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The Bed-Head Bob – What are your thoughts?

I mentioned on Twitter last week that  I was pondering over a new hair style. I received quite mixed responses. Many of you that had gone for the chop regretted it later.

The bed-head bob always appeals to me. It still leaves you with length at the front and the sexy out of bed angle is a far cry from the 90’s ‘wife of a politician’ bob.   I have never been brave enough!

I came across some photos of celebs donning the infamous bed-head bob and I find myself considering the chop…

Scarlett Johansson


Victoria Beckham



Kiera Knightly


January Jones


I’m just gona’ come right out and say it – I was January Jones’ hair and I want it now!

I know people say that when you have long hair you can do so much with it but the reality for me is that I just don’t. My hair is either straight or wavy, that’s my repertoire (if you could even call it that!). I lack the skills to attempt anything different. My hair is currently just ‘long hair’. It doesn’t have a style as such and it sometimes hinders being stylish.

As I’m constantly reminded by my hairdresser parents –  ‘Life is too short and hair grows!’  I take that to mean – just do it already. If it’s that simple then why am I starting to perspire?!

What do you think?

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  • tanya

    Hi amy … im a hairdresser and from the look of your hair in your vids i love it the way it is … but if it finer in texture and has some wave to it and also with your face shape i think it would suit you down to the ground ;-)) … so my verdict … GO FOR IT XXX

  • http://www.expelliarmus.org Lorraine

    Try out a wig with that style (maybe recruit your dad for the task) and see what it looks like?

  • Mo

    I think I’m the only one whose not a huge fan of that hair cut. I think it can look really sloppy if not styled everyday (even those wavey looks are styled to high heavens!). As someone who has chopped off all their hair in the past and has regreted it, i think you should keep your long hair. After you cut it all off every time you see a girl with long hair walk by you will weep inside! lol! But seriously, I think you are rocking the long hair!

  • O-Ana

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. Always wondering how it would look, having such a hair style but still not having the courage to go for it.

    I think it would look amazing gorgeous! Just do it!

    P.s: I also had long hair and had to chop it of, because it really was damaged. Now I’m happy I did.
    And as you already said, it’s just hair, it will grow back.

  • Sarah

    It will definately suit you!

  • Sophy

    Do it! My best advice is if your going to get it chopped off, go for it in one. A while ago I cut my belly button length hair to boob length hair to ‘decide’ and ‘gradually’ go shorter. And this middle length boring mess frightened me and my hair is now long again. So anyway, to the point, ‘going gradually’ will deter you!

    Good luck and keep us informed!

  • Emily

    Why not just experiment. If you don’t do it you will never find out what it looks like!! Even if you hate it, you will have gotten the urge to cut it out if your system, and then it will grow back! No problems. AND cutting it helps keep it healthy! Good luck.

  • aoife

    do it! ur ma and dad are hairdressers so either way, you’ll look fab, ur face is too thin for long hair, a bob will frame ur facr gorg!

  • Lyndsey

    That style would really suit you Amy, so I join the majority who have said ‘go for it’.

  • http://www.jolenemakeupandbeauty.blogspot.com Jolene

    I think it’s pretty clear to me that you want to change your hairstyle no matter what. I understand ’cause I’ve got long hair, too. I get bored of it from time to time, just ’cause it’s so high maintenance, easy to tangle and just so straight. But I suggest you look up some hairdo’s for long haired women nevertheless. Bare in mind that short hair narrows your options down a whole lot more.

  • http://seeyouinsweden.blogspot.com/ Rebecca from See You in Sweden

    I like to experiment with cuts instead of getting the same style every single time, like you said my attitude is “hair grows back” and I never want to be so attached to it that I’m afraid of changing it or losing it. Change is fun!

  • Rachel

    Defo do it…I cut my hair in a bob…long at the front and never received so many compliments about a hair-cut….EVER!!!! And your parents are right…life is too short and thats what clip-in hair extensions are for :)..just incase you get bored of short hair and need it long again for a day or 2…but believe me you will have so much more time in the morning to spend on other things and it will be a nice change!!!:P

  • Tracey

    Definitely go for it!! Come on, its hair, it will grow back and furthermore your parents are hairdressers, so its not going to go that wrong. Im still loving my change from Blonde to Dark Purple/Prune and the chop. I just kept telling the hairdresser to go for it and put in lots of layers and volume. Its brillant…i love putting in some hair putty and getting a messy cool rock chic style. Especially in Winter its brillant to get a boost about something and a change in hair style or colour definitely is uplifting.

  • Sarah Meehan

    Go for it! I got my hair chopped into a bob bout 3 years ago and wud never go back to long hair, I have it in a long bob at the moment and have never had so many compliments bout my hair style, go for it! It will really suit u also as u are petite, I am petite and shorter hair suits me much better! x

  • Ciar_a

    Ooooh love the January one and Vicky B! I’m the same – keep putting off getting mine chopped even though I never do anything with it! Reckon I’m going to go for it though, bleach has not been kind to my hair! :P

    C x

  • Boo

    Noooooo don’t do it Amy ur hair is gorgeous leave it alone ha ha bobs are soooo boring who dosent have a bob ??? It’s been bobs for last 5 years get over them already peoples ha ha it makes ppl so old fashioned looking I think plus watever bout doin stuff with long hair u can do even less with a bob no matter wat u do it wil always be a bob n there dreadful lookin when they grow out !!!! Don’t do it any ur hair is gorgeous now ;) N uv bein tru so much with it don’t chop it now !!! :) xxx

  • http://www.youtube.com/makeupmadeeasy Amanda Culley

    Hi amy,

    Personally if it was me I would go for January Jones’s hair do. It’s A Change for you yes but not a kick in the teeth. I did it once amy went from very long hair to practically scalped and i got quite a shock. You are used to your lovely long locks you would get a “Yah What”. Would it suit you definitely any of the styles shown in the pics would be fabulous on you. You could carry any style off in my opinion. But please think long and hard before getting the chop. amanda

  • Mandy

    OMGosh, I’m going through this same exact crisis right now as well. My hair is starting to touch my lower back, and some days I LOVE it, but some days its just in the way. I don’t do much with it anymore, either. It totally lacks style, but for some crazy reason, I’m so afraid to let go it. I’ve done the grow out and chop before, but I’m scared to let go this time…

  • Carol

    Do it !! :) I’ve gone from long hair to the posh bob in one fell swoop and I loved it, I was actually telling her to take more off in the end. Your parents are right life is too short. The only thing I’ll say is invest in some warm scarves because your neck will hate you :) This weekend is supposed to be bloody freezing in eire. Hope you’re well Amy. x

  • Lieenie

    I am also debating the same cut!!! My only problem is I don’t have Hairdresser Parents that know my hair! My Fav Salon just got super expensive and the Hairdresser I love is Due in Jan.
    Soo happy for her but now who will I trust to do my hair???

  • melissa

    Heyy, totally love january jones hair!

    Mine is due for a cut and i am having the same dilemma as you, mine is currently long but thats it! it just hangs there and i never do anything with it so is there really any point?? Hmmm you’ve got me thinking now…shall i go for the chop too!!

    M xxx

  • Anouk

    I have very long hair, I always had long hair and I think I always will have long hair, because I am a big supporter of having long hair. However, that picture of January Jones is amazing. I love that haircut and I think that cut would look great on you. I think it would look refreshing and pretty on you as long as you don’t go too short. So I would love to see that haircut on you!

  • Eimear

    Dont do it :O :D

  • robyn

    Amy! i want this bob too! i am in a wedding the first weekend of december and i keep telling myself that after that i will chop it off and these pictures, minus january jones and kiera are ones i want! i love posh’s hair and scarlett jo’s. i have this thing about it tho…i guess i feel less sexy with shorter hair but in all reality i think i look prettier so that mindset is so ridiculous.

    i say go for it! (then maybe i will :)


  • Britt

    I LOVE January Jones hair in that last photo…and it’s still long enough to style easily, unlike Scarlett’s or Victoria’s. I say go for it! Maybe have it cut a bit longer at first, and then get it shorter once you feel your ready? Does that make sense?

    Best of luck!

  • Jo

    It would look stunning on you, I’m sure you’d enjoy the feeling of healthy hair and it’s easier to maintain! Don’t hesitate!

  • Ash

    I think it would look *singing voice * amazing on you a small wave , not to much hasstle ,
    But like i know you are growing your hair ,so it could take away all your effort or if you do get a bob , it could grow back healtier then ever
    I’d say go for it thoguh hun
    good luck

  • http://essjay23x.blogspot.com Essjay23x

    Ooh, I’m always encouraging people to cut their hair if they want to because I’m not brave enough and live vicariously through them. They all look great and January Jones’ doesn’t look too short so you should be able to grow it out ok. Maybe stay away from too many short layers until you’re sure, you like shorter hair. Looking forward to seeing your new hair post :)

  • http://makeupartistcamilla.blogspot.com Camilla

    I love it. I think it would look great on you:-)

  • mariga

    It would be really stylish on you. I had mine cut into a long bob 3 weeks ago and haven’t looked back. It’s actually easier to look after than long hair. Who knew?

  • http://www.twitter.com/LFitz712 LFitz712

    I absolutly think you should do. it! This particular style your talking about i think could be fab on you. Danni Minogue has this kind of a do and it really can be fab straight or wavy. Another thing, the way you say realistically you keep it either one way or the other, with this cut i think, wavy it would be really easy to pin back loosly and randomly, without effort. Go for it!!

  • Avril

    I’d love to see Scarlett Johansson’s style on you, Amy! Love that middle parting and length at the front. How about some of her lowlights as well?

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