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Troublesome Skin? Make Your Own Facial Scrub

I get a lot of mail from teenagers who suffer from the dreaded hormonal breakouts. Well I’m no teenager ladies and I’m sitting here right now with five giant spots on my chin. No fair! When I was a teenager I had great skin, then when I hit 22 all hell broke loose. Maybe it’s punishment for feeling chuffed about having clear skin. Damn karma.

Teenage skin can usually be managed. I do have to mention though that if you have very bad acne you should mention it to your GP. Otherwise, clear away dead skin cells by using a gentle scrub. For those of you who want to use a scrub but are afraid of making angry skin look… well, angrier here is an easy recipe that I have been trying out:

  • 2 Tablespoons Ground Almonds (Almond Meal for US ladies)
  • 1 Teaspoon of raw egg white
  • 4 Drops of Pure Lemon Essential Oil

All you have to do is mix the ingredients together and apply to damp skin. Use rolling motions to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells that might otherwise block your pores. Rinse off using allergenic soap.

How do you take care of breakouts?


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  • Charan

    OMG. you remembered the CCO (lol). I am going there in 2 weeks. Will tweet you if I find something nice there and if you want, I will get it for you :)

    • Amy

      @Charan your an angel :) Will email you my number in case there’s anything delicious haha

  • Laura J

    I have a chin spot brewing right now! I never usually get spots on my chin they always always are on my cheeks. The products I use for my acne prone skin are simple oil control scrub followed by the body shop seaweed ionic mask twice per week. I also see a dermotologist about my acne

    • Amy

      @Laura J Thanks for this Laura. The seaweed mask has been added to my list haha

  • Desi

    After I started using the Neutrogena Daily Scrub and especially The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser I got rid of all my acne. I am really happy with my skin now. x

    • Amy

      @Desi Thanks Desi, I’ve been trying the scrub the last few days and have noticed and improvement. Delighted you’re happy with your skin x

  • Alyson

    I got bad break outs up until I was about 15 and then they completely disappeared until I turned 21 and now they’re back with avengence! :( Decided to try out the Garnier deep pore cleanse face wash and the next morning my face was completely broken out and now home to at least 6 spots, so needless to say I won’t be trying that again! Must try this mask, also find the rosemary andwitch hazel face mask by Boots Natural Collection really good!

  • Charan

    you are so right Amy. I have never had breakout until my late 20’s :( . Its definitely karma. Now-a-days I am getting one every 2 weeks. I have a dry skin but my treatment for the breakouts is definitely the aspirin mask.

    • Amy

      @Charan I am absolutely going to try an aspirin mask now :) Thanks Charan! Visited the CCO lately?

  • Ais

    Amy you are a lifesaver! This is exactly what I need and I am in no mood to leave the house in this weather and buy something from boots.Gonna try this out later x

    • Amy

      @Ais I’m going to do the same things today :) x

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