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This week I wish I had…

This week I wish I had Urban Decay’s 15-Year Anniversary 24/7 Pencil Set.

Most make-up artists, youtube make-up guru’s and bloggers love 24/7 pencils. I’m with them. Love ’em. I use them as liners and eyeshadow bases. I’m inclined to think that the more colours I have, the better.

Now for the downside – the set costs €70/$92. Holy moly that is a lot of dough for eyeliner. On the Urban Decays site they state that if purchased separately, this set is worth $264. I still couldn’t justify $92 for eye liner especially since I already own a few of the shades.

That being said, there are quite a few new liners in the set and they are all full size – 15 in total.  I wish the liners were half the size, like their usual liner sets, and half the price. I would be ‘all over that’ as they say.

The Pencil Set is the first of four limited edition products they will launch in 2011. Can’t wait to see the rest – I hope they’re more affordable.

The shades include: Asphyxia (pinky iridescent purple), Corrupt (dark metallic brown w/silver sparkle), Midnight Cowboy (beige w/gold sparkle), Perversion (blackest carbon black), Stray Dog (shimmery brown taupe) and Uzi (gunmetal w/grey sparkle), plus Baked, Binge, Bourbon, Electric, Mildew, Ransom, Rockstar, Stash, Zero and a Grind House Double Barrel Sharpener.

Needless to say that if you have this I am very, very jealous. But I hope you enjoy every single one of them enough for both of us. I just can’t indulge so I will settle for liner love vicariously through others.

Would you indulge?

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