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City Mono Eyeshadows from NYC Eyeshadows

It’s a scorcher of a day here in the Canaries. Too hot for lounging about getting over-heated so I decided to take myself to a local air conditioned cafe for a spot of blogging. There are a few products I want to talk about this week but the first lot that popped into my mind are the City Mono Eyeshadow from N.Y.C. – New York Color Cosmetics.

I have been trying out four shades over the past few weeks… Continue Reading

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Nails of the Day…

I’m traveling today so I wanted to wear something cheery but durable on my nails. I opted for pink, surprise, surprise. It’s actually quite different to all of the other pink polishes I own (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic

Some swatches (2 coats of polish and all taken in natural light)…



Ignore the state of my cuticles, they have never been in such a bad way. You may have heard me mention the matching Lippy in a recent post. They are so pretty together…

Click here to see swatches of the Lippy and photos of how it looks on.

I’ve said this so often but I love Butter London nail polishes. They quality is excellent, the application is a dream. The finish is beautiful and they last a few days longer for me than my usual polishes. Another pro is that they dry quite quickly too.

You can buy Butter London lacquers from here or they are also on sale in Avoca or Fran and Jane (I also heard someone mention they picked one up in Oasis).

Any Butter London recommendations?

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Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadows Arrival & Swatches

I have been dying to try Glamour Doll Eyes eyeshadows. I mentioned that I ordered a big batch of samples so I could try them – more on that in a few days time. In the meantime, six pots arrived from the lovely ladies so I could try out the brand. The shades are gorgeous!


Swatches… (all taken in natural light over foundation)


Typical Girl A light purple with some pink hues. I love how reflective this shade is. It’s so pretty yet still elegant.

Love Affair A pinky, goldish color. It’s very easy to wear and doesn’t emphasise redness. It’s soft and delicate.

Tattooed A very unique blend of matte and shimmer. This color includes a bright blue mixed with a gorgeous shimmery purple. The finish on this is amazing! It’s so smooth and soft yet incredibly intense.

Ahoy Sailor! A gorgeous matte dark blue. Another intense one. Love it!

Royal Assasin This is a dark matte purple that also has a gold and green sparkle. It’s pretty unique in my eyes and looks gorgeous blended into the crease of the eye.

Undead A black with red undertones/sheen, however, some have said that it as a maroonish color to it. This is the perfect smoking out shade. I love the finish.


I think it’s safe to say that I’m a fan :)

I have a tutorial planned, can’t wait! In the meantime I will be bringing these and all of the samples I bought on holiday with me so I can experiment with colour combinations. It will also give my MAC neutrals a rest for a while, enough already.

You can buy them here Link! Full size 5g shadows for $6 each. Sample jar $2.50 (1g), sample baggie $1.25 (.5g).

Have you any experience with mineral eyeshadows? Tried GDE?

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Lippy by Butter London Primrose Hill – Review & Pics

Butter London make gorgeous nail polishes, this we know. But I hadn’t heard anything of their Lippy’s until one arrived through my door a few weeks back. It’s in Primrose Hill Picnic, what a whimsical name. It’s a bright pink and I’m just in love with it!

Before I get to the review I’ll add some swatches and show you what it looks like on my mug. The great thing about this Lippy is that it can be worn in its intense form or a little lighter. I photographed both.



I applied two layers for the intense look. Now I have I have heard it said that there is no point in a lip only picture when swatching lip products, that you want to see what it looks like with the rest of the makeup. Here goes…

Now on with the review.

Texture Lippy’s remind me a lot of the Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. It is thick and well, tar like. This means it adheres very well to the lips. This isn’t one of those sheer, smoosh it on over everything glosses. You need a mirror to apply since the colour is intense and you want to keep it within the lip line.

Pigmentation Amazing. ‘Nuff said.

Finish It looks like you have gone to the bother of applying both lipstick and lipgloss but you haven’t. It looks creamy, opaque and glossy. It’s more lipsticky than lip gloss if you know what I mean.

Staying Power I have found this to be the most long lasting gloss I’ve come across. I would put this down to the texture – which you will either love or hate. It will be reliable on a night out or special event, for a gloss.

Price and where to buy €17 from here. Well worth the price tag in my opinion! Top notch stuff. Butter London is also on sale in Avoca or Fran and Jane.


What do you think?

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Top 10 Drugstore Nude Lipsticks!

I have been meaning to do a Drugstore Favourites Series for a while now. I thought I would  get the ball rolling with a video on my favourite nude lipsticks! Swatches below :)


Products Mentioned (swatches below)

NYX Circe
NYX Honey
Rimmel Spotlight Beige
Boots Natural Collection Appleblossom
e.l.f  Nicely Nude
Barry M 101 Marshamallow
Revlon Nude Attitude (matte)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Bare Necessity
Revlon Smooth Nude
Victoria Secret Scrumptuous
Bourjois Rose Romanesque




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YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polishes – Swatches & Review

I am in love with YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polishes. Love I tell you! Thought it was time for some swatches and a review of their fabulousness (yes, I make up words now).



N°4 Corail Colisée A bright coral. Sounds like so many others but its beauty is unparalleled in my books

N°29 Doré Orfèvre A unique, true gold

N°15 Violet Baroque Deep, rich, juicy violet. This oozes class.

N°22 Beige Léger Deemed this seasons ‘it’ shade by YSL.


N°4 Corail Colisée



N°22 Beige Léger



N°15 Violet Baroque



N°29 Doré Orfèvre

My thoughts

Colour: Whenever a nail polish comes with a hefty price tag I expect a bit of magic. Lately I have been disappointed by a few high end offerings – Estee Lauder Pure Color being one of them. Well, with these beauties there was no disappointment. These shades are intense and vivd. I couldn’t love them more. In fact I rooted through my collection to look for dupes and couldn’t find any that lived up to the quality and vividness of colours. When I applied Corail Colisée I spent the entire day looking at my nails. I’m a fan of coral shades anyway and find they work well with my skin tone but this just plain outstanding.

Application: Vividness aside, the application of these polishes are a dream! The brush is wide, tapered and smooth. It worked perfectly with the shape of my nail bed. I find that I can vary the pressure of the brush and get one whole nail coated in one swipe. The polishes I tried are creamy and smooth and were foolproof to apply. I would go as far as to say that I had the easiest application I can remember.

Dry-time: Rapid. I managed three coats in a few minutes. I didn’t need more than two coats for any of the above. In fact, the coverage was great after one coat. I just needed two for perfect coverage.

Finish: Creamy with a high shine (less of a shine with the gold because of the finish)

Staying Power: The polish and the shine last. I didn’t need to apply a top coat. They are also enriched with Chilean Rose bush and extract of Corallina that is source of Calcium, the formula fortifies and protects nails.

Packaging: Again, pure luxury

Price: Expensive at €24. These nail polishes are a splurge but from the few I’ve tested the quality is outstanding. It would be a special sort of nail purchase. After all, luxury comes at a price (although in my experience price definitely doesn’t always mean luxury!)

Wow, that was bit of a rant. If I was to root for any negatives I would say that the gold shade suits my skintone least. But I have big plans for this one during tan season! I also picked up a bottle for a friends birthday – it would suit her tanned skin perfectly.

If I could grade these they would received a big fat A+


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Sally Hansen’s new Spring Shades

I liked the look of Sally Hansen’s new lady like shades at first glance. Sure, they’re like other polishes I have but that just means I’ll use them!

Soft and creamy is the order of the day…

  • Nude Now – A subtle peachy, pink hue.
  • Greige Gardens – A grey jelly creme with a purple tint. Love!!!

And now for some swatches (the worst swatches ever! My hands are so dry this time of year)…

Greige Gardens (natural light)

Nude Now

I like both but I think the grey is more me. It’s the sort of shade you can apply and wear whatever and go wherever you want without thinking twice until it starts to wear. Speaking of wearing, I find Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes last very well. I had the grey shade on for 4-5 days before it showed any signs of wearing. That’s a miracle for me.

For those you unfamiliar with their Complete Salon Manicure range, they’re basically designed to be an entire manicure in one bottle  – no need for bases or top coats. That’s a bit of a tall order but they do last well. They also apply like a dream. The brush is tapered and flat – my favourite brush type by far.

They cost €8.95 and are available in pharmacies, department stores and grocery stores.

Love them! Any nail polish recommendations for me?

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A MAC haul to start off the New Year…

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the festivities over the past few weeks. Like most of I’m sure, my house is still chocker with boxes of sweets and yummies. Mine will be swiftly dealt out amongst my family before I savage through them. Santa treated me to a few new make-up bits so I’ll post about them over the next few days. I am also thinking about my beauty resolutions so when I have committed I’ll share. Anyone get any new make-up?

Back to business…what better way to start a new year of blogging than with a MAC haul :) I haven’t been in MAC for quite a while so I was expecting to feel overcome with greed. Instead I left underwhelmed but with a bag containing a few items that had been on my list for a while.

Clockwise from top left – Trax, Rice Paper, Well Dressed Blush, Fillament, Shale.


Well Dressed Blush – it’s predecessor smashed into a million pieces. I popped all the remnants I could salvage back into the pan and attempted to use it as normal. I ended up with blobs of pink all over my face. This is a smooth true soft pink. It is just beautiful. If you’re after a natural soft pink flush, buy it. It’s perfect.

Rubenesque Paint Pot – Golden Peach with gold pearl. This one has been on my list for ages. I use Painterly Paint Pot almost every day but wanted one that is pretty enough to be worn alone. This is it! Pure class.

Shale Eyeshadow -Satin finish. Mauve-plum with subtle shimmer.This is a beautiful looking shade of plum with greyish tones. It’s not as pigmented as many of MAC’s other satin finish shadows. I applied it in the crease over a pink. The result was amazing unfortunately it made my eyes look sore. This is one for brown, green or hazel eyes – would make a great alternative smokey eye shade.

Trax Eyeshadow – Velvet Finish. Burgundy plum with gold shimmer. So far, quite a bit of fallout, even over primer and it’s not that pigmented. There is no intensity to this shade despite it’s beauty in the pan. However it does reflect nicely in the light. Once again, made for green eyes. I regret this one.

Fillament Eyeshadow – Lustre finish. This is described as a platinum silver, I don’t think that is an accurate description. It’s gorgeous in the pan! It’s even gorgeous when you swatch it under the store lights. Unfortunately, the fall-out is ridiculous. There is also very little colour pay-off and far too much shimmer chunks! If you’re looking for silver check out Silver Ring or Electra.

Rice Paper Eyeshadow – Frost finish. This is a peachy gold with shimmer. I Love it! This shadow is almost buttery and very blendable. Much better than a stark white for highlighting the inner eye.


Here are a few swatches I took in natural light…

Left to Right: Fillament, Rice Paper, Shale, Trax, Well Dressed.


Rubenesque Paint Pot


Thoughts on any of these? Combinations?

Dying to know if anyone got a any new make-up!! Off to work on my beauty resolutions. Catch you ladies later.