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True love – MAC’s Stereo Rose

I finally got my hands on MAC’s Stereo Rose MSF, man I love Birthdays! When I heard they were still in stock last week I ran in to MAC in Brown Thomas and bought a few more for giveaways (link on the left side of the website)

And here is my darling…

I’m sure you’ve heard enough about this beauty but I’m going to go ahead and rant about it anyway.

For those of you who are wondering what the hell I’m going on about – Stereo Rose is a limited edition rosy toned Mineralised Skin Finish that was released with MAC’s In the Groove collection. It was released in a previous collection years ago and MAC lovers have been waiting impatiently for it’s re-release.

It’s a rosy toned highlighter that can also be used as a blush. There is no glitter (hallelujah), it leaves the skin with a soft sheen.

I only had one MSF in my collection, Perfect Topping from the Sugar Sweet collection. I love it and use it a few times a week but I was looking for an MSF with a little more colour.

Stereo Rose has some gorgeous gold veining running through it which almost has a rosy bronze effect on my skin. I have worn it almost every day since my Birthday. It means I only need one product – no bronzer, no highlighter,  no blush, just Stereo Rose.

This is such a unique product, I’m in love!

Did you buy anything from the In the Groove collection? What are your thoughts on MSF’s?

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  • Mana

    I’ve been following you for ages, especially on youtube, I could listen to you talk for ages, it’s just lovely, but now I see that you have a tattoo and I feel like a bit of a fool but what does it say in it’s entirety?

    • Amy

      @Mana Hi Mana – it says Viva la Vida :)

  • Rachel

    hi amy i was wondering what were the prices of msfs in euro? thanks! also could u tell me if this msf off ebay is real??? thanks!!!

    • Amy

      @Rachel It’s very hard to tell with that one Rachel. It looks ok but two things ring alarm bells with me – there’s no guarantee/ no claim that it’s authentic and also there is no returns. This may be nothing but it’s hard to tell. Try get more information from the seller and see if they are selling more items like this.

  • Caitlind

    I LOVE the look of Stereo rose. I was too late to buy it, though. A couple of friends around have it so I was able to see it. I’d love to get my hands on Petticoat and Stereo Rose, but Brown Thomas Cork is the only place near me and they’ve been sold out since the day it was released! Ahh well, I’ll get it eventually. Hopefully this particular MSF is re-released!

  • Aoife

    Oh oh……this is fab! I’ll be keeping an eye out for this in NYC but I bet it’ll be gone. Very interested in hearing about the competition! :-)

  • brandi

    I love mine! I was able to get one at the Mac counter the day they came out. It gives me a glow similar to nars Orgasm. I love the effects on eyelids on a “non makeup” day.

  • emer

    i love this collection went a bit mad with it bought a few bits i got by candlelight so lovely when used as a highlight on the cheeks im so sorry i didnt get stereo rose too cant get it anywhere now! i also got love to love eye shadow and together-ness which is really beautiful when on would def recommend that one and all styled up lipstick such a pretty colour on.

  • Alyson

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on this, but won’t have the money til pay day on friday :( must try BT then, also will be in the duty free on monday so maybe there too, hopefully I’ll be lucky and they’ll have one left :)
    How much did you pay for it, if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Jean

    Oh to have the money to fufill my needs… wants whatever same thing ;) I do however need this msf ;)
    As for my thoughts on msfs…. don’t have any partially.. no totally because I have none :P Not even the msf natural :( stench of self pity lurking around this comment!
    However I did invest in one of the trios from the In The Groove collection got it in making it easy neutral bronzey colours however I do have to use them veeeeery carefully or I’ll have lovely tangerine eyes running around! Actually it would be great if you could do a video on how to use them but since you don’t have it……. Shut up Jean :P Contest seems very intriguing! One thing I hate about contests on the internet is that people who A) Don’t usually watch the videos or read the blogs will still enter and may win and B) people enter these competitions even if they don’t really want the prize! To say it’s annoying…..

    • Amy

      @Jean Your comment made me laugh! :) I know what you mean about giveaways. Maybe I should run one just for those who have supported by site so far, will ponder on that one! :)

  • Annie

    I wish I had managed to get one :( they sold out completely everywhere I looked (and I went EVERYWHERE haha) I hope I win one!!

    • Amy

      @Annie Will post the information bout it this week :)

  • Chloe

    omg! this looks so pretty:D to bad the closest mac store to me is in Belfast lol

    • Amy

      @Chloe wish MAC had more stores here!

  • Belightful03

    Hi Amy got stereo rose and by candlelight. Love, love, love them. Went to the CCO in Belfast yesterday. Unbelievable value. Was like a child in a sweet shop.

    • Amy

      @Belightful03 Ooh what did you get at the CCO?

  • Ellie

    Hey Amy, You sound so excited in this post, how cute! It looks gorgeous, I must have it hehe Happy (late) Birthday <3 Hope you had a great day xox

    • Amy

      @Ellie haha Thanks Ellie :) x

  • Dollface_24

    Desperate to get my hand on this except I’m broke at the moment!!

    I shall lust after it from a far!!

    • Amy

      @Dollface_24 I bought 5 for a giveaway so will keep you posted :)

  • LinaNina08

    I haven’t bought anything. Haven’t actually looked at it either. But this looks gorgeous!!! I wonder if my store still has them…

    • Amy

      @LinaNina08 Worth a look :)

  • Emma

    i got that too!!- i didnt realise there was such hype about it when i got it – it was only after that i saw all the videos about it etc!!- id agree- its great to use on its own!- what brush do you use with it? i have the sigma brushes

    • Amy

      @Emma To be honest I use whatever I have to hand :)

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