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Tips for Hooded Eyelids

You have a hooded eyelid if the lid is mostly hidden by a fold of skin that comes from above the socket. In terms of make-up application here are a few tips to help.

When you look forward into the mirror you probably don’t see a lot of eyelid space. You may think that there is no point to applying shadow to this area but don’t avoid it. Others will see it when you blink.

Apply a light shade on the inner corner of the lid. This will open the eye up and help make the area look larger. If dark shadow is applied here on hooded eyes it makes the eyes appear smaller and only accentuates the hoodedness.

Open your eye and mark about half a centimetre above the point that your eyelid masks. Blend eyeshadow up to that point. This is the area that is visible once your eyes are open.

Soften the shadow and blend upwards towards the brow bone. Get rid of any harsh lines.

You aren’t of course limited to this method but it’s a great way to make the best out of hooded eyes.

I hope this was useful. Thanks for the request.

What eye shape have you?


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  • Starchild

    I tried these tips today and got lots of compliments- must have been doingsomething wrong all this time, oh dear!! thanks!

  • Ansa

    Hopefully this won’t be a double reply ( don’t think my first one went thru). I have a bit of hooded eyes. Great post. Love your site too.

  • Ansa

    Great post. I have hooded eyes..not too bad but a bit. Love your site by the way. Just found it and have been enjoy reading thru your posts. xx

  • Dollface_24

    Thanks so much for this. Great tips :)

  • Kelly Ortega

    Found your site by accident last week and am completely addicted :) I need to stop checking your site in work ha!

    • Amy

      Welcome Kelly :) If your boss has a problem with you on M&B all the time you can always just blame me!

  • Michelle Woo

    Thanks Amy!! This is brilliant, just what I was looking for :)

    • Amy

      Glad you liked Michelle :)

  • Olivia

    Thanks for doing my request Amy. I’ve never had a clue where to put eye makeup. Like you said, I always thought it was a waste since I couldn’t see it…never thought about blinking :) I need to focus on the area above the crease now, thanks again. Olivia

    • Amy

      Happy to oblige as always Olivia :)

  • Elena

    Agree with Brandi “I sometimes feel like a cartoon” haha Thanks so much for this!

  • MimClaire

    That image you used looks exactly like my eyes – unlike most of the “hooded eye” illustrations that others have used. That and the explanation you’ve provided really helps me in understanding exactly what I need to do for my own eyes! Thank you so much!!

    • Amy

      I’m delighted you liked it! :) Thanks for your feedback!

  • Brandi Stagg

    How did you know I needed this today. Thanks girl! I have completely round eyes that have almost no lid showing. I feel like a cartoon sometimes. LOL

    • Amy

      Brandi you’re way to hard on yourself lady! :)

  • Viktoria

    Thanks alot!!!!!!! :D now my hooded eyelids will look better :D

    • Amy

      Thanks Viktoria!

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