Update from my travels

Hola ladies,

I’m sitting in a bar having a cup of tea and trying to upload a video. Thought I would do a little update.

I have spent the last few days in the sea with my little sister. Here are some of the sea shenanigans; lost my bikini top whilst boogie boarding, panicked when I got out of my depth whilst snorkelling, burned my poor tóinín on a lilo and got slapped to the ground by a giant wave.

My Mamaí bought me two pairs of super pretty pumps (flats) and a fantastic watch, since I’m such a great daughter hee hee. I will post some pictures of them tomorrow.

I priced Estee Lauder Double Wear and Clinique Even Better Foundation in one of the tax free perfume shops. I have to ponder some more on that one. Has anyone any Estee Lauder makeup recommendations?

I’d also like to buy Burbury Sport edt and Gautier Summer. Any fragrance recommendations while I’m here?

It was my sisters 13th birthday on Sunday so we spent the day building sandcastles like a pair of five year olds covered in SPF50!

I’m planning a little trip to Zara this evening so I’ll keep you posted. There’ll be a new post up at 7am tomorrow!


Amy x

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  • sarah

    I amy this first time I have commented on your beauty site,I have just started reading it! I have to say I agree with Lucy on the double wear,it irritated my skin and it was all blochy all over my face for some reason,like i’d some dry skin all over my face,which I didn’t by the way. I really do not like it!

  • Scarlet

    If you’re going for an EL foundation, I would recommend Double Wear light as opposed to the regular double wear, it is long lasting but not half as heavy. Down side is there aren’t many shades available, I think there are only 3 which is not enough so if you might not find a colour to match.

  • Daisy

    Sounds like you’re having a lovely time! I really want to go on holiday, especially as so many people are posting about their travels! x

  • nbadriah

    For Estee Lauder, I’m a huge fan of their lipgloss! I’m not too sure which collection it is but my fave is the 103 Satin Muave.

    It’s a pretty colour and has quite a scent and lasts quite a while too!

    And not sticky at all (:

  • Aoife

    Gautier Summer all the way! I’ve stopped looking for a “new” summer fragrance when the one I’ve loved for years just needed to be appreciated properly! Also proof that I could live with just 3 fragrances forever and be happy! Coco Mlle, Maybe Baby & Gautier Summer!

  • innerbelle

    well its seems like your having and absolutely awesome time!!

  • Reme

    Lol, sounds like you’re having a fun holiday Amy, enjoy! I’ve a couple of Estee Lauder lipsticks and eye-shadows but don’t recommend them. Considering their high-end price tag I’m disappointed by mediocre performance. I’d prefer stronger pigmentation and the textures/finishes could also be improved. That said I do really like the luxurious gold packaging of the signature lipstick and I have a friend who will only use EL.

  • Malina Gueorguiev

    Hi Amy,

    Love your blog and YT channel.

    Where Estee Lauder make up products are concerned, I wholeheartedly recommend the eyelash primer to be used under your mascara. I’ve tried several eyelash primers and have found this one to work the best. It’s interesting that for maximum effect mascara should be applied before the primed has dried.

    I also like the smudge proof eyeliner for its very long staying power and glossy finish. I always use a special eye make up remover and am not sure either product can be taken off with regular make up wipes.

    I appreciate these products and hope my recommendations are useful.

    Enjoy your holidays and keep up the good work.

    All the the best,
    Malina (Switzerland)

  • Laura J

    I am glad you’re having a nice holiday Amy.

    I used to use Estee Lauder double wear and it gave me really bad cystic acne. Also it was really hard to blend in and got cakey quickly. If you’re prone to breakouts from foundation I would suggest getting a sample first before shelling out for it. I would suggest going to for the Clinique even better foundation instead. I know some people love double wear it’s just that I had a bad reaction to it.

  • Alethea

    Ah Amy, you are making me so jealous!!! I would love to be on my hols but here I am, swatting for an interview :-( Where are on your holidays????
    For esteé lauder recommendadtions I can’t speak highly enough about their lipsticks-they last for ages and are very moisturizing. Their high impact ultra glossy lip gloss is lovely too. I forgot to mention that that all of the lip products smell of fig-yummy!

  • Florence

    check if u can get dolce&gabbana’s SICILY edp, its very…different, but go to summer perf. and winter sometimes too,since it is so warming/sicilian,lol. i love it, if u have a chance try it, its unique,always get compliments on it+noone really knows it, so its def. original and unlike everybody else;)

  • Eimear

    That was the best sandcastle ever :DDDD

  • hannah

    how much does the doublewear cost at dublin airport?(:

  • Tracy

    Estee Lauder must have of mine : High Gloss Lip Tube in No. 10 “Rose”. Brilliant colour, staying power and finish. One of my all time favs stumbled upon by accident!

  • orla

    Amy you HAVE to try Vera Wang’s ‘Look’ perfume. Honestly I havent heard anyone talk about it yt but its AMAZING!

  • Kelly

    Not makeup as such, but Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum is awesome stuff. I’m a bit of a sceptic usually, but if you’ve not tried it, give it a go.
    Have a great holiday!

  • Lucy

    Sounds like a fab holiday! Can’t say I recommend Double Wear…I’ve got somewhat sensitive, combo skin and it irritated my face like crazy – it was such a relief to get home from work and wash it off. I’ve heard others really recommend it though.

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