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Toner: Is it a Beauty Necessity?

Whilst tidying my bathroom shelf I counted not one but three toners. As you can probably guess, I rarely use one. The mantra ‘cleanse, tone & moisturise’ was passed on from my mother at a very young age but I’m afraid to say, I never took heed.

I decided to consider using a toner for a while to see if it improved my complexion in any way. Before doing that I decided to do a little research. It has become clear that toners have multiple benefits:

  • Stimulate circulation
  • Removes remaining dead skin cells
  • Removes gease and oil form the skin
  • Refreshes the skin
  • Helps to restore the skins natural pH balance
  • Can help lessen the appearance of pores
  • Toners that contain humectants help prevent the evaporation of moisture from the skin
  • Alcohol based astringents dry out oily skin

It is clear that I need to incorporate a toner into my skincare regime.

What are your thoughts on toner?

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