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The perfect Summer scent for me – Roger & Gallet Rose

It’s hard to find a fragrance that is suitable for the hot summer days. I find that the summer versions of out favourite fragrances are sometimes still a little heavy for me this time of year.

Who am I kidding? It’s an excuse to satisfy my perfume addiction.

Anyways, this month’s favourite is Roger & Gallet Rose Eau douce parfumee.

I’m not a huge fan of rose scented products, they can be a little grandma-ish but I do enjoy the scent when it’s blended with others. This is the latter.

It smells fresh, contemporary and pretty rather than rose-y. To my unsophisticated nose it’s reminiscent of Stella by Stella McCartney – my signature scent.

It’s sold as a gentle fragrant water rather than edt or edp. This is the only down side for me. The scent only lasts an hour or so on my skin. If Roger & Gallet sold a edt/edp of Rose I would snap it up.

That being said I would repurchase this. I like it so much that I wouldn’t mind carrying the little bottle around in my handbag. Re-application would be a pleasure.

Price wise they start at €17 for a 30ml bottle, body lotion is €13.50 and soap starts at €6. I may have to get the soap and lotion too. Roger & Gallet are a French brand but their products are now sold in chemists around Ireland.

What is your favourite Summer scent?


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  • Alethea

    If you like the Roger and Gallet rose perfume, then you would love Paul Smith Rose Amy. It is a bit on the pricey side but is fab and I use it all year round. My summer scent is Ghost Sweetheart-is lovely. Some people think it is too sweet, but if you like floral fragranced perfumes then you will like this

  • Skönhetsjunkie

    Hi Amy! A little off topic, but did you ever review Chlorella? I remember reading that you were trying it but I canä’t find a review anywhere and I’m so curious to try it :) Did you like it?

    • Amy

      @Skönhetsjunkie I never got to review it – I had to reduce to 2 tablets per day because of iodine levels in my body. I haven’t noticed any difference on 2 but most people who love the results take much more.

  • Jana


    I just discovered your blog and your youtube channel and I love them both! I like your accent and watching your vids might improve my english (I’m German) quite a lot!

    Anyways, I actually don’t have summer or winter fragrances (apart from Chanel Nr. 5, that definetely IS an autumn/winter scent), but I very much like “Classique” by Jean Paul Gaultier, “Voile de Jasmin” by Bulgari and “Pure Poison” by Dior.



    • Amy

      @Jana Great favourites Jana – I’m a fan of JPG Classique too :) x

  • mariga

    Eau d’Iris by Prada for daytime can’t be beaten in my book. And their Amber for night!

    • Amy

      @mariga Ooh I need to sample those :)

  • IlseJewels

    My favorite is Miss Chérie Dior :) Sweet and not to heavy :D

    • Amy

      @IlseJewels Love it!

  • Kristin

    Favorite summer scents that I wear are citrus or coconut. I have a variety of scents in those two categories. Sometimes with a Vanilla accent in the coconut other times a blend of different citrus scents. Right now I’m loving my pomegranate lemon and Vanilla Coconut from Bath and Body Works the most.

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