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Teeth Whitening Pen – All White by Carter Beauty

You know I’m mad for teeth whitening products. Well I have been using the All White Teeth Whitening Pen by Carter Beauty for the past two months. I thought it was time to share my thoughts on the product!

* This pen is actually great for braces wearers. I could paint around the brackets. It’s also great for isolating areas, if you have one or two teeth that need brightening for example.


I paint on the product whilst keeping your smile wide. Let your it dry onto your teeth for a minute before closing your mouth. I like to spit out the residue afterwards – although it’s safe, I’m mindful of chemicals with the bump to think of. It’s much easier to use than strips.


This is definitely the best whitening product on the Irish market – that I’ve come across anyway. It’s no Crest whitening strip (by a long shot!) but it is better than Whizzer strips sold in pharmacies here. I saw results after 3 applications. It whitened and brightened.

Would I recommend?

Personally, if I needed teeth whitening for the first time I would invest in a box of Crest professional strips (review & my before and after pics here) but for maintenance or for minor discolouration, this is a great product. I will purchase this when it’s gone and use it when my teeth need a little  pick-me-up. It’s really handy for your bag and because there is no gum shield or strips you could use it in the loo at work or on the move.




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