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Tips for wide lips

I am often asked how the shape of facial features effect make-up application. I will start with lip shape since the last email I received was from a girl who wanted to correct a wide mouth. No ones lips are perfect but there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing make-up.

Use gloss – Matte lipstick can make lips look flat. Gloss will give the illusion of depth. Apply it to the centre of the bottom and top lip to make them appear plumper and de-emphasise the length.

You could also use a lip liner to emphasise the bow of the lip. This will draw the eye away from the width.

If you are emphasising your eyes with make-up it’s a good idea to use a nude colour on the lips.

You could also try lining the inside of the lip line if you want to de-emphasise your lips completely. Although this is extreme and unnecessary.

I hope this helped! I will be posting again in the next few hours :)

Amy x


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