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The Results: Clear Skin Supplement (With before & after shots)

Last week I embarked on a week long skin clearing trial, on my own accord. I have some acne on my chin which is driving me mad and at this stage I would try just about anything. Anything natural that is.

I chose to try Works With Water Clear Skin which is sold in Boots here. I have already talked about the product, how it works and it’s ingredients (go to previous blog post).

The recommendation is to try two sachets a day for at least 3-4 weeks for accurate results however, I only had one weeks supply. I might have achieved better results with longer use.

The before and after:

Day 1

Day 3

Day 7

What do I think?

As you can see my skin actually looked worse after three days of taking the supplement. I expect this is normal as all of the spots under my skin came to the surface. During day 5 and 6 my skin started to look a little better. My eruptions had begun to heal and I had no new spots forming. On day 7 I took my last two sachets and took the final picture. As you can see some of my spots are still healing and and there are lots of red marks from previous breakouts but all in all my skin has improved.

It has been 4 days since I finished taking the supplements and no new spots have formed as of yet. It makes me wonder what sort of results I’d see if I took it for 3-4 weeks as recommended.

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  • Sarah

    Hiya Amy, I’m so interested that this worked for you! I have mild hormonal acne on my chin which I tend to ignore and wait to go away…But I’d be delighted if something natural would help. (It’s not serious enough to warrant a prescription.) As a tangent I would love to see a spot-concealing makeup video on your channel x

  • Steph

    Hi Amy, I suggest you check out a blog called: ‘’. Look for the ‘Most Popular Posts’ on the right hand side of the page (scroll down a bit) and click on ‘The Single Best Product EVAH…’ post. The blogger talks about Cod Liver Oil and how it has done wonders for her hormonal acne. She suggests one brand in particular (the Green Pastures Blue Ice…) and I actually went and purchased this yesterday. I will take a teaspoon a day and yes it tastes horrid but if it works I don’t mind! I’m actually on a low dose of Accutane (10mg/day) and I was told it’s fine to take the oil because the vitamin A in the Cod Liver Oil is food derived (Accutane is a type of vitamin A and vit A can build up in your system). I wanted to start the oil before I go off of Accutane to prevent any new cystic pimples as I tend to scar from the cysts (not just red marks but depressed pitted scarring). I hope this makes sense. I’m not affiliated with the blog I mentioned, I’m just a regular reader.

  • Jane

    Ugh! I have suffered from chin acne for years! I’ll be 30 this year and I started getting them (the cystic kind) starting from about age 22. Mine are also due to hormonal imbalance b/c nothing quite seemed to clear it up as well as when I specifically went on the pill for them. Within 3 months they cleared but when I came off of it 6mos later (was fed up taking pills everyday), within 2-3 months they came back full force!

    Before I took the pill, my derm made me try antibiotics (didn’t work), Differin cream and gel (dried out my chin like crazy and was effective for a bit but then acne came back again and hasn’t worked since then) and Duac. Duac has actually been the most effective for my chin cystic acne even though the pills have helped it too. I still get some cystic acne on my chin once every couple of weeks but NEVER to the severity it used to be. I remember I would wake up with a new one pretty much every day/every other day. I also use Cetaphil facial wash in the morning and Neutrogena’s Acne wash in the evening..that’s all I do..and so far it’s been working for me for the past 2-3 months.

    I know how hard it is, and I def. know what works for others doesn’t always work for everyone else. I hope you find your own cure to annoying acne!! I’m just waiting for the day this will stop working and I have to find something else besides going back on the pill~!


  • Lucy T

    I know I’ve heard that salicylic acid (which as I’m sure you know is a common ingredient in mainstream acne products) is something that your skin can become ‘immune’ to. I’ve used a bunch of products with it in and all of them caused short term improvement, but gradually stopped being effective on my skin. These supplements are really interesting – might have to give them a go sometime. Thanks so much for posting about this, Amy.

  • ozgur

    hi amy! ur skin is defo looking improned..i had a very similar problem few years ago, and my boyfriend:)) who is a doctor prescribed me a gel called DUAC ONCE A DAILY, it is such a miracle product that cleared all the acne and imperfections on my skin…since then i still use it occasionaly when i have breakouts and i stronglly recommend it to u…


  • Sarah

    Hi Amy,
    I’d the exact same problem a few years ago. After having great skin in my teens the skin around my chin broke out in acne in my mid 20’s. Nothing I did cleared it. I went to my doctor who sent me for blood tests and I was told I had hormonal imbalances that was due to polyscycstic ovaries. Im on the pill now so its regulated the hormones and my skin has cleared up completely. I’d be careful of not speakin to your gp about it as I know in my case I was told it could affect fertility. Best of luck with the trial. It’s making for interesting reading :) x

    • Amy

      Hi Sarah, I spoke to my gp before I started, it’s just aloe -tis all natural. I have pcos too but don’t want to take the pill, seeing an endocrinologist to sort out insulin resistance since the pcos is just a side effect of that. Pain in the bum! :) x

      • Sarah

        from looing through the responses it seems like a lot more women seem to be having the same problems due to pcos. it’s made me feel better that Im not alone! thanks a mill for being so brave and putting the pics up. you’ve given this reader peace of mind :) xx

  • Cathy

    Yeah, that is interesting. At the moment, ive got the same problem with breakouts ocurring around my chin and it can really get to me sometimes. it doesnt seem to let up. i was told from a very reliable resource that any breakouts below your eyes is as a result of hormones and anything above is stress related. if my skin doesnt start to improve soon enough, i might just have to try them myself to see. would you think about continuing on for another 2 or 3 weeks to see? x

    • Amy

      I think I might pick up a full month supply and give it a full run. I’d give anything a try at the moment. Think acne on chin and jaw are related to higher levels of male hormones in the body. Of course if it’s just a few spots and not acne then it’s prob just increase in oils. I wish I had the latter :) x

  • Cynthia

    Thank you for posting these very personal pictures. I sometimes feel like Im the only person who’s skin looks like that (maybe a little worse). I worship Vichy Normaderm because it actually does as it claims… puts the puzzle pieces back together and rebuilds your skin. Now being 27 I have found that it takes longer for normaderm to work. At 21, the first time I tried normaderm, my roommate thought I had a acne laser peel or treatment with only one use at night. I have been using normaderm again since the beginning of january and I have found that it is clearing up. Personally I dont mind the odd pimple its the red scaring I hate and am ashamed of. I would love to not wear foundation or even something considered light coverage. SO THANK YOU FOR THESE PICS I DONT FEEL SO ALONE AND ASHAMED ANYMORE.

    • Amy

      Ah Cynthia there are so many of us out there that we could form an army!
      I have heard it said that we can become desensitised the effects of certain products /ingredients – like a person who takes antibiotics too often. I don’t know if it’s true but from my experience it certainly feels that way.
      I know what you mean about the foundation. This is the first time in my life that I have actually needed coverage. It makes me miserable to think that this time last year I used to be happy to go without foundation on some days. Ah well, it could be worse I suppose. I hope you start to see improvements soon but I do think we are our own worst critics. Your scarring may seen bad to you but I bet the rest of the world don’t pay any attention to it.

      Thank you so much for your feedback x

  • Becky

    I have exactly the same acne problem. Took agnus castus drops like you recommended and that the only thing that’s worked. X

    • Amy

      Delighted the agnus castus worked for you Becky! It worked great for me too. Then I had to stop taking it as it interfered with medication I was taking, raging!! :) x

  • NikkiBellexx

    Never tried these, I had bad breakouts on my chin for ages and went for microdermabrasion and laser treatment – a combination of both has cleared up my skin no end :n

    • Amy

      Ah I wish this was an option for me. Unfortunately until I can get my hormones balanced I’m a little stuck. As soon as it clears I am definitely going to have some treatments to lessen the appearance of the scars. Thanks a mil!

  • Ciara

    got a new cream for acne,recommended by my doctor-its called duac once daily and it has completely cleared my acne in a week.i had tried panoxyl and all the home remedies,and so far this is the only thing thats worked..DELIGHTED :) x

    • Amy

      That is brill Ciara, you’re so lucky that you have acne that responds to creams. Mine is hormonal imbalance – need to correct the imbalance to get rid of the acne. Thanks for the info on the cream! x

  • nicoletta

    It looks like a great improvement for such a short time. Interesting x

    • Amy

      Thanks Nicoletta x

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