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Morning Waffle…(Eyelashes, Books, Breaking Dawn)

It has been a while since my last morning waffle. I felt like a chat this morning…

1. Breaking Dawn

… OMG! (That may be the first time in my life that I have ever used those three letters in succession. It was necessary). If you’re a regular reading than you know I love the Twilight books. I knew I would like Breaking Dawn but I wasn’t anticipating loving it. I didn’t even touch my popcorn! That’s saying something :) I’m going to go see it again. Apparently I left the cinema before seeing a deleted scene?



2. Eyelashes

On a completely random note… I saw the most gorgeous eyelashes on GlitterGeek’s blog, I must have them.

They’re $29 though! Reduced from $59? That’s a lot of dough for lashes. I can’t stop looking at them though. What do you think?


3. Books…

I bought The Radleys and The Historian from The Book Depository last month. I had read great reviews about both. I’m half way through The Radleys and I’m struggling to keep going. It’s a little too raw for me – I’m a fan of make-believe :) I read as a form of escapism, I like nothing more than getting lost in another world or a characters life. I think this is why I like fantasy and sci-fi so much. Anyway, The Radleys is very well written but it’s a bit too much like real life for me… vampires aside :)

I’m not sure if I mentioned A History of Witches before. In case I neglected to share it with you – it’s fabulous! I finished it and almost started reading it right away. Not for those who fancy a bit of realism but for those who share my love of the Urban Fantasy genre I highly recommend.

What are you reading?


General, M.A.C, Perfume / Fragrance

A Friday Waffle!

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m feeling quite crappy today thanks to a chest infection so I decided a ‘Friday Waffle’ was in order since I can’t seem to focus, or string sentences together for that matter.

So here are some shallow things that are belting around my bunged up head:

1. Packaging – No, you do not need this!

I am an absolute sucker for packaging. I know it’s ridiculous, I know it’s fickle but I just can’t help it. These days I tend to refrain from buying something for such a stupid reason but hey, that won’t stop be admiring beautiful things. I came across this image of L de Lolita Lempicka this morning whilst perusing perfume reviews online.

This has my name all over it! A few thoughts ran through my head – wouldn’t it look gorgeous on my dresser, I need a new perfume (LIAR!), this bottle was made for me… you get the idea. It occurred to me several minutes later that I hadn’t even considered the fragrance itself. Put your credit card down Amy!


2. Kitch Kitchen items – I just can’t stop

My kitchen looks like Cath Kidson threw up all over it.

I do love kitch items for my kitchen. They make me smile. They also make my tea taste nicer :) I have to keep myself out of shops like Avoca and Cath Kidson at this stage, I have enough and I need to stop.

3. MAC’s  Peacocky Collection

I got all excited on the Irish launch date, headed in to Brown Thomas, swatched everything, left with nothing. Tweet Me was the Mega Metal shadow that caught my eye but it looked too similar to shadows I already own. All of the colours are gorgeous but they are very similar to existing and previously released shades. 

4. A spoof video that sums up Ireland right now – gene for alcoholism, illegal activity masked by the term ‘the craic’, mass immigration… couldn’t be more true!


The Eleventh Hour 19th Minute RTE

and finally for something less shallow…

5. It’s election day – woo hoo!

Now I need to bundle up in this fine Spring weather, pack some tissues and head out to vote. Ah, the things we do for our country :P


Being sick sucks! I hope you all have lovely Friday plans, let me know so I can sulk.