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Thierry Mugler Womanity – Not for this Woman!

It’s been a while since I had a perfume related rant. I do love perfume, a ridiculous amount. I sense you know where this is going. Yes, I bought myself a bottle of Thierry Mugler Womanity. I’m a little deflated so it’s time to share with the group!

No matter where I took the picture the light reflected off the bottle and one couldn’t see it’s true wonder. So I settled for an image from their website, for the sake of accuracy.

thierry mugler womanity

Like all Mugler fragrances the bottle is a statement to say the least.

I would consider myself a Thierry Mugler fragrance fan, yet I only had one in my collection – Alien. The reason for my love for this brand is 1. The individuality of the fragrances 2. the longevity and 3. the packaging. I also like that they don’t flood the market with regular releases. Mugler seems focused on creating signature statement scents rather than fluffy fillers.

I was  never a fan of Angel, yet I appreciate the complexity of the fragrance and it’s individuality. So I was very excited when I heard about the release of Womanity.

I made a very stupid mistake. I bought this online without testing. Eejit I hear you shout, yes, I know!

When the package arrived the bottle looked fantastic and of course the pink was an attraction. That was the best of it for me I’m afraid.

Mugler states on his website that with this scent he was seeking to “compose a rhythmic play between sweet and savory”. Sorry? Yeah, I’m lost too.

Womanity starts with a load, heady citrus punch. That sounds delicious but it’s actually quite  flat. No sparkling lemonade here. When the citrus subsides there is a pink floral layer followed by a leathery, salty scent (which is apparently cavier inspired)  but it’s not aquatic or refreshing in any way. It’s heavy pinkness is really not for me and I would be very surprised if Womanity gets the same reception as Angel or Alien. I suppose they are a tough act to follow.

The bottom line is that it’s nothing new, even to my uneducated nose. Womanity doesn’t have the uniqueness and strength of character as it’s predecessors. It will probably still be a hit, it is Mugler after all.

It’s a bit of an expensive mistake but gladly I have a friend who will gladly adopt and love it since I clearly cannot.

What are your thoughts on Mugler perfumes? What is your favourite perfume at the moment?

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  • Derick Steakley

    Terrific article and also wonderful conversation one of many opinions.

  • Parfumi

    Such a wonderful piece of text! No idea how you wrote this’d take me days. Well worth it though, I’d suspect.

  • Parfumi

    Oh, a wonderful written report! No idea how you came up with this’d take me days. Well worth it though, I’d suspect.

  • kozmetika

    I thought it was gonna be some boring old publish, but it really paid out for my time. I will article a link to the page in my weblog. I am sure my personal site visitors will finally find that invaluable. . . .

  • Jana

    I absolutely love it … stepped into the drugstore today, tested it and was amazed…it is simply different to me, i really do like it!

  • Vicky

    Agreed !! I was given a sample bottle in House Of Fraser and found it too heavy. Alien is the only one for me.

  • emt training

    Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  • Carmen

    Thierry Muglers fragrances are fragrances that you either Love or Hate… either way, he evokes an emotion from people! I have smelt and used Womanity, and at first I was indifferent about the smell as the contrasting ingredients was something new to my olfaction! I must tell you how I have fallen in love with this beautiful fragrance! its not just about the smell and the “sculptor’s work” of the bottle… Womanity is the bond that binds all women together…. visit

  • Galen

    If you are looking for sparkling lemonade, can I recommend the following:

    Garden of Ireland “Farmhouse Lemonade” EDT

    I picked up a bottle at Belfast International airport and really liked it as a refreshing summer fragrance. Now I wish I’d also picked up Sweet Lavender for a bedtime relaxing fragrance…

  • Stacey

    I absolutely love the Angel perfume but… only on my mom. It smells wonderful on her but smells horrible on me. Just the way it it goes sometimes.

  • céline

    I don’t like this perfume at all but one thing that’s great about Thierry Mugler perfumes is that they’re not tested on animals (for a list of the “not-tested on animals” cosmetic brands you can go on

  • Rebecca from See You in Sweden

    I’ve actually never tried them but the bottle looks a bit frightening to me. Like a weapon or a gun or something.

  • lovenicethings

    great video! I always wondered about this product but thought it was just another one on the market! I love Sally Hansen for legs

    Just found this tan on

    they give free delivery so I think I’ll get it!

    Has anyone ever used Model Co tans? I wonder

    • Amy

      I have never but you ask a good question – will be putting up the forum in the next few days, would be great if you could ask everyone. I’d be interested to see what people think. Thanks a mil for sharing :)

  • Lucy

    Oh noooooo! Thanks for heads up. I may pass on this one. I love angel and alien so I assumed this one would be gorgeous too. High hopes :-) Lucy

    • Amy

      You should test it anyway, you might like it!

  • Beautyjunky86

    I bought this online too without having smelled it first (big mistake) , on the same basis that I like the majority of the scents Mugler have released in the past.
    But it was a big disappointment :-(
    From the minute I opened the package and not even the perfume box itself, I could smell it & I was not pleased. When i took it out of the box I sprayed a little on my wrist, I almost gagged it was so horrible.
    To me it smelled like wilted leaves, sounds weird but that was all I could smell from it.
    Gladly a friend in work liked it and has bought it from, so at least I’m not down €60 from my dreadful assumption ….. lol
    A perfume that I would recommend is Clarins “eau des jardins” it’s fresh fruity and uplifting and to some people smells a bit like chanel chance :-)

    • Bea

      Oh my god that was so silly! ha ha I have done that so many times and it still doesn’t put me off online shopping. Ha I must be a shopping addict!!! x

    • Amy

      Oooh thanks for the recommendation! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who orders expensive perfume on the internet and then wants to cry!! haha

  • Caz

    I sprayed this in Debenhams and thought it was awful! So far I havent heard of anyone who likes it!

    • Amy

      Me either! x

  • Marveye

    Thanks for this Amy. love perfume reviews. Really good!!!

    • Amy

      No problem :)

  • Makeupmarter

    I sprayed this in debenhams the other day and I have to agree. It’s too strong for a floral scent

    • Amy

      Yep, sort of gets stuck up your nose or something haha

  • Abagail

    You must be so disappointed! I hate when you spend money on something and then don’t like!

    • Amy

      I could literally cry Abagail! :)

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