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True Love Never Dies: Urban Decay Naked 2


It occurred to me that I have had the Naked 2 palette in my collection for over a year and I have never blogged about it! How did this happen you ask? I remember recording a video where I compared this one to the original Naked palette. What happened to the video? I have no idea!

Everyone and their mother has heard about this infamous palette but I thought I should discuss my love for it. The palette has five new and exclusive shades from Urban Decay as well as six shadows from their range, one of which can be found in both Naked 1 and Naked 2.

Before I get to listing the good and bad let me go straight to swatches. All photos taken in natural light, no flash.



beautsw    udsw


  • Foxy pale yellowed beige with a matte finish. Reminds me of MAC Brule. Nothing special but a necessary basic in a palette like this.
  • Half Baked coppery brown with a golden shimmer-sheen. It’s frosty but pigmented. This one is part of the permanent range.
  • Booty Call peach-tinted white-beige with a frosted finish.
  • Chopper medium orange-red toned brown with coppery flecks. Very good pay-off. I like to use primer potion under this one to avoid fall-out risk.
  • Tease dirty mauve-brown with a matte finish. This one is subtle. It reminds me of MAC Quarry and I use it in the same way – blended into my eye socket with something more magical on the lid.
  • Snakebite dark bronze with a dirty golden shimmer-sheen. Gorgeous texture and extremely pigmented.
  • Suspect soft champagne-bronze with a frosted, metallic sheen. Very pigmented.
  • Pistol dirty gray-brown with a frosted finish. I love this shade because of the pigmentation and pay-off but it doesn’t work as well on my skintone as the others.
  • Verve pale beige-gray with a pink tinge.
  • YDK warm, coppery red-toned medium brown with a frosted finish. Really smooth and excellent payoff. Love this one for night-time.
  • Busted burgundy-tinted, deep brown with warm, golden undertones. It reminds me of Hustle in Naked 1 but has a frosted finish. Like this one a lot for smoking out a look.
  • Blackout very intense, deep dark black with a matte finish. One of the best black shadows I have come across.

The gloss: Naked is a sheer neutral pink with white micro-shimmer. It’s not sticky and smells minty.

The good

  • The new eyeshadow formulation rocks. Very little fall-out
  • Easy to apply and blend with the right brush
  • The brush that accompanies the palette is excellent quality and works better than any other brush I have tried, with these particular eyeshadows that is.
  • Pigmentation is excellent. My favourite brand for eyeshadows.
  • Buttery soft texture
  • These tones are more suited to the Irish complexion that the previous palette
  • The mattes are lovely!
  • The highlight shades aren’t disco shimmery. Much more elegant.
  • Plenty of smokey, shimmery and frosty shades of different tones for night-time
  • Just as many wearable daily neutrals for day/work wear
  • The price is great – all of those shadows and a lovely brush
  • The tin is so much better than the velvety cardboard box from the first palette
  • Lasting power is the best and it is consistent.Wears well throughout the day without fading and creasing
  • Use a dab of primer potion underneath for extra oomph

My favourite shade is chopper – gorgeous on blue eyes. YDK is my top shadow for night time but I do use them all.  Do you have a favourite shade?

The bad

Struggling to think of anything. I’ll go have a think.

Some time later….

I’m reaching here but I would have preferred the palette come with the customary Primer Potion rather than the mini gloss. That being said, I like the gloss.

Do you need both?

I have been asked quite a few times on Twitter and Facebook if you have the Naked 1 palette do you need the second. I am probably the worst person to ask considering I’m a makeup junkie but I say yes. Shocker. These palettes are different in tone and texture. Admittedly I do reach for Naked 2 more but this is mainly due to the new pigmentation. (there are swatches and a review of Naked 1 here).

I got my palette for €42 from Debenhams.ie – they have 10% off beauty products at the moment too.

Are you a fan of this palette?

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