

If you have oily cheeks I think I’d pass on cream blushes and stick to powder and I would definitely keep this one away from large pores – it will make them look like potholes!

What I love most about this products is that it gives that appearance of a natural flush, that kind of ‘lit from within’ effect. I like to pair it with a bronzer, usually Bourjois, Prestige or Benefit Hoola.

On another note I would just like to let you all know that normal blogging has resumed :) I’ll have my 3 posts per day tomorrow. It’s been crazy lately but I am back in the swing of things. Thanks for all your support.

What are your thoughts on cream blush? Any recommendations? (cos you know I needs more!)

Nail Polish/Care

I can’t let go of Eyeko Lilac Polish!

I have had Eyeko Lilac Polish in my collection for a year now and I still love it as much as I did the day I first laid eyes on it. I am now on my fourth bottle.

I should really move on but I just can’t let go! Here’s a few swatches if you haven’t seen it yet…



What I love most about this polish, besides the pretiness of the colour, is the creaminess. It’s so easy to apply and I never make a mess (I’m dreadful at putting on nail polish, despite years of practice). I find myself reaching for it regularly, even in the ice and snow.

At least it’s Spring now and Lilac Polish looks more at home!

Is there a shade you can’t move on from?

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OPI Pompeii Purple – More Pompeii Pink?

This week I am loving the gorgeous Pompeii Purple by OPI. The name is a bit misleading – surely it’s more of a Pompeii Pink?! In some light there is a purple hue off it though so I suppose I understand their reasoning :)

Pompeii Purple is a bright fuschia pink with a bluish iridescence to it. The iridescence shows up under certain lighting condition but not all. There’s no shimmer or glitter to speak of, a bonus for speedy removal!

These photos show two coats and a top later of Orly Sec n’ Dry. I should point out that both were applied by a beautician in Jule salon (Malahide village) last Saturday. It’s still going strong – no chips but a tiny amount of wear and tear at the tips which is barely noticeable.

This makes me wonder about Orly Sec n’ Dry, if you have tried it let me know what you think. I may have to add it to my collection :)

It looks great on toes too, which is a bonus. I’m weird about toe-nail polish, I tend to stick to safer colours on my feet so most of the nail polishes I buy are for my finger nails only. Maybe I need to start branching out.

Fuchsia shades usually aren’t for me, but I love the iridescent purple in this one. Sold!

OPI Pompeii Purple

This color makes me feel so cheerful! I will definitely be buying it in Chicago.

Do you wear a variety of colours on your toes or do you stick to the same few? Have you tried Orly Sec n’ Dry?

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Christmas Nail Polish – OPI Bring on the Bling!

Christmas nail polish time! It’s the time of year for sparkle and glitter. I usually shy away from glitter my there’s no reason why my nails can’t get in on the action.

OPI Bring on the Bling!

I applied three layers of polish for this picture. One layer wasn’t enough, it looked a little patchy. Two coats was fine but I decided to maximise the glitterage (I need to stop making up words!).

Glittery polishes are usually hard to apply but not this one. It wasn’t too tacky or too sheer, at the risk of sounding like Goldilocks – it’s just right. It also dries rapidly which was both surprising and fantastic.

After two or three coats you get an opaque finish but you could also apply one coat over another polish to make a plain nail varnish more festive.

The downside to any glitter based nail polish is the removal. My usual nail wipes didn’t even make a dint in this polish, even I left it on for a few minutes. I had to use L’Ongex’s acetone based nail varnish remover to get it off.

Bring on the festivities!

What do you think of glittery nails?

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OPI Ski Teal We Drop – Review & Swatches

Swatch and review time! In the line of fire today is Ski Teal We Drop from the OPI Swiss Collection 2010.

OPI Ski Teal We Drop

I bought this from an ebay shop (BeautyZone2007) for about €4.50. I ordered 6 polishes to save on shipping… sure, that’s why you ordered six Amy!

I usually shy away from blues and greens, actually ‘run and hide from’ would be more accurate. Lately I have been feeling bored of my usual pinks and plums. Seriously, how many pink polishes can one girl own?! I made a pact to try something more daring.

This decision led to branch out into navy – I wanted to dip my toe into more extreme colours first, ease myself in. I then decided that teal would be a good option to ease myself from navy to green.

Enter Ski Teal We Drop…

There is no point in beating about the bush, I love the colour! It looks beautiful in the bottle and just as pretty on the nails.

The consistency is creamy and opaque. One coat covered most of my nails but I chose to add a second for an even finish. It’s easy to apply and dries quite quickly.

I highly recommend this shade. It’s wearable and chic and not too in your face. Best of all, I have received quite a few compliments on it so it must be a winner.

It’s also a very flattering. One of the reasons green and blue never appealed to be is because the skin on my hands is so fair – I thought it might make be look ill. This shade could be worn by anyone and definitely flatters an Irish skintone – in fact the contrast is beautiful!

I used the OPI top coat over the top and the polish lasted 3 days before minor chipping occurred.

I will definitely repurchase.

Now all that’s left to do is decide where I go from here. I have braved a teal, dare I go brighter? I was thinking of keeping it safe but dipping another toe in by going for a brighter teal like OPI Teal the Cows Come Home?

Any green or blue polish recommendations?

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I’m in love with tacky nails – China Glaze Bad Kitty

I have completely fallen head over heals in love with the tackiest nail polish on the planet! China Glaze Bad Kitty.

China Glaze Bad Kitty

And here’s how it looks on my nails, I manoeuvred into the light to try and capture the glittery-ness.

3 coats of China Glaze Bad Kitty

I needed 3 coats for this picture. One coat is too sheer and quite transparent. Two coats was pretty and reminded me of jelly shoes :) But three coats are needed for an opaque finish.

It lasted well, it was three days or so before chipping. I always apply a base and a top coat though. Although I usually have issues with glitter, I’m getting better. I quite like that the glitter is larger rather than fine.

All the information on where I bought it from and what other polishes I bought click here

This polish belongs on a fairy! It makes me smile!

What is your favourite china glaze polish?

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e.l.f Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils – Cheap but Quality?

E.l.f (Eyes Lips Face) is one of those brands that we hear YouTube guru’s and bloggers talking about frequently. It’s super cheap and they offer a wide range of products. I was sent two of their $1 Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils for consideration. Here is my tuppence worth.

e.l.f  Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils

e.l.f  Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils in Grassy Green and Boldly Bronzed

Ok, the good points: The cost $1.The pigmentation upon application is great. The liners are also smooth and very easy to apply to the eye. You can even smudge and blend them with a brush or your finger without any hassle. They provide more shimmer than glitter.

e.l.f  Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils

The downside? Yes, there usually is one – they don’t set. If after an hour you absently rub your eye you could smudge the line.  In saying that they do last longer than most ‘drugstore’ liners but only if you don’t touch your eyes at all. I wear contact lenses and touch my eyes quite frequently. I still really like the shimmer liners so I may just powder over a little to keep them in place.

If you’re not a face toucher than these are seriously impressive for $1! You can’t really go wrong for this price. They’re also  more pigmented than most coloured ‘drugstore’ liners I have tried.

I don’t know how suitable these are for use on the waterline (inner rim) but I’m not sure I want to apply a shimmer liner in these anyway. I’ll stick to matte for my waterline for now!

Considering the price of elf products you would imagine that teens would be their target audience, yet they don’t sell in stores, only online. If I was 15 there wouldn’t be a chance is hell that my parents would have allowed me use their credit card to order make-up, regardless of how cheap it was.

These shades are available from the US site now but don’t seem to be on the UK site just yet. I’m sure they’re on their way.

Do you recommend any elf products?

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*As usual – my brutally honest opinion. I have no affiliation with e.l.f.

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Weird but Wonderful: Barry M 129 Lip Paint

I blogged about the phenomenon that is the lavender lip look. I was unsure about the trend at the time and was in fact too chicken to try it.

Not anymore!

Today I bought Barry M Lip Paint in 129 whilst in Boots picking up my multi-vitamin. It is lavender! Who’s a brave girl then?!

Barry m lip paint lavender 129

It’s basically a milky lavender shade. I have picked it up many a time only to put it back on the shelf with the same thought – surely it will make me look like a corpse! It was only €6.50 which is great value for the quality of Barry M lip products.

barry m swatch 129 lavenderYou’ll notice that when swatched there is a clear pink base to this lipstick. I think this is what makes the lavender more wearable. I applied it for a quick photo to give you an idea of what it looks like on. I have no make-up other than concealer and mascara on, so be prepared…

Barry M 129 Lip PaintI would point out that this is a very light layer of 129. When I applied it on thickly it went on a little like 101 (marshmallow). It looked opaque and scary as hell. This is definitely one of those ‘a little goes a long way’ products. I applied a clear gloss over the top (Bourjois 3D) too.

Barry M 129 Lip PaintThis lipstick is often compared to MAC’s discontinued Lavender Whip. I would say it is quite similar all right but I prefer the Barry M version. It’s much easier for me to wear.

I am now pondering Revlon’s Lavender gloss. Ok, so maybe not together. I was thinking that it may look fantabulous with Barry M Marshmallow as a base.

This post has made me think about my other neglected Barry M Lip Paints. I think they deserve a blog post. I will get swatching and show you what I have!

What do you think of Barry M lip paints?

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MAC Peechykeen V Springsheen

MAC Peechykeen and Springsheen are amongst my favourite blushes. I was recently asked by a reader to do a comparison for shopping purposes. I was happy to oblige since waffling about make-up is my thing.

Here are the two beauties in question…

Left to right: Peechykeen, Springsheen

You’ll notice from the picture at the bottom of this post that in the palette these blushes look almost identical. But when separated from other shades you can really see the difference.

I buy my MAC blushes and shadows in pan form so they can easily be popped into palettes without the hassle of de-potting – it also saves cuts and wounds which I managed to inflict upon my person at every de-potting opportunity.

And some swatches….

Peechykeen, on the left, is well, a peach. Springsheen on the other hand is a more rose/peach. It also has a touch of gold through it. Neither have glitter of shimmer, both are warm toned, wearable and natural.

With more intensity…

Peechykeen adds the same warmth that a bronzer provides for fair skin and works great with neutral and skin with warm undertones. Springsheen is a warm and pretty option for someone with a cool undertone but it  would work on most skintones. If you have Rosacea or skin redness Springsheen is probably best avoided since it will make you look too rosy.

Here is one of my MAC blush palettes. Peechykeen and Springsheen and on the second row.

Left to right: Peeches, Style, Sincere, Peechykeen, Springsheen, Blunt (best contour shade ever!)

Although I like Springsheen, Peechykeen does wonders for my skin tone and complexion. It makes me look awake, alive but still natural. It also has a warming effect on the skin. My favourite way to wear it is with Blunt as a contour shade, Perfect Topping MSF on my cheekbone and Peechykeen on the apples, making sure to blend away any lines.

What is your favourite MAC blush?