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The Best Product for Chapped Hands!

I don’t know about you but this time of year my hands are always extremely dry and chapped. I have six different hand-creams on the go and none of them are making a blind but of difference.

Instead of listing a whole lot of creams I have found useless I’ll get right to the good one!

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion!

You will notice that it’s not a designated hand cream but let me tell you, it has outperformed all of the other hand products I have tested.

I can’t take credit for this find I’m afraid. My lovely Mammy got me on to it. It’s on offer at the moment in my local pharmacy for €3.95 so I presume it’s on offer in other places. It’s definitely worth a look if your skin is very dry at the moment.

Although it’s deemed a lotion is feels a little richer and more creamy. Despite that it’s not sticky, tacky or greasy and absorbs fast. It also doesn’t leave a residue (which I hate).

My hands felt better immediately. No chapped skin or irritation. My skin also looks plumper and more healthy. Now, to try smearing it over the rest of me!


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