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Top 5 Make-Up Books:

Last year I made a video reviwing my favourite make-up books. I have added quite a few more to my collection since then and thought I’d update my favourites.

  • Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For everyone from Beginner to Pro
  • Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin
  • Asian Beauty by Margaret Kimura
  • The Art of Makeup by Kevin Aucoin
  • Makeup Makeovers by Robert Jones

I will be reviewing these books over the nest few weeks but for now, know that they are fantastic books. I have chosen them from a pile of 24 books. These are the ones that are dog-eared from use.

Do you have make-up or beauty book that you love? I love collecting these, so share your wisdom!

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  • sarah

    make up the ultimate guide by rae morris, all kevin aucoins books and laura merciers one.

  • Jane Courtney

    I love to collect make-up and beauty books 2! I even cut out the make-up tutorials from the magazines if i love a look! Obsession I know :0), My favs are Deffo Bobbi Brown and I picked up a great little irish book at a recent Benefit Cosmetics event called Eye Catching Eye Candy Both of these are my constant referances for every look I ever try. x Jane

  • Lainey

    I actually love the Victoria Beckham one ‘Hair, heels and everything inbetween’ Its interesting to read and to pick up make-up and hair tips but unfortunately every product she mentions is costly! :(

  • Ashley

    Scot Barnes new one About Face is A MAZE ING!

  • Karen / MaquillageTalk

    I am looking forward to your book reviews. I don’t have any yet, but have been poking around. They don’t have much of a selection at my local bookstore, and it’s hard to flip through ones online. Can’t wait to start my own collection. ♥ By the way, thanks for all your great advice. I enjoy following your blog.

  • Essjay23x

    I have the Bobbi Brown one and found quite it useful when I first got it. I really need to dig it out again, I bet I’ll find things I’d already forgotten or missed. Have been lusting after the Jemma Kidd one lately. Is that any good? I watched your book video a while back but can’t remember if Kidds new edition was out then.
    Making Faces is so inspirational! Can’t wait to see your reviews

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