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Lush – Be a Vegan Beauty

Lush have launched some Vegan products for World Vegan Day (November 1st) – thought you Lush fans might like a little look at the new products.

SKIN DRINK (€17.90 for 45g pot) – This is for dry, parched skin.  It has a heavier textured formulation for Winter.

Oatfix (€6.90 for 75g) – Contains a blend of fine oatmeal and fresh organic bananas that will soothe and calm dry or sensitive skins and illipe butter to reduce redness.

Maple Taffy lip balm (€3.25) – Made of 20% maple syrup.   There’s also a blend of super moisturising butters like illipe butter, shea butter and carnauba wax, as well as glycerine.

CINDERS bath ballistic (€2.50) –  Warming, fizzles and crackles like a Winter fire. Contains sweet orange to lift your mood.

Glögg shower gel (€4.95 for 100g or €9.95 for 250g) – spicy, warming, containing fresh orange and lemon juices, red wine, brandy, cinnamon and clove.

I’m definitely going to buy the Maple Taffy Lip Balm and Glogg shower gel. The moisturisers sound too rich for my skin type. I may even pick up the Cinders bath ballistic.

What do you think?

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Cosmetic Ingredients to avoid

I often wonder whether the benefits of my skincare products outweigh the negatives. There are other times when I find myself irritated by the fact that after continued use of a product my skin conditions flare.

Here are some ingredients that are known to cause irritation, allergic reaction and in some cases they are linked to nerve damage and caner. Scary stuff…

Mineral Oil (aka paraffinum liquidum): This is petroleum. It’s cheap and is currently widely available. This won’t be the case in the future. Mineral oil can lead to dry skin conditions.

Parabens Ethyl, Butyl, Methyl, Propyl, and Parahydroxybenzoate : A common preservative, lab made for cosmetics. This ingredient poses some serious health concerns, it mimics estrogen in the bloodstream and is linked to breast cancer Continue Reading