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Morning Waffle…(Eyelashes, Books, Breaking Dawn)

It has been a while since my last morning waffle. I felt like a chat this morning…

1. Breaking Dawn

… OMG! (That may be the first time in my life that I have ever used those three letters in succession. It was necessary). If you’re a regular reading than you know I love the Twilight books. I knew I would like Breaking Dawn but I wasn’t anticipating loving it. I didn’t even touch my popcorn! That’s saying something :) I’m going to go see it again. Apparently I left the cinema before seeing a deleted scene?



2. Eyelashes

On a completely random note… I saw the most gorgeous eyelashes on GlitterGeek’s blog, I must have them.

They’re $29 though! Reduced from $59? That’s a lot of dough for lashes. I can’t stop looking at them though. What do you think?


3. Books…

I bought The Radleys and The Historian from The Book Depository last month. I had read great reviews about both. I’m half way through The Radleys and I’m struggling to keep going. It’s a little too raw for me – I’m a fan of make-believe :) I read as a form of escapism, I like nothing more than getting lost in another world or a characters life. I think this is why I like fantasy and sci-fi so much. Anyway, The Radleys is very well written but it’s a bit too much like real life for me… vampires aside :)

I’m not sure if I mentioned A History of Witches before. In case I neglected to share it with you – it’s fabulous! I finished it and almost started reading it right away. Not for those who fancy a bit of realism but for those who share my love of the Urban Fantasy genre I highly recommend.

What are you reading?


Celebrity Style/Makeup, General

Twilight Saga Makeup Artist – Robin Mathews

Robin Mathews is Kristen Stewarts Personal Makeup artist. She worked with her on Twilight and New Moon.

Robin won’t divulge the product list she used on Kristen in New Moon until Breaking Dawn has been filmed. Ah, a bit of a wait to find out what lipstick she was wearing! But she has shared some of her favourite products in an interview with Beauty Blogging Junkie, Yay! She loves:

  • Shiseido Moisturisers
  • Cle de Peau Concealers
  • Stila Convertable Colours
  • Most of the Laura Mercier line
  • Anastacia’s line for eyebrows
  • Va Neill Brushes
  • She Umeura Eyelash Curlers

Her best beauty tip “use the lightest formula of foundation you can get away with. If you have beautiful skin, don’t use any foundation at all!”

“Our motivation for Bella in New Moon was a look that would define Bella as an idolized popular literary character, surrounded by mythical creatures while still being a “real girl”. She is almost a realistic cartoon character if you will, but still natural, youthful and fresh”

To achieve her look at home Robin suggests “Keep it young, fresh, and natural; pretty but with a punch”