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11 inches down – Universal Contour Wrap

I got a pressie of a Universal Contour Body Wrap from my dearest. It couldn’t have come at a better time – I booked myself in for the treatment in my local beauty salon the day before I left for my holiday.

As I’m sure many of you know, the Universal Contour Wrap is designed to help you lose inches for up to one month. The reason I selected this treatment was because of all the water storage issues I had. It involved being wrapped in warm muddy bandages from neck to toe, donning a big body suit to help contain the water loss and sitting back in a comfy chair and watching a movie for an hour. I should point out that this is by no means a luxurious treatment. I did get to select a dvd (I opted for The Queen) while I waited for the mud to do it’s work.

Every inch of me was measured before the treatment started. It took about 15 minutes to apply the bandages and I requested extra focus on my hips and thighs. I then sat for an hour while it worked its magic. When my therapist returned the floor was flooded. The suit couldn’t contain the water.

I found a stock image for the wrap -there wasn’t a chance in hell that I was posting pictures of me wrapped in bandages.

I was then measured again and I was delighted to hear that I had lost 11 inches. Granted it’s just water, but hey, 11 inches is 11 inches. My abs looked defined and most of the water loss came from my tummy and hips with a little reduction in my upper arms (aka the bane of my life). I initially thought that I would have to shower off the remaining mud but the therapist rubbed it into my skin and asked me not to shower for a day or so to allow the mud to continue to work.

I paid €75 for my wrap but it was on special this month. I remember a few years ago this wrap cost in excess of €100. It’s well worth the doe but they recommend a course for the best results – a little outside my budget I’m afraid but the results from one treatment were great. My thighs and tummy looked much slimmer going on holiday. I had the treatment two weeks ago and the results have lasted.

My local beauty salon, Jule Beauty in Malahide, is the best I’ve been to. It feels more like a little spa rather than a beauty salon. They use Yon-Ka, Image and Dermalogica skin care – I’m a fan of all three. The staff are so professional and always make me feel at ease. When it comes to Birthdays and Christmas pressies I usually opt for a voucher. I mentioned before that I went for a pamper afternoon during the Winter. It involved hot chocolate and biscuits between sessions…heaven.

Have you ever had one?

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Voya Fennel Fusion: Anti-cellulite & Slimming Infusion

I came across Voya Fennel Fusion Tea and thought it might be useful to post the information since it’s January and so many of you are on a health kick (I’m not included that group, she says as she scoffs a bickie).

VOYA has created a therapeutic herbal infusion which combines the detoxifying and anti-cellulite properties of its organic hand harvested seaweed with a carefully chosen collection of organic herbs. The infusion is designed for sluggish systems, perfect for this time of year.

The herbal fusion made from a careful blend of organic seaweed and organic fennel leaves.  “Fennel’s cleansing, detoxifying and calming effects get to work, gently boosting the digestive system, while the nutrient rich seaweed provide a diverse range of  essential fatty acids, minerals, RNA, DNA, carotenoids, protein and fibre – all essential for digestive health. Used as part of a balanced diet, VOYA’s Herbal Fusions can act as metabolism boosters and slimming aids easing digestion and bloating”.

*All of VOYA’s Fusions are Soil Association accredited organic, are gluten free and contain no GM ingredients.

Each box Contains 20 tea sachets and costs €9.95


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Video: My Diet

I really enjoyed lollipop26’s diet ramble video and I could relate as I’m sure many of you can. Dieting and weight control are such huge issues for us, just bear in mind that I’m no expert and this is a vlog on my own experience. It’s also my first ever vlog :)

I would love to hear about your dieting and weight experiences. It’s good to share :)

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Beauty from the Inside out: Breakfast for beauty

In the interest of promoting beauty from the inside diet cannot be ignored. I decided to start with Breakfast beacuse, well, I just love breakfast. I would happily eat breakfast foods at every meal time. I found this recipe last year in Carol Vorderman’s detox book. It’s great for those trying to loose some weight before Summer or for those of you after a morning detox. I love it  because it’s nutritionally balanced and provides lots of beauty benefits.

The ingredients in this breakfast really fill you up but they also promote healthy looking skin. Oats are rich in soluble fibre which improves digestion and encourages clear skin (it also lowers cholesterol). Oats contain magnesium and zinc, necessary for skin healing and immunity. They provide slow release energy leaving you fuller for longer. When I have porridge for breakfast I eat less rubbish during the day. The almonds and the seeds provide essential fatty acids. These balance hormones and will help alleviate any hormonal breakouts.

Banana porridge with honey:(makes 4 servings)

  • 175g Rolled Porridge Oats
  • 250ml of Soya, rice, sesame or almond milk – Cows milk is a no no for a detox breakfast
  • 250ml Water Continue Reading
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Loosing Excessive Water Weight

If you are suffering from water retention and there is no underlying medical condition, there are a couple of natural things you can try to reduce the bloat.

1. Reduce your sodium intake.  When your ankles are puffy, salt is often the culprit. Bear in mind that sodium is lashed into ready-made meals, biscuits etc.

2. Drink lots of water. The body stores excess water when water is in short supply.

3. Make good dietary choices. Some foods are know diuretics (make you pee); Cucumber, watermelon, watercress, garlic, tomatoes, beets, oats and artichoke flush out the kidneys.

It’s worth noting that during your period water retention can be a nightmare. Drinking more water and avoiding salt helps.

You can also try a bath infused with essential oils that act as diuretics. Choose from Fennel, Cypress, Lemon, Juniper, Oregano, Grapefruit and Celery. The oils can be combined in particular ways to make a synergistic blend that has better impact. These synergies can be used in one bath.

Diuretic synergistic blends:

a) 3 drops of Lemon with 1 drops of Juniper Continue Reading