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Testing Time – Boots Smooth Skin Intense Pulsed Light hair reduction system

It’s time for some testing…again.

This time it’s the Boots Smooth Skin Intense Pulsed Light hair reduction system. I’m quite excited about this one. The idea of achieving long term hair reduction at home sounds good to me!

I have taken a few photos of the product itself so you can have a closer look at what’s involved.



The system itself is expensive at £331.90 but I have seen the system reduced at times with special offers. If it works I would consider it money well spent. It’s also cheaper than the Philips version by about €100.

I read the information leaflet that accompanied the system this morning over a cup of tea and there are a few things that stood out to me…

  • Smooth Skin cannot be used on blond, grey or red hair
  • You have to cover moles with a white pencil to protect them. The system does not include a pencil. They also recommend using a pencil to mark where you have treated. This sounds a bit annoying but we’ll see.
  • You have to shave your legs before treatment and the pain is minimal if you use the conducting gel
  • You can’t expose the treated area to the sun for 24 hours

I will give full information on how the product works etc in the video review. In the meantime, click here to read all of the information you need about the product and reviews.

I will start testing on Monday and keep you updated on my progress every few weeks. When I have finished a course of treatment (12 weeks) I plan to record a video review.

Come on smoothness!!

Would you consider laser hair removal?

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