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The ins and outs of AHA’s in Skincare

AHA is a term we beauty junkies  hear thrown around regularly. Since I have now become more concerned with looking after my skin I though a little further investigation was in order. I wondered whether there are enough benefits to AHA’s in skincare to warrant buying such a product.

What is AHA?

AHA’s, Alpha-hydroxy-acids, are fruit acids and come in a variety of forms including lactic acid and glycolic acid. They work by chemically exfoliating the skin. Many a dermatologist recommend AHA products in place of a good old facial scrub.

Research shows that AHA’s…

  • help cell turnover
  • Increase collegen in the skin
  • Clears  pores
  • Reduce skin discolouration
  • Break down the protein that binds dead skin cells together leaving plumper skin

What skin type benefits from AHA’s?

Products that contain between 5% and 10% AHA are recommended to see a difference.They are also best for those with normal or normal to dry skin as they AHA’s have difficulty getting through oil. If you have very sensitive skin you may want to pass on AHA’s.

My experience with AHA’s:

As mentioned in a previous post I love The Doctors Collection glcolic cleanser. I use it for 3 weeks in a row every 6 months. It contains 10% glycolic acid. I never experienced any irritation although I wouldn’t use a product like this all of the time. I picked this up at my local beauty salon last year. I’m sad to report that they don’t sell it anymore but there are hundreds of similar products on the market. I noticed a huge improvement:


AHA’s have been used for aging skin for centuries. They can be found in moisturisers, sun creams, cleansers, foundations, the list goes on.

What are your thoughts on AHA’s?

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