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Under Eye Bags: Herbal Help

Ah the dreaded under eye bags. There isn’t a one stop way to get rid of them, unless they’re from diet, tiredness or dehydration. But there are ways to help improve their appearance. I think it’s worth bearing in mind that your eye bags look much worse to you than to anyone else! But here’s a little herbal help along:

  • 200ml Boiling Water
  • 1 tbsp dried Chamomile (you can use chamomile tea)

Chamomile is great for soothing puffy, tired eyes.Pour Water over Chamomile, cover and leave for 25 minutes. Strain it and then pop it in the fridge. Soak a few cotton pads in the tea and place over your closed eyes and relax for ten minutes.

I like to do this the day after the night before (although there haven’t been many of the those lately which is good for the eye bag situation)

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  • Cassie

    Thanks for the tip I’ll definitely try this one out to banish the hideous eye bags!! You know you are the actual reason i made a youtube account? When i see a new video from you show up in my subsription box my face lights up! I never get bored of watching them. I love how you don’t take it really serious, you look like you have a good time making the videos :) Okay I’ve just realised i sound like a physco fan :s haha! Thanks for making youtube better ;D x

    • Amy

      Ah Cassie thank you so so much. You made my day :) x

  • taloulas

    Defo need to give this a try! My eye bags are out of control!

  • louise

    do you happen to know any remedies for tired itchy dry eyes?

  • Rebecca

    I just watched your most recent video on YouTube and came to your site for the first time just to see if you had any remedies for under-eye bags and while I was scrolling pages I noticed a new post and voila, you read my mind.

    Thank you!

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