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This week I wish I had…

This week I wish I had Urban Decay’s 15-Year Anniversary 24/7 Pencil Set.

Most make-up artists, youtube make-up guru’s and bloggers love 24/7 pencils. I’m with them. Love ’em. I use them as liners and eyeshadow bases. I’m inclined to think that the more colours I have, the better.

Now for the downside – the set costs €70/$92. Holy moly that is a lot of dough for eyeliner. On the Urban Decays site they state that if purchased separately, this set is worth $264. I still couldn’t justify $92 for eye liner especially since I already own a few of the shades.

That being said, there are quite a few new liners in the set and they are all full size – 15 in total.  I wish the liners were half the size, like their usual liner sets, and half the price. I would be ‘all over that’ as they say.

The Pencil Set is the first of four limited edition products they will launch in 2011. Can’t wait to see the rest – I hope they’re more affordable.

The shades include: Asphyxia (pinky iridescent purple), Corrupt (dark metallic brown w/silver sparkle), Midnight Cowboy (beige w/gold sparkle), Perversion (blackest carbon black), Stray Dog (shimmery brown taupe) and Uzi (gunmetal w/grey sparkle), plus Baked, Binge, Bourbon, Electric, Mildew, Ransom, Rockstar, Stash, Zero and a Grind House Double Barrel Sharpener.

Needless to say that if you have this I am very, very jealous. But I hope you enjoy every single one of them enough for both of us. I just can’t indulge so I will settle for liner love vicariously through others.

Would you indulge?

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  • Reme

    Hi Amy, I was resisting this set for sooo long but finally gave in earlier this week and it’s AMAZING! 10% off in Debehams at the mo’ and I got €8.50 in beauty club points (750 bonus points this week) so it worked out at €59 which is less than €4 per liner! :-) Another way to assess the price point is that 4 individual liners would cost €60 so this set is like getting 11 for free, a complete bargain so!!

    The limited edition shades are really lovely and I think you’d love adding Stray dog, Midnight cowboy, Uzi, Asphyxia and especially Perversion to your collection! Go on and treat yourself, I’m so pleased I indulged at last ;-)

  • Lolly

    hey amy

    the liner set is in ireland for 75euro.
    looks like someone hasnt being doing there homework :-)

    • Amy

      Oh I always do my homework. Received incorrect info from supplier. Updated now!

  • Coleen

    Hey Amy, this set is on sale in Debenhams in Cork, should be up in Dub by now? (Has been down here for quite a bit) I feel exactly the same as you…it kills me every time I see it or watch a review…but seriously, a lot of money for eyeliner!

  • may

    u can buy them from house of frasor that where i got mine about a week ago!! here is the link!! i loved them all,default,pd.html

  • Theresa

    This is on sale in Debenhams (at least it was in Cork). I bought it online from cause they have free shipping and you get 5 points for the euro! I have a lot of the shades already as well, but I used the new shades to justify buying it!

  • Karen

    That’s a gorgeous set. I love UD make up especially their liquid liners. Normally I can’t do liquid liner (shaky hand) but theirs is very easy to use, and gorgeous colours too.

  • Aoife

    I got this off my boyfriend for valentines day.He bought it online on but i was in blanchardstown today and saw it in debenhams. Perversion is by far the BEST EYELINER EVER. It is soooo black. I will be very upset when mine runs out.

  • julie

    you can get these on sale in debenhams x

  • Kate

    :( I really wanted this since I saw it on YouTube a while back…but £60 is too rich for my blood. I don’t think I’d get enough use out of the more ‘out there’ colours.x

  • sweetlikejelly

    This is in Debenhams in Cork for 75 I think. There was 10% off it last week with the mega day!

  • Lauren

    Ahh I’d love this too. I have one of the smaller sets, but it’s not the full size pencils, but I just don’t really use them much. Not enough to warrant spending 60 pounds on this set!

    It’s actually available on the Debenhams website here in the UK!

    • Aoife R

      Me too! I have one of the sets with the smaller pencils and a full sized Zero. It was great value. I got it for £17 on the boat over to Scotland.
      Delighted with myself. I think there are 8 minis and then Zero. Much better value IMO. I also bought double pack of UDPP in original and Sin for I think £12. couldn’t pass that up!

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