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True love – MAC’s Stereo Rose

I finally got my hands on MAC’s Stereo Rose MSF, man I love Birthdays! When I heard they were still in stock last week I ran in to MAC in Brown Thomas and bought a few more for giveaways (link on the left side of the website)

And here is my darling…

I’m sure you’ve heard enough about this beauty but I’m going to go ahead and rant about it anyway.

For those of you who are wondering what the hell I’m going on about – Stereo Rose is a limited edition rosy toned Mineralised Skin Finish that was released with MAC’s In the Groove collection. It was released in a previous collection years ago and MAC lovers have been waiting impatiently for it’s re-release.

It’s a rosy toned highlighter that can also be used as a blush. There is no glitter (hallelujah), it leaves the skin with a soft sheen.

I only had one MSF in my collection, Perfect Topping from the Sugar Sweet collection. I love it and use it a few times a week but I was looking for an MSF with a little more colour.

Stereo Rose has some gorgeous gold veining running through it which almost has a rosy bronze effect on my skin. I have worn it almost every day since my Birthday. It means I only need one product – no bronzer, no highlighter,  no blush, just Stereo Rose.

This is such a unique product, I’m in love!

Did you buy anything from the In the Groove collection? What are your thoughts on MSF’s?

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