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blogentry_winmouseHi ladies,

I’ve some exciting news that might interest you. I’ve decided to change my ‘Product of the Month’ feature with ‘This Weeks Giveaway’.

Every week I will be giving away one free product to one lucky reader.  I will update this every Monday.


To qualify to WIN you must

  • Follow the site using the google friend connect
  • Leave a comment on the post give-away post (Mondays)
  • Tweet about the competition
  • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Winners will be announced at the end of each week. Open Internationally.

This weeks giveaway is Mayebelline’s Dream Matte Mousse Blush in Peach Satin.

Good luck everyone!

Amy x

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  • marian

    i want to enter!! :)

  • http://. regina

    hey ammy love the web site :) x

  • Hinna

    hey amy, just leaving a comment to enter :)
    love the new website! good luck with everything!
    ive tweeted about the giveaway (makeupadikt) youtube: hinna212.

  • Greta

    my twitter is gretababez my youtube is oxgretaox

  • Sara

    Do we just comment here to enter?
    If so, here it is. I will tweet about this after I hit enter. And I’m already sub’d to your YouTube.

  • Andrea G.

    I tweeted, I follow you on twitter, I subscribe to your channel on youtube, but I don’t know how to do the google friend thing : (

    If someone could tell me how to do that, that would be awesome!

  • saffy

    Enter me please!!
    My youtube is Saffy029 i’m already following you :)
    my twitter is
    I’m also following your blog :)

    thanks! xxx

  • BarbiesGlitter

    hey i just looked back and my comment doesn’t seem to be there so i’m posting again to make sure (:
    i have followed you on twitter and also mentioned this contest on my twitter, it is : BarbiesGlitter
    and i am also followed to you on youtube and my yuotube name is the same as my twitter (: xx

  • Maxime

    Amy you are truely a legend. :o) Ya know I love ya and your website and youtube loads and loads and loads

  • Kayla (detailoring)

    I’d love to be entered! What an awesome idea!!

  • Fatima

    Hi doll ;)

    great give-away so generous of you.
    i just scribed to you on YOU TUBE (rosebud1985)

    and also tweeted about your give away

  • Vicii

    heey. :)
    i entered i thinkk.
    well im not sure, but my twitter is:
    and my google thing is amberlights97 i think soo :) i hope i enetreedd..

  • Marina

    Hi Amy!
    Thank you for a great choice for giveaway :)
    I never take part in the giveways but this time I will. Because I can’t find this blush anywhere here ( I also live in Europe). And I like it a lot.
    My twitter and youtube is Makeup4all

  • Angel

    aww you’re so nice!!!

  • Judi

    Heyy!!! =]

    I follow you on youtube: judithclareagnes

    …on Twitter: judithclareagne (the s won’t fit, haha)

    and on Google friend connect: judithclareagnes (Judi :)

    Thank-you!! Judi xx

  • Lauren

    Hi Amy!
    Love your new site!
    I am already subscribed on youtube (starlight82988)
    And my twitter is lahart88
    Google friend connect : lahart88

    Thank you! Keep the videos and blog entries coming!

  • Jessica

    I subscribe on Youtube: AGlamourGirl21
    Follow your blog: GlamourGirl21
    And I tweeted: GlamourGirl21

  • Heather

    I’d love to enter!
    Im subscribed to you on youtube (heathersartmakeup) and I’ll tweet about your contest now (@heatherxoxs). Thank you! :)

  • Selina

    Please enter me!

    I’m re-tweeting now!

    I’m a subscriber on YouTube:

    And I just signed up through Google Friends for this. =)


  • talluluhbella

    Please enter me Amy… Now retweeting xx

  • Jodie

    I’m loving the new blog!

  • Fern

    I followed with Google friend connect
    I am already following your Youtube :)
    Heres me Tweet:


  • Elisabeth

    I retweeted and I would love to try this blush. Thanks

  • Lisa

    Hey, I’m a subscriber of your YT channel but I don’t have a twitter account – can I still enter these weekly giveaways? xx

    • Amy

      Hi Lisa, you can sign up for a free twitter account over at its easy to setup, use and it’s very addictive :)

  • kathy

    ouu how pretty would love to try this <3

  • BarbiesGlitter

    hey amy! your so sweet, i will definatly retweet about this contest on my twitter, if you wanner check its : BarbiesGlitter btw (: thanks xx

  • Vanessa Bradford

    Hey Amy! Love your videos, and just found your blog. =) Here are the details:
    – YouTube: VanessaJosephine
    – I connected to your blog via Google Friend Connect
    – Here’s my Twitter:

    Good luck everyone!

  • Lisa

    Aww! Thanks so much! I’m a follower and subscriber to you. I’ve tweeted about it here

  • Miney

    Hi Amy!!!! Thank you so much for opening it internationally!!
    oh, my twitter: MissJasminNoir

  • Danielle

    Super nice Amy. Love the idea. Thank you!

    btw, my twitter is : dsmalls and I subcribed.

  • Jenny

    I’ve always wanted to try this! So nice of you :)

  • Beautifulbrunette714

    Hi Amy,
    I have nominated you for the lovely blog award on my blog :) x

  • Alina

    such a nice idea! a competition once a week…wow :)

  • Lucy :)

    How lovely of you is this!? My first little competition entry – how exciting! Haha, :) You are a gorgeous girl, with an amazing blog and youtube – your videos never seize to make me laugh :) Keep it up, Lots of Love – Lucy :) xx
    yt: Lucy16J
    twitter: lalalucylu
    ! :) xx

  • emily

    wow so nice of you.

  • ievuks02

    Oh, You are such a nice person.
    That is really exciting :)

  • Emma

    very sweet of you! : ) x

  • Juliette

    thats such a great idea!! and so generous!
    the blush looks gorgeous! i lvoe the dream matte mouse stuff

  • Laura

    wow once a week!! :O
    i love you :D lol xx

    ill tweet it!! in LouLouThePoo :) x

  • itara

    so nice of you to be doing giveaways! my twitter is itarisita, ive be following you for awhile. you know i think your awesome <3

  • Pamela

    I’m totally addicted to your videos and hope you and your subscribers can join my forum. I follow you on Twitter and ur website also subscribe to your videos…..I sound like a stalker!! Ha ha
    YouTube- monkeypodge
    Twitter – pammyk9
    google – pamela.kirk84

    great idea good luck everyone xx

  • Brenna G

    Thanks so nice of you, i hope i won one, one week hahah!

  • princessmimilie

    it’s so nice of u!

  • Holly

    Oh! Also, I am subscribed to your Youtube channel and I follow you on Twitter and tweeted about this!

    Youtube: YoItsHollyyy
    Twitter: hollykristinebby

  • Holly

    This is super sweet of you, Amy!(:

  • Katie :)

    Cool! :)
    My YouTUbe is Everything987654

  • Niamh

    Hey Amy :)
    I’m Loving The New Sitee . i follow you on both twitter & Youtube:)
    This Idea is great. Your Videos are amazing and extermally helpful :)

    Twitter = NiaamhOG
    Youtube = pink7up100
    Niamh xx

  • UnlimitedElizabeth

    I’ve always wanted to try the dream mousse blush. I’ve tried the mousse foundation and wasn’t a big fan, but the color selection of the blush is so tempting and pretty! Love your new page Amy, xoxo Elizabeth

  • Joyce Chang

    Hi Amy,
    I enjoy watching and reading your posts! :) I look forward to many more of your wonderful videos!
    My YT channel is also simplychic26. :)

  • Beth

    How exciting!

    I’m really loving the new site, you’ve inspired me to sort myself out properly with a beauty blog. I write a pesonal one fairly regularly and started a beauty one but I’m rubbish and didn’t stick with it! Wish me luck!


  • Sinead


  • Katie

    Great idea, that’s so generous of you!

  • Marijke

    that’s nice! really sweet of you!

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