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Thierry Mugler Womanity – Not for this Woman!

It’s been a while since I had a perfume related rant. I do love perfume, a ridiculous amount. I sense you know where this is going. Yes, I bought myself a bottle of Thierry Mugler Womanity. I’m a little deflated so it’s time to share with the group!

No matter where I took the picture the light reflected off the bottle and one couldn’t see it’s true wonder. So I settled for an image from their website, for the sake of accuracy.

thierry mugler womanity

Like all Mugler fragrances the bottle is a statement to say the least.

I would consider myself a Thierry Mugler fragrance fan, yet I only had one in my collection – Alien. The reason for my love for this brand is 1. The individuality of the fragrances 2. the longevity and 3. the packaging. I also like that they don’t flood the market with regular releases. Mugler seems focused on creating signature statement scents rather than fluffy fillers.

I was  never a fan of Angel, yet I appreciate the complexity of the fragrance and it’s individuality. So I was very excited when I heard about the release of Womanity.

I made a very stupid mistake. I bought this online without testing. Eejit I hear you shout, yes, I know!

When the package arrived the bottle looked fantastic and of course the pink was an attraction. That was the best of it for me I’m afraid.

Mugler states on his website that with this scent he was seeking to “compose a rhythmic play between sweet and savory”. Sorry? Yeah, I’m lost too.

Womanity starts with a load, heady citrus punch. That sounds delicious but it’s actually quite  flat. No sparkling lemonade here. When the citrus subsides there is a pink floral layer followed by a leathery, salty scent (which is apparently cavier inspired)  but it’s not aquatic or refreshing in any way. It’s heavy pinkness is really not for me and I would be very surprised if Womanity gets the same reception as Angel or Alien. I suppose they are a tough act to follow.

The bottom line is that it’s nothing new, even to my uneducated nose. Womanity doesn’t have the uniqueness and strength of character as it’s predecessors. It will probably still be a hit, it is Mugler after all.

It’s a bit of an expensive mistake but gladly I have a friend who will gladly adopt and love it since I clearly cannot.

What are your thoughts on Mugler perfumes? What is your favourite perfume at the moment?

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