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New: YSL Rebel Nudes Lipstick (Review, Swatches & Pics)




You know how much I love a nude lip product! Well, YSL have decided that nude doesn’t stop at beige. These goodies are definitely not boring! They have launched Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres or Rebel Nude Lipsticks to us. 

When I first saw the packaging I assumed this was a gloss. Wrong. It does go on quite creamy but it dries to a stain with a sheen. It’s quite unusual and not like any lip product I have tried to so far. Usually I find stains too intense and too drying, that is not the case with this gem.

Here’s how it looks on my sisters lips in natural daylight…

YSL Rebel Nudes Lipstick

Indoors with flash so you can see the reflectiveness…

YSL Rebel Nudes Lipstick(Thank you little sister for lending me your beautiful lips!)


The photo above taken with flash over-exaggerates the iridescence. You can see a slight hint of it in natural light which is very flattering. I had to try a variety of lighting set ups and flash to show it to the extreme so don’t be scared of it :) It’s still natural.

They are made with a new formula and texture which as a I mentioned is unique. There is a brush instead of a doe foot applictaor which is a bonus for me. It’s far easier to apply this way. It feels fresh on the lips too. The best thing is that they have hold but they aren’t sticky!

One slick gives a natural colour and a little transparency. You can wait 20 seconds and apply a second coat which is what you see in the swatch pictures. You can lightly blend with your fingertip to tone down the effect if you wish. I do this last step with all glosses. I like a slightly smooshed look rather than super polished – I use the word ‘smooshed’ since it looks like someone has just kissed you :) Something YSL recommend is to mix & match shades, that’s not something I ever thought of doing, it could also get very expensive! Too rich for my blood I’m afraid.

The packaging is very beautiful. I love that you can see the shade through the tube. Also the brush is precise and delivers the right amount of product, without waste.

Choosing the right nude: There is one to suit every woman. No. 103 Pink No Tabboo, No.4 Fuchsia Tomboy and No.108 Violine Out of Control are the most intense. No.101 Nude Provocateur, No 106 Beige Anarchist and No.107 Naughty Mauve are the most transparent. There are also two orangey tones for ladies with fair skin – No.102 Corail Mutin and No.105 Corail Hold Up.

It’s rare for a product to surprise me but this one sure has. They cost €33 each so these bad boys are for a payday treat!

Any fans?


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Autumn: YSL Autumn 2013 ‘Electro Chic’

YSL autumn Fall 2013

YSL’s Autumn 2013  collection ‘ELECTRIC CHIC’ has landed! I popped in to swatch everything on my hands and have a good look at the collection. As always, here is a little over-view, expect reviews to follow but for now let me just say that I adore the nail polish shades, all three of them. That never happens, as with any collection there is usually a dud. Well not this time!

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Pic Post | YSL

Nothing like Yves Saint Laurent to put a smile on my face!

  • Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Waterproof  in 5 Golden Sand
  • Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss  in 54 Golden Sand
  • Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil in 8 Luminiscent Gold


I can’t wait to try a Summery gold and bronze look with these. Xen tan is on this evening so I think I’ll play around with these beauties tomorrow. I’m not sure what to expect from the gold mascara… should be interesting.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!

Amy x

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Out Today! Elle 2012 Limited Edition Fragrance (Review)

Elle 2012 Limited Edition fragrance hits the shelves this morning!

Sensual and refreshing, the fragrance of elle 2012 Limited Edition opens on a transparent veil of peony, heightened by sparkling notes of grapefruit before allowing sambac jasmine to invade the heart, impelled by the spicy savour of pink pepper berries. At the twilight of scents, the vibrant presence of vetiver and the warmth of benzoin blended with amber become irresistibly addictive.

I’m a fan of the original Elle fragrance so I was delighted to have the opportunity to try the 2012 Limited Edition version. I have the most unsophisticated nose on the planet. I would do an evening course on fragrance appreciation if such a thing existed in Ireland! I operate on two levels… it smells pretty …. it smells ick. Very articulate.

I’m going all out today –  this perfume smells absolutely beautiful! It’s light and floral (in the youthful sense) thanks to the peony and grapefruit but with a peppery undercurrent. If amber features in a fragrance, I’m in. It gives a lovely warmth to the delicate top notes.

It is an eau de toilette but I find it lasts quite well on my skin. As far as when to wear this one, I feel that it’s suitable for day or night wear – it’s light enough for the daytime but warm and sensuous enough for night.

It costs €45.00 for 90ml at YSL counters and fragrance outlets.

Perfume addicts, noses at the ready! Let me know what you think once you have a smell!

Amy x

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YSL Touche Éclat | Review

Often copied, never equalled. Those are the words that come to mind when I hear Touche Eclat mentioned. It is such an iconic product and has earned its place as a cult buy. It occurred to me that I have yet to have a little M&B rant about this beauty and yet it’s a product that I have used for years.

My most recent tube of Touche Éclat came is a Celebration Edition inspired by Stefano Pilati’s latest jewellery collection.

I doubt there is a make-up artist out there that doesn’t have this in their kit. When I first purchased this, oh maybe 6 years ago,  used it for skin emergencies only – exhaustion and dehydration due to partying namely. But in the last few years it has become a bit of an essential for me.

For those of you who have yet to try it, it works by casting light under the eye to lessen signs of fatigue, lines and hollows. The formula has changed over the years and YSL have also added a whole range of shades, finally.


I apply the product by dabbing with the applicator brush. However,  I don’t blend with the this brush. I either pat the product in with my ring finger or I use a fluffy eyeshadow brush (MAC 117 all the way). Using the fluffy brush leaves you’re skin looking airbrushed. A little goes a long way – the reverse panda is not a good look. I don’t really use this right under my eye, where there is discolouration. I apply it right under the discoloured area – this draws the eye to the highlight. It works really well. I also like to use it down the centre of my nose, along my cheekbone and on my cupids bow. It leaves you looking really etherial.

A note on dupes

I have tried every single Touche Eclat-esque and inspired product I could get my hands on. I haven’t found one that does exactly what this one does. I dabbled with Lancome’s version for a time but was a little underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, it worked, it just didn’t work as well as YSL. I also picked up Aldi’s version (recommended by so many) and although I found it an ok under-eye concealer is really didn’t offer the reflective power of Touche Eclat (that being said, it’s worth a look as a concealer).

Some Touché Éclat application tips from YSL:

  • Use around the eyes to brighten and diffuse imperfection.
  • Apply on the outer corner of the eye then blend in long strokes towards the temple.
  • Before highlighting with shade 1, using 3 over the inner eye can neutralise blue undertone.
  • Can be used as a base over the eye lid to improve the hold of eye shadow.
  • Use in the inner corners of the eyes to brighten tired eyes and to enhance the white of the eye.
  • Blend number 6 as a warm cream bronzer over the cheeks.
  • Use on bridge of nose, between brows, on top of cheekbones to sharpen your features.
  • Darker tones such as No 5 can be used to contour underneath the cheekbones.
  • Blend with fingers for finer result and for a professional finish with a fluffy brush.
  • Blend a line below and over the brow to sharpen the eyebrow definition.
  • Apply on the corners of the nose to neutralise redness and broken veins.
  • For fuller lips, apply to the middle of the lower lip over lipstick and soften.
  • Apply around the lips to sharpen and enhance the cupids bow.
  • Apply down the décolleté to enhance the neckline
  • Apply down the side of the leg to elongate.

I’m  obviously a big fan. Thoughts?

Amy x

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YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polishes – Swatches & Review

I am in love with YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polishes. Love I tell you! Thought it was time for some swatches and a review of their fabulousness (yes, I make up words now).



N°4 Corail Colisée A bright coral. Sounds like so many others but its beauty is unparalleled in my books

N°29 Doré Orfèvre A unique, true gold

N°15 Violet Baroque Deep, rich, juicy violet. This oozes class.

N°22 Beige Léger Deemed this seasons ‘it’ shade by YSL.


N°4 Corail Colisée



N°22 Beige Léger



N°15 Violet Baroque



N°29 Doré Orfèvre

My thoughts

Colour: Whenever a nail polish comes with a hefty price tag I expect a bit of magic. Lately I have been disappointed by a few high end offerings – Estee Lauder Pure Color being one of them. Well, with these beauties there was no disappointment. These shades are intense and vivd. I couldn’t love them more. In fact I rooted through my collection to look for dupes and couldn’t find any that lived up to the quality and vividness of colours. When I applied Corail Colisée I spent the entire day looking at my nails. I’m a fan of coral shades anyway and find they work well with my skin tone but this just plain outstanding.

Application: Vividness aside, the application of these polishes are a dream! The brush is wide, tapered and smooth. It worked perfectly with the shape of my nail bed. I find that I can vary the pressure of the brush and get one whole nail coated in one swipe. The polishes I tried are creamy and smooth and were foolproof to apply. I would go as far as to say that I had the easiest application I can remember.

Dry-time: Rapid. I managed three coats in a few minutes. I didn’t need more than two coats for any of the above. In fact, the coverage was great after one coat. I just needed two for perfect coverage.

Finish: Creamy with a high shine (less of a shine with the gold because of the finish)

Staying Power: The polish and the shine last. I didn’t need to apply a top coat. They are also enriched with Chilean Rose bush and extract of Corallina that is source of Calcium, the formula fortifies and protects nails.

Packaging: Again, pure luxury

Price: Expensive at €24. These nail polishes are a splurge but from the few I’ve tested the quality is outstanding. It would be a special sort of nail purchase. After all, luxury comes at a price (although in my experience price definitely doesn’t always mean luxury!)

Wow, that was bit of a rant. If I was to root for any negatives I would say that the gold shade suits my skintone least. But I have big plans for this one during tan season! I also picked up a bottle for a friends birthday – it would suit her tanned skin perfectly.

If I could grade these they would received a big fat A+


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Excited about Candy Face! YSL Spring 2012…

Oh holy! It’s a rare time that every single product in a collection calls to me. This is bound to end in tears. I will leave you to Ooh and Aah at YSL Candy Face Spring 2012 collection


Rock Candy Palette (€55.00)

Manicure Couture N°8 (€38.00)


Rouge Volupte Perle  N°114, N°116 (€32.00)



Ombres 5 Lumieres N° 13 (€57.00)


Voile de Blush N°1, N°2, N°3 (€38.00)

Eyes with a captivating, smoky-fruity effect in blue mint, plum, licorice or pink, speckled with sugary sparkles and lashes sheathed in inky blue. Cheekbones sculpted with carmine Voile de Blush blended on the upper cheekbones. A luscious smile, as shiny as tangerine syrup. On the nails, the fresh touch of a fruit sorbet.

Get the look…

To get the look – Place a dot of lilac eye pencil at the inner corner of the eyes and blend outwards to create a wide-eyed look, Ombres 5 Lumières n°13 eye shadow, Mascara Singulier n°7, Voile de Blush n°1, Volupté Sheer Candy n°9 lipstick, Manucure Couture n°8 nail color.

The YSL Spring collection is available at counters now. I’m there…



I want, I want, I want… YSL Golden Lustre Lipsticks

I adore YSL Lipsticks. They are always so beautiful but I am extra excited about their Golden Lustre lipsticks. There are two in particular that I’m dreaming of :)



Golden Lustre N° 101 – Violet Singulier
Golden Lustre N° 102 – L’Or Pur
Golden Lustre N° 103 – Bronze Persepolis
Golden Lustre N° 104 – Brun Métallique
Golden Lustre N° 105 – Rose de Madère
Golden Lustre N° 106 – Beige Iridescent
Golden Lustre N° 107 – Rose Boréale
Golden Lustre N° 108 – Ocre Rose
Golden Lustre N° 109 – Corail d’Or
Golden Lustre N° 110 – Fuchsia Symbole
Golden Lustre N° 111 – Rouge Hélios
Golden Lustre N° 112 – Rouge de Venise
Golden Lustre N° 112 – Rose Parisien


Like all YSL lippies, they don’t come cheap – €31.00 to be exact. But they’re so pretty *whiny tone*. I need Rose Parisien, need.

It’s a gorgeous bubblegum pink. I saw it on Lipstick Rules and it has been on my mind ever since.



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YSL Fall/Winter 2011

I’m excited about YSL’s Autumn Winter 2011 collection. Here’s a little look, let me know what you think.



Greens and purples with matte and moiré effect. 5 eye shadows captured in a unique new palette
Dark green, mauve, aubergine, violet and green aqua –
Smoky crimson-purple, a halo of green infused with violet, dark mauve and aqua. The superimposition of an iridescent green with blue mother of pearl reflections, brightens and frames darker shades with an almost supernatural radiance…


Yves Saint Laurent style extends to the tips of your fingernails. The hand becomes a luxurious fashion accessory. Revealing the delicate obscurity of dark green to midnight blue essences. Metallic reflections in a moonlit sea.
LA LAQUE N° 43 – Wintergreen
LA LAQUE N° 44 – Moonlight blue


Blush Radiance

Color plays four ways. Cheeks are dressed in light. A half-matte, half-satin blush that captures the light and transforms it into color. 4 squares of matte and satin powder that, with a light sweep of the brush create a radiant veil.

And for lips…


Pearl-like reflections on flowers and autumn vines… Full and sensual lips with a subtle, iridescent brilliance. ROUGE VOLUPTE PERLE is a new range of six shades, natural or nocturnal, each with shimmering reflections.

N° 107 – Impetuous Beige
N° 108 – Celestial Mauve
N° 109 – Brazen Plum
N° 110 – Incandescent Orange
N° 111 – Mysterious Red
N° 112 – Spellbinding Violet

I love the art work! The nail polishes and the eyeshadow palette shall me mine.

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YSL Summer Collection – Something a little different

The Yves Saint Laurent Summer Collection 2011 is a little different. It will be available from YSL counters  nationwide from June 1st. As someone who generally shy’s away from brights, I would love to know your thoughts on this collection.

The collection consists of

  • TERRE DE SOLEIL Sand N° 6 – € 43.00
  • Crème Blush No. 4 – € 42.00
  • Ombres Duolumieres No. 35, No. 37 – € 40.00
  • LA LAQUE 137 OS, 138 OS – € 24.00
  • GLOSS PUR No. 11 in Icy Effect – € 28.00
  • Candy Volupté N°1 Lush  Coconut, N°2 Dewy Papaya,  N°3 Juicy Grapefruit, N°4.Succulent Pomegranate, N°5. Mouthwatering Berry,  N°6 .Luscious Cherry – € 30.00


What do you think?

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A look at Yves Saint Laurent Spring Collection 2011

If you fancy drooling over make-up this evening here’s a better look at the Yves Saint Laurent Spring Collection 2011.

PALETTE PINK CELEBRATION  – Highlighter Palette Harmony €53


MANUCURE COUTURE No. 5 Favorite Chic €35


Mascara Singulier (No. 6 Deep Plum) €31



ROUGE PUR COUTURE – Pink Collection €31

I find myself drawn to the lipsticks… dare I indulge?! I’m also intrigued by the plum mascara and the blue nail polish.

What stands out most to you?