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Tanorexic no more!

I remember my first fake tan experience like it was yesterday. I was 14 and preparing myself for the local disco. I found a tube of Sally Hansen instant tan in my Mums bathroom and happily smeared the mahogany brown gel over my pasty legs and arms. I thought I looked amazing! Within 5 minutes of leaving the house one of my friends, generally unobservant, asked why my neck was a different colour to my arms. I proudly announced that I was wearing false tan.

Over the next decade I spent an absolute fortune on tanning products. I probably tried most of the products on the market. Amongst my favourites were; Ambre Solaire spray, Piz Buin tanning cream, Fake Bake. The best I’ve tried is St Tropez Bronzing Mousse.

Last year I made a resolution to wean myself off false tan. I managed to stick to it most of the time, occasionally giving in for special occasions. It was hard to let go of tanned skin but I’m now converted. I am officially happy with my own skin colour. Best of all, I get to save all that money for something better!

Do you remember your first false tan experience?


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