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The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Range Preview

I love the scent of lemon; lemonade, lemon cupcakes, lemon pancakes and now sweet lemon body products. The Body Shop are launching this range in March. I’m thinking I’ll ask for these instead of Easter eggs! Mmm…

  • Sweet Lemon Body Scrub €14.95
  • Sweet Lemon Lip Butter €5.50
  • Sweet Lemon Body Butter €15.95
  • Sweet Lemon Soap €3.50
  • Sweet Lemon Shower Gel €6.50
  • Sweet Lemon Body Lotion €10

Apparently the oil comes from cold pressing lemon seeds from fresh Italian grown lemons. The range is  moisturising for normal to dry skin (me, yay!) and contains antioxidants.

Ladies, if I’ll smell like a lemon cupcake, I’m in!

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  • Cathy

    Absolutely love the body scrub in the sweet lemon, leaves the skin gorgeous and soft.

  • Laurali87

    Ah! Excited, Citrus scents are my favourite. Loved the ‘I kissed a frog’ (or something to that effect!) soap in the pack I got for my mum, awesome

  • Louise

    I want all of this I love the smell and taste of lemon :)

  • Kristin

    I hope they sell these in the US. Next to Coconut Lemon is my favorite scent.

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