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The World of Concealer

For me concealer is like fairy dust! When I look tired, dehydrated, spotty, blotchy…the list goes on, a good concealer always saves the day. Every girl should have a concealer in her arsenal for emergency skin saving!

I haven’t come across one concealer that I can use for everything. This is because my under-eye concealer is a different formulation and shade to blotch covering concealer. Concealers designed to cover spots will look cakey, dry and aging on the delicate skin under your eye. The same goes for concealer designed for under eye area, it won’t mask a spot very well. If you’re new to concealer I would recommend buying two.

Find your formulation:

Cream Concealers: Very natural. The coverage isn’t as thick as the stick types but a good one will have great coverage. Great for concealing discolouration.

Liquid Concealers: Usually come in a tube. Light and natural. They sometimes comes in cream-to-powder formulations. Great for under the eye.

Stick Concealers: Easy to apply, thicker than other types of concealer. Too thick for the eye area. Perfect for heavy duty coverage for spots. They come is medicated solutions for those with spot prone skin.

When covering blotches, redness, spots etc don’t buy concealer is a shade lighter than your skintone it will only highlight the flaw. Remember, creamy concealer for under the eye and dryer formulations for blemishes.

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