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Sugababes Tempt, Tease, Touch – First Girlband Fragrance Line

You know that I’m a fan of celebrity perfumes – ok so, all perfumes might be a more accurate summation but here’s some new ones.

Sugababes have released their first trio first fragrance trio – Tempt, Tease, Touch.

Tempt (black bottle)

“Tempt is a fragrance in tune with the Sugababes vibe – a vigorous fruity floral bursting with Zesty Iced Tea and the astounding scent of Purple Orchid. The Rose and Musk add texture while Vanilla Pod bursts through with a catchy beat”.

Tease (pink bottle)

“Sexy and sultry, Tease is full of passionate tempo, an intoxicating cocktail of zesty lemonade and juicy pear with luscious jasmine seductive magnolia”.

Touch     (silver bottle)

“Tempt starts with a blast of cranberry and lychee and the intensity of violet and rose ensure that the pulse keeps pounding”.

Each fragrance (100ml) will cost £19.99 and will be only available from The Perfume Shop. There are sets available for Christmas which will include the fragrance and a body lotion for £24.99.

*I will be running a Sugababes giveaway soon here on Makeup & Beauty so stay tuned.

What are your thoughts on celebrity perfumes?

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  • LFitz712

    Celeb perfumes in general can be quite over-rated I think. But in saying that I do quite like a few. These look fab. The Black one sounds most likely to attract me! Cant wait to try! Is that pricing €? I know it says £ but just wondering

  • Mantha

    The silver one sounds the best to me!

  • Kayleigh

    Looking forward to giveaway!!!!!!!

  • Aida

    They all sound lovely but I particularly like the sound of the pink one :) girly and fun

  • Lynda

    Love the sugababes!!!! Can’t wait for giveaway Yaaaay

  • kelly

    They sound yummy but what happened to the packaging?!
    Looking forward to the giveaway :)

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