The Prettiest Headphones Ever! Great Gift Idea

This is a little off topic but these headphones are more of an accessory than a piece of electrical equipment so technically they belong. They would also make a cute gift for Christmas.

I buy new earphones every few months. Not out of choice, but rather out of necessity. I throw them in the end of my handbag and they end up damaged and destroyed. I always buy apple brand but this time around I wanted something a little sturdier than earphones.

Enter the prettiest headphones in history!



Here is a picture of what the box looks like in case you’re looking for them

I found them in TK Max for €16.99. They’re called Princess Stereo Headphones by Audiology. They can be used with iPods, laptops, MP3’s…all the usuals.

I sat in bed last night watching hair videos on YouTube with them on and the sound is great. I thought they would be a good choice for flying too. I hate that earphones let in other noise.

I’m off to pop them on my head and listen to the Michael Bolton Christmas album whilst walking the dogs in the snow!

I bought a cool little pressie for a male relative, I will post about it later. It’s a great gift idea and a great price.

Have you come across any cute gift ideas lately?

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  • Emer

    Do you know if they are available anywhere other than tx maxx?? I had a look online but they are no where to be seen!!

  • Claire Farrell

    I LOVE them! I hate little earbuds, I prefer proper headphones. Just showed my OH the picture but he’s not biting. *sigh* ;D

  • http://Twitter Sarah

    i love them, i think you should loads of post on christmas gifts ideas :)

  • Anna Saccone

    Ohmigod!! Absolute love!!!! <3 <3 They are amazing and so perfect for you!

  • Nikki

    How girlie are these ?? and def no chance of mixing up the R & L – could they be any bigger ?? unfort rarely get to TKMaxx, so a google search is in order :D

  • Kelly

    I’m going to look for these this weekend. I must have them. You’ll have an army or amy-esque girlies walking around my christmas hahaha all I need now is a little dog to walk in the snow <3

  • Alanna

    How cute are they!!! I’m buying these for my sister :)

  • Ava

    I wish I didn’t line in Spain :( They are adorable

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