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Toner: Is it a Beauty Necessity?

Whilst tidying my bathroom shelf I counted not one but three toners. As you can probably guess, I rarely use one. The mantra ‘cleanse, tone & moisturise’ was passed on from my mother at a very young age but I’m afraid to say, I never took heed.

I decided to consider using a toner for a while to see if it improved my complexion in any way. Before doing that I decided to do a little research. It has become clear that toners have multiple benefits:

  • Stimulate circulation
  • Removes remaining dead skin cells
  • Removes gease and oil form the skin
  • Refreshes the skin
  • Helps to restore the skins natural pH balance
  • Can help lessen the appearance of pores
  • Toners that contain humectants help prevent the evaporation of moisture from the skin
  • Alcohol based astringents dry out oily skin

It is clear that I need to incorporate a toner into my skincare regime.

What are your thoughts on toner?

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  • Liane

    I use Avene’s Gentle Toner and I do find it makes a difference with the look and feel of my skin. It’s a very simple formula, but it works like magic for me.

  • Elaine

    I work in a 5* Spa and we use amazing products but I still feel that a rose water toner is the best and most gentle for the skin for about €6 you can’t go wrong! It’s available in all health food shops. Alcohol in toners is a no no. Even for oily skin as this skin type can often be dehydrated too, so while the toner removes the excess, it does nothing to treat the underlying problem, and strips the natural oils from the skin. Always try the most gentle products first, our skin is delicate!

  • Taylor

    I feel toner dries my skin out more than anything, i have tried many but i haven’t found on that works =[ xo

  • Sarah

    I have very dry skin and I don’t think I *need* one, but nonetheless I shelled out for Guerlain Super Aqua toner and now I’m madly in love. Try it, seriously, but wait till payday :)

    • Amy

      @Sarah Oh you’re bad for my purse!! Have added it to my list :)

  • Lucie

    First I bought a toner and I was like “yeah ok, it does nothing to me” and stopped using it. But after I got MAC Cleanse off oil I’m in love with my Dior soothing toner as it’s takes off the oil, makeup leftovers and refreshes the skin.

  • Katie

    I usually buy skincare in a set and use whatever toner comes with the set, but the other comments have some great suggestions, thanks guys : (

  • Tracy

    I’ve been using Oil of Olay toner with witch hazel for years. Love it!

    • Amy

      @Tracey I really like Olay products and I like witch hazel, will keep it mind for next time :)

  • Lorraine

    @ellie. where do you get the cucumber water from. i used to use boots cucumber toner. then switched to garnier’s grape one, but i dont think that liked my skin much. even though it said alcohol free on it.

  • Lydia

    I have always used toners and wouldn’t be without one.
    I’m currently using a Laura Mercier one which over-hydrates your skin, meaning that when you apply your moisturiser it can do it’s job properly instead of just feeding your skins thirst!
    I love the concept behind it and it is working brilliantly for me. x

    • Amy

      @Lydia oooh that sounds lovely. I have never tried any of LM skincare. Maybe I should pay them a visit in the future :) x

  • Ellie

    Hi Amy,
    I too sometimes think ‘Is toner really neccesary? Or does it just take up more time in our daily skincare routine?’
    But I do use toner, my mother always used (and still uses) cucumber water. It’s simple; but so pure and natural, and it does the trick too! So I have followed suit and I use cucumber water, and I’ve never had any problems :) x

    • Amy

      @Ellie Where do you get cucumber water? That sounds really interesting x

  • Hannah

    I like Burt’s Bees “Healthy Treatment Rosewater & Glycerin” Toner. It’s really great for sensitive skin!

    • Amy

      @Hannah Thats one of the toners on my shelf haha need to try it now :)

  • Manda

    I used toner for years but not so much anymore. Now I like to use a hydrating mist before my moisturiser – I’m loving Avene Thermal Water Spray or Jurlique Balancing Mist (smells like rose water – divine).

    • Amy

      @Manda They sound so nourishing

  • Chanel

    I’ve been using the Breath of Fresh air toner from Lush and I dont like it one bit. It says it reduces redness, dryness and soreness but if anything it’s made it worse. I do, however, LOVE the Eau Roma Water Toner – it really does work on dry skin. And I noticed the difference when I started using toner too…


    • Amy

      @Chanel I heard that any toner with alcohol is too drying on dry skin, maybe the lush one was too drying for you or something. Eau Roma sounds lovely! x

  • Amanda

    I wasn’t a toner user until maybe 3 months ago. I got a job at a beauty place and got yelled at :) So now i use Sheseido’s Pure toner and it’s amazing! i understand the fact that washing your face changed your skin’s Ph level, so the toner (should!) put your skin back to normal, so it’s nice and happy!

    • Amy

      @Amanda that makes perfect sense, you’re so wise :) I will be good from now on x

  • Laurali87

    I love toners! Some can be really harsh and alcoholic though.

    I was in Lush a little while back and they gave me a sample of the ‘Eau Roma water’ toner and it’s lovely, really light and it was lavender in it so it feels really soothing on the skin! Will definitly be picking it up the next time i’m in town!

    • Amy

      @Laurali87 I’ve added it to my ‘try it’ list :)

  • K / bihadadiaries

    Thanks for sharing! Surprisingly, a “toner” in Asia is a moisturizing product (like a waterly moisturizer), not something with alcohol!

  • lorraine

    i find toner dries out my chin really bad. so i stopped using it. because it just came on all of a sudden and that was the only new thing i introduced to my routine. i thought i needed as ive also heard the whole spiel of cleanse tone and moisturise. perhaps it helps some skin problems. not mine though :-)

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