Tuesday Poll

I saw this on Lexs blog and decided to give it a try

1. Mood:
Excited. I’m on holiday in Chicago so I’m looking forward to hotel breakfast, shopping and fine dining. After a bit of work though :)

2. Do you make your bed?
No, one of the benefits of staying at a hotel!

3. Have you started holiday shopping?
That’s why I planned this trip. I made my list on the flight on the way over. I plan to be finished Christmas shopping by the time I leave the US.

4. Favorite fruit?

5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
Barbie Loves Stila Greens, MAC Pretty Please Lipstick, MAC Peeches blush

6. In what ways are you like your mom?
Not in many ways at all. We’re polar opposites, I think that’s why we get on so well. I’m very like my dad.

7. Do you like to dance?
I LOVE dancing! Every night out needs some dancing time or it is not a successful  night at all :) I also enjoy learning Argentine Tango.

8. Long or short nails?
Short, just over top of my finger. I think it looks cute with polish.I think short nails aren’t as pretty as mid length ones, but shorter looks more chic.

9. Outfit:
It’s Chicago, it’s freeeeezing. I’m wearing skinny jeans, ugg boots (I must be cold if I’m caving to Ugg boots, I detest them!) a fitted check shirt

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