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Tanorexic no more!

I remember my first fake tan experience like it was yesterday. I was 14 and preparing myself for the local disco. I found a tube of Sally Hansen instant tan in my Mums bathroom and happily smeared the mahogany brown gel over my pasty legs and arms. I thought I looked amazing! Within 5 minutes of leaving the house one of my friends, generally unobservant, asked why my neck was a different colour to my arms. I proudly announced that I was wearing false tan.

Over the next decade I spent an absolute fortune on tanning products. I probably tried most of the products on the market. Amongst my favourites were; Ambre Solaire spray, Piz Buin tanning cream, Fake Bake. The best I’ve tried is St Tropez Bronzing Mousse.

Last year I made a resolution to wean myself off false tan. I managed to stick to it most of the time, occasionally giving in for special occasions. It was hard to let go of tanned skin but I’m now converted. I am officially happy with my own skin colour. Best of all, I get to save all that money for something better!

Do you remember your first false tan experience?


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  • Whitney

    I was about 13 or 14 and I found a bottle of sally hansen in my mam’s room but it was the darkest shade and I covered myself in it. I looked like an oompa loompa ha. I didn’t go out like that though, thank god my mam told me to just wash it off :)

  • unlimitedelizabeth

    I covered myself in the deepest orange fake tan and felt so uber cool until my friends started asking why I had orange streaks everywhere. I told everyone over and over “I swear! I thought it was regular lotion! I didn’t know it was this crap!” Even though I was trying so very hard to be bronze. How many awful things we remember. hahaha.

    • Amy

      LOL Poor Elizabeth! I have had many a streaky leg over the years! :)

  • Bianca

    I’ve never been much into tanning before I moved to Ireland. None of my friends were either. But then, being here, I started appreciating a tan…probably because I’ve never been so white before in my life. For a while I’d use the St Tropez mousse once every week. At the moment I’m just too lazy to do it. I definitely put it on for an occasion, all over, body and face, i.e. no different shades on different body parts! It makes you look slimmer. I still love my tan from a bottle ;)

    • Amy

      Ah I do so miss that feeling! I loved waking up tanned

  • Kate

    I was about 14 aswell! It was a fake tan by Boots and smelled revolting. I seem to remember only using it on my legs though, so I probably looked absolutely ridiculous.

    Unfortunately the weaning off fake tan usually lasts about a week for me…i’m obsessed with the stuff!!!

    • Amy

      I know the feeling!

  • Charlotte

    I remember my first experience with Johnsons Gradual Tan body lotion, I took the word streaky to a whole new level.
    Never again :|.
    Weldone with staying o’natural :)

    • Amy

      Thanks Charlotte :) Johnsons tan…yuck!

  • Elaine

    OMG, yes!!

    Pennys wipes, in my friends house, before going to one of those teenage disco things. It didn’t turn out too bad but like you I was a different colour than my neck!

    I’m trying to ween off it too, I went from the 1st of Nov to the 23rd of Dec. Il slowly get there lol.

    Damn the Irish weather!

    Love the Blog & Channel

    • Amy

      Thanks Elaine :) 1st of nov to 23rd of dec is good going!

  • Susie Q

    i dont remeber my first but my worst was on the day my junior cert finished and there was a big beach party organsied for all 3rd years in the area and i hadnt done tan so i decided to use instant and then cause it was raining i thought well if you spray hairspray on your face to keep your makeup on[i dont even know if that works lol] maybe it’ll keep my fake tan from coming off in the rain…um bad idea susie….someone kindly told me {at the END of the night} that my legs were green…yup you read that right the night i had waited for,for so long,celebrating the end of my junior cert and i spent it with GREEN legs…..note to girls everywhere NEVER get hairspray on skin with instant tan……..ahh memories :P

    • Amy

      Susie I laughed myself silly when I read your comment. Green?!! Poor you. Although we all looked that fab on our JC night. I wore my hair braids and a long dress…beautiful! haha

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