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Very Dry Hands: The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

Th skin on my hands is not just dry, it’s parched. I have tried all of my usual hand creams; Vaseline Intensive Care, Boots, Garnier, Clarins. The best one I have come across is The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector for very dry skin.

The protector cones in a L’Occataine/oil paint style tube which is quite chic. It also makes it great for throwing in your handbag (the smaller tube anyway – mine is 30ml).

Scent wise, it smells mildly of Patchoulli essential oil which you will love or hate.

This is definitely not a lotion, it has a more balm-like consistency. It’s quite thick and really does protect my hands.

Ingredients wise, it contains Community Trade organic beeswax which is said to moisturise, condition and act as a barrier to seal in moisture. It also contains Community Trade hemp seed oil has an unusually high concentration of essential fatty acids that help to repair skin’s moisture barrier. Well, whatever is in there, it works for me.

The tube only contains 30ml but because of the consistency I don’t use as much per application as I would a lotion. It’s so rich that I don’t need to apply it throughout the dry, morning and bedtime does it for me. It costs €15.95 for the large 100ml tube. I checked the prices on the UK website and found the large 100ml tube for £7, reduced from £10.

What hand cream are you using at the moment?

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Video: The Body Shop Winter Collection

I was invited into The Body Shop on Friday evening for a make-over with celebrity make-up artist Karim Sattar. I have been invited to meet him so many times and have always had work on so I was delighted to have the opportunity to pop in for some make-up chat.

I also had a look at the products from the Winter Trend 2010 and received a gift bag with some lovely goodies from the collection.

I decided to record a little video sharing the products I received :)

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Kohl Eye Trend – Who’s on Board?

I have a love hate relationship with Kohl. When applied well it can look sexy but when applied with a heavy hand and left unblended it can look very harsh. (thinking of a group of your girls I saw on their way home from school the other day!)

In Summer I avoided Kohl like the plague. I wanted fresh open eyes for the season. But I am happy that the trend has returned for Autumn / Winter. I’m in!

If you look at this shot taken at the Gucci show you will notice the lack of ‘smokey eye’. Yes! Thank Jesus! If I hear the term ‘smokey eye’ one more time I’m going to loose the plot all together.

Basically the artist applied kohl around the entire eye without breaking the line. A word of caution – if you have small eyes, even slightly smaller than average eyes, this look will make them look like raisins. So experiment with a kohl pencil to find a look that suits your eye shape. I would never just copy a trend look without questioning whether or not it suited my features.

What works for me is kohl on the water line, top and bottom, but without connecting them. No rat like eyes for me thank you very much. I am not blessed with the large eyes like this model. But what works for my eyes and features may not work for you. The only way to figure that out is to experiment.

For the Gucci show the entire face is neutral and soft. There is very little eyeshadow to speak of here. After looking at a few of the backstage photos I could see a little bit of pewter shadow added close to the lashline on the inner corner of the eye. Sometimes simple is best.

I shall be rocking the kohl look sans the damned smokey eye this evening, who’s with me?

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Create a Matte, Luminous Base: Make-up Trend A/W 2010-11


Matte luminous skin

Image copyright

Every season we see a different skin trend. Natural-looking skin was big on the Autumn/Winter catwalks. Matte yet luminous skin sounds like a contradiction but it’s easy to achieve.


You want to create a fresh faced effect but still maintain matte skin. The work is in the preparation for this look. Use a

How to create matte yet luminous skin:

  • Use a primer if you have oily skin. This will help keep the oiliness at bay during day.
  • Those with dry skin should moisturise well before make-up application
  • Ensure your that your skin is exfoliated regularly. This means you have fresh, even skin to work with.
  • Blend your foundation well into your skin, leaving your skin looking polished without visible product.
  • Conceal any under discolouration, redness and blemishes.
  • Powder is essential for this seasons trend. A light touch is the way forward if you want a silky looking effect. Use a very finely milled powder that will let the skins natural radiance shine through without looking cakey. MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural is perfect for this.
  • Then add a little highlight powder down the centre of the nose.
  • Carry oil absorption sheets if you have combination or oily skin or if you are in a humid climate.

This is a trend I will definitely be exploring this season. It’s also perfect for bridal and special event make-up – just make sure your powder doesn’t contain Titanium Dioxide if you are being photographed (it photographs white).

What way do you like you base – dewy, matte, satin?

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Clinique Strawberry Fudge Collection

The thoughts of Summer coming to an end usually draw makes me miserable but I just came across an image that has changed my mind. How can one image get me excited about Winter? I don’t know but here is said image..

I want this for Winter- snuggley, warm skin, soft but pretty make-up, cascading lock…ok so it might be a lot to ask for. Clinique are launching a Strawberry Fudge Holiday/Christmas Collection. Is it just me or is Strawberry Fudge an odd name for a Winter collection? Strawberry fudge evokes images of  frolicking in the park in the heat of the Summer sun. Just me?

Anyway, it has been said that this collection Continue Reading

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Outfit of the day

amy_outfit_16dec09_01I bought this dress in Forver 21 whilst in Chicago. It was such a good bargain that I didn’t even bother to try it on. The fit isn’t amazing, it’s too wide on the shoulder, the seam on extends out. That’s what I get for not buying petite!

I have quite a long waist to I’m not sure if this dress shape suits me.I wore it with some furry boots and a cardi because it is freeeeeezing!! (I wanted to wear some ballet pumps but that would be ridiculous in this weather). I bought the boots in Claires in Chicago (Aurora outlet) for $21. I wish I had bought another pair!

What are you wearing today?

Amy x

Fashion & Accessories

Fashion Finds

Hi everyone,

After my nice break I’m back to blogging regularly!

I’m having difficulty getting my holiday photos from my camera, lost the cable! Uh Oh! So I decided to blog about some items that I am hoping to add to my wardrobe this week.


I ordered both of these, one in navy one in grey. I know,I know, self control is the order of the day. I’ll probably send the one I like least back. They look like they fit well. They cost £40 each.



I saw a girl in a shopping centre wearing these and I had to ask her where she got them, they looked amazing sexy on. They’re from Aldo. Will start the search tomorrow.

From I love these dresses, it’s so dainty!


So these are the items I will be hunting this week. When I started typing this entry I was only thinking about the blazers, by the end I bought 2! What is wrong with me?! :)

Amy x