The Many Ways to Wear MAC Sable Eyeshadow

I was recently asked to recommend a few ways to wear MAC Sable eyeshadow. This is one of the most popular and most talked about MAC shadows so I thought I would share how I like to wear it. I would also love to hear how you use it.

My favourite ways to wear this eye shadow:

  • A brighter colour on the lid (usually green, purple or pink) and sable smudged right under the eye
  • Sable on the lid and a bright colour underneath the eye (I love a flash of turquoise, aquadisiac looks great under the eye with Sable on the lid)
  • Phloof (highight shade) on inner third of the eye, Sable on the middle and Antiqued (red brown) in the outer third.
  • All that Glitters (shimmery base colour) on the lid and Sable in the crease
  • Urban Decay Sin on the lid, Sable in the crease
  • Sable on the lid, Black Tied (black with flecks) in the outer corner

How do you wear Sable?

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