Update – Net Visionary Awards

Negative people make me sad


As you may already know I have been nominated for a few Net Visionary Awards. It’s a huge honour and I was delighted. I did a blog post thanking you all for your support so far and mentioned that as a thank you for your unbelievable support I would choose one reader to win a few MAC items. This appears to have irritated some people in the social media world.

Firstly let me say that I am horrified that anyone has considered this negative. I didn’t break any rules or anything. My intention was to reward my amazing readers, as  I do regularly by posting weekly giveaways. Call me naive, but thanking everyone and rallying support for M&B was my only intention. To some  it may seem like I have an unfair advantage since I have so much support from you guys.

The truth is that I know you all would have voted for me regardless of makeup. The hundreds of comments I receive from all of you each week is a testament to that.

Anyway as a result of this I will draw a line under the MAC thank you. I will enter you all into and will post the winner next week.

I’m very upset that anyone would think less of me for offering a thank you to my readers for their support. But to be honest the community here on Makeup and Beauty is all I care about.

If anyone from the social media world has any issues with this I would be delighted to speak to you privately. Please feel free to email me. However, this site is as always, about my readers.

Congratulations to the other nominees.

So ladies please continue to show your support for M&B by voting. Onwards and upwards. click here.


A big Amy thank you to my amazing supportive readers, you’re the reason this site even exists!

Grá mór,

Amy x

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  • dianne

    this is my first time to visit your website Amy, and i added it on my favorites.. its gonna be a routine now to me… thanks for sharing your knowledge to us and spreading beauties in the world! Cheers! From Philippines.. dianne

    • Amy

      @Dianne Ah thank you so much :)

  • Jean

    Oh Amy :O
    That made me sick!
    Even if someone only did vote for the free mac (in which case shame on you) they wouldn’t have known about the giveaway in the first place if they weren’t a massive fan!
    People are so negative :(

  • S.S.

    Please please don’t let those few comments take away from your pride (and ours!) of being nominated for these fantastic awards! I rarely enter giveaways and competitions from any guru & I actually voted for you regardless of the fact that you were running one. You totally deserve to win. Every single one of your loyal readers recognise and celebrate your hard work and committment to M&B and we’ll be popping open the bubbly as one when you win! ;D

  • sam walsh

    I stand by my vote and would vote for you anyway, this is my favorite blog xx

  • Reme

    Best of luck for the awards Amy! Don’t let begrudgers take away from your experience of being nominated (and hopefully winning a few categories!). Enjoy every minute of it, you deserve the recognition for your fantastic blog!

  • Lyndsey

    As stated by other’s, I voted for you because of the standard and content of your website and videos. Not for any giveaways!!!
    I feel that not only are these ‘cynics’ trying to tactically bully you (they must feel threatened by your potential to win), but they are insulting everyone’s intelligence by insinuating that we would vote for someone because; a) they told us too and; b) because we are shallow enough to do it for ‘goodies’.
    I hope you beat them all x

    • Amy

      @Lyndsey Thanks for your support Lyndsey :) x

  • Ken

    The IIA Net Visionary Awards is won and lost based on the number of votes that a nominee receives. It’s not a judged award ceremony like most. This kind of makes it more of a popularity contest than an award based on merit but there’s nothing wrong with that per sé. I’ve received several unpersonalised emails from prominent Irish nominees whos mailing lists I’m on, asking me for their vote. So I don’t see a huge difference between that and offering a bit of makeup for a vote.

    Sounds like typical Irish begrudgery to me to be honest. Then again, if I was selling myself as something as spurious as a ‘social media guru’ I’d probably be fairly intimidated by the number of attention/comments that this blog gets compared to my own.

    It would probably be no harm for the IIA to disbar any nominees that publicly slander their competition either.

    • Amy

      @Ken Thanks for the support x

  • Linda

    I can honestly say that I would have voted for you anyway Amy, regardless! I check your site everyday and I love it! I hate the way people have to find something negative in everything! I think what you do is brilliant and will continue to vote for you in whatever else your nominated for! What you do here is amazing, you give us ladies some confidence through beauty. So thank you Amy, in my opinion you deserve any awards that you are nominated for! xxxx

    • Amy

      @Linda Your comment made me smile Linda, thank you x

  • Emma

    Some people and their negativity make me SO angry! I voted for you because you deserve to win not for the prize. Your site is the best there is and anyone trying to bring you down is only doing so because they know this and are jealous. Good luck with the awards. xx

    • Amy

      @Emma Thank you Emma x

  • Dee

    I would vote anyway – you were nominated because people thought you were deserving of it, and you were voted for because people thought you were deserving of it.

    Good luck, anyway – I hope it hasn’t soured you on such an exciting event. :-)

  • Kiki

    Ignore the haters Amy, I would have voted for you anyways, your site is brilliant. Its obvious how much work you put in to it and I really hope you win.

  • Carolina Orellana

    Well everything was about this great page that u have, this became a great site because of your hard work. You deserve to win!… Good luck and keep on mind that all people who voted, did it because we think this is an amazing page, no because of the MAC products. Love u, keep the good work:)

  • J

    I agree with all previous posters. I would have voted for you anyway.I really enjoy makeupandbeauty and visit every day in case I miss something.Its very informative and entertaining,i love it!!

  • Sasha

    What? I voted before the MAC contest and I think you totally deserve it. Hope it all works out! Thank you for having this great website!!

  • Erin

    Amy- You have a fantastic website that you put SOOO much effort into each and every day. You give terrific advice and honest opinions. If anyone deserves an award it is you, and as everyone else is saying I would have voted for you with or without the MAC thingamajig! Shame on those people making you feel bad for trying to do something nice for your supporters. Anyone who follows your site knows you only have the best intentions in all you do. Keep on keeping on…you’re the best!! :) <3

  • Vera

    I would have definitely voted for you anyway!!!

  • Laura J

    I would have voted for you without the Mac contest anyway. Ignore the haters Amy I love your blog and videos you are such a good guru and really sweet. We all love you Amy keep up the good work xx

  • Claire

    Regardless of your competition all of us that follow you and your work would have voted and did vote for you! You inspire all of us that is why we are here it is the least we can do to reward you for everything you have done for all of us girls out there, I wouldn’t take it to heart just some people can’t take a bit of competition, good luck Amy, I really hope you get what you deserve and all your hard work gets justified, thank you for inspiring me so much…. Claire :)

  • Roisin

    Pfft, ignore them! We’re gonna vote anyways! good luck Amy ox

  • Bridget (Vivdsmile)

    Geez, I can’t believe that people are so petty! I know that you were just thanking your fans for their support, not giving a bribe to vote. But everyone has to be so cynical about everything!! I am sorry you had to go through this Amy, but your true fans know you have mucho intergrity and we love you hon!!

  • Corkgirl

    Dont worry about them Amy, they’re just looking for a target, they probably know you will win regardless and they would love to say its because of your give away. Forget about them you know all your fans would have voted for you anyway. your not one bit pushy which is why I continue to watch you x

  • Lilly

    Negative people like that are nothing but jealous, seriously. They are jealous of how many supporters and fans you have. Jealous of how fab you are! You are ALL they wish they could be. Don’t let them get you down girl =)

  • flic

    I wouldn’t win an arguement with myself and I voted anyway…ha ha…it wasn’t for a deserve to win Amy and even more so now..x

  • Caoimhe

    Anyone who would make any negative comments about you or anything you do, or questioning your motives clearly has no idea of the amazingness that is and how much it means to so many people and obviously to you because you put so much work into it! The sillies. We all support you xxxxx

  • Siobhan

    Amy, you are absolutly fantastic. Pass no heed to anyone who says anything negative. Your website and advise is brilliant, I look forward to checking your website each day for makeup and skincare advise. Keep your chin up and stay positive…Siobhan

  • krista

    you’re beautiful and don’t even bother listening to the haters. there’s going to be people you can’t please regardless of what you do. it’s just how people are. keep up the excellent work love. xxx

  • April

    You had my vote, without the MAC. I voted because I love your blog and think you deserve to win. The whole thing is ridiculous, you will win because people love you, you’re inspiring and personable and author a really great blog….Good luck, I really hope you win these awards!

  • Ruth Ní Chíonnaith

    So I’m basically just echoing what everyone else has said, but my voting was for the fantastic work you do on your blog and youtube channel (woo!) hehe! >:( grrr some people are unbelievable! If they followed you they would know that you do not need to offer prizes, we would vote regardless even if you said now sorry guys I’,m pulling the competition we wouldnt mind! Its the work you do that keeps us coming back and thats clear to see! but anyways best of luck anyways Amy! xD

  • Farhana

    Would have voted for you anyway! mac or no mac.. Try not to let the haters get to you. Good luck with the awards x

  • Alyson

    This site deserves the award, it’s high standard and daily updates proves its well maintained and takes up a large amount of your time. This is the reason I voted for you and I’m sure many of the other readers would agree with that! Personally you’d get my vote with or without the MAC prizes as this is one of the sites I come back to every day! Don’t let negative people bring you down, you deserve all the success you have so enjoy it and be proud of yourself! :)

  • Farjana

    don’t worry about those people, they don’ matter you carry on with what’s important to you, you’re great and we love you

  • Kerry

    Aw Amy :[ It’s obvious you’re not trying to bribe us or anything- we’d obviously vote for you anyways because you rule ;D x

  • Olivia

    Heya Amy :) I don’t understand what anyones problem is and i think that is unfair that you had to feel the need to make this blog post! Im sorry but the fact that your doing a giveaway is a testiment to how kind and generous you are and shows that you give back to your fans! Its a positive thing and for other people to turn it into a negative just shows that they are probably jealous at the amount of support you have, after all we all would have voted for you anyway! xxx

  • lorraine

    Gosh some people are wrong on so many levels.
    I voted for ya, cos I luv your blog and i always check it daily for great tips!
    From the way i read it you were thanking everyone for being loyal subscribers of your site, not anything else, and not as a bribe for a vote.
    If anything you should win for being the great person you are :-)

  • Fiona

    If this site wasn’t so well put together and so well maintained, we wouldn’t come back here day after day to read your tips and tricks and thoughts on all things beauty.
    If we didn’t do that, we wouldn’t even know about the competition in the first place.
    Ignore the negative comments, I imagine they stem from jealousy anyway.
    Hold your head up high Amy – you’ve made a fab site where your readers love to come, and will continue to come even when this competition is over.


  • annie

    amy you are such a doll… there will always be negative nancys out there and to them i say a resounding “get a life!” i would have voted for you regardless of whether or not you were offering a prize… you deserve to win… hands down.

    xoxo anniedollface

  • Beth

    I can only echo everyone else’s comments. Your blog is fantastic and the fact that you’re offering a thank you just goes to show that you really do value your readers.

    Its not like you’re saying “hey, I’ll give you free stuff if you vote for me” although if you wanted to, that’d be just fine with me LOL

    Seriously though, I hope this hasn’t knocked your confidence. Those of us who have voted do so because we love M&B. I have my own beauty blog and struggle to update once a month, let alone once a day so I know how hard you work and I’m sure everyone else does too.

    Good luck! xx

  • Kathi

    Hey Amy,
    don´t let those people get you down!
    You are doing so much for us all and I do not think, that people would just vote for you in a competition to get give aways.
    But I can only speak for myself.
    I voted for you, because of your fantastic commitment. And when you give away something as a bonus and as a thank you to the people, who support what your doing, that has really nothing to do with cheating!
    So keep going!

  • Catherine

    Amy, i am offended on your behalf.

    Obviously people have little else to be doing with their time than trying to make you feel guilty for rewarding your subscribers and readers for their support. You put so much energy and time into your blog, and we, as readers love and support you for it. Your blog is amazing and i love it.

    You deserve to win this award because of your own hard work. I hope that no one has spoiled the opportunity that has presented itself to you because of their own jealousy

    I voted, after you posted this entry, and so therefore am not eligible for the Mac goodies. But i dont care. I voted because i wanted to and i would vote,again and again and again and again and………well you get the picture xxx

  • Brandi Stagg

    I voted before you offered a prize! Only people who are jealous would say anything anyway!

  • emily

    God, people like this make me so angry!!. Your site is fab. Keep it up babes

    Just Voted, had my sis vote, my mum and just setting up a new email for the dog so he can vote :P

    Emily F

  • Laura

    Amy, don’t let them haters get you down :( You’re right in saying we all would have voted, MAC or no MAC, in fact I’d probably have voted if you said you’d poke us in the eye with a sharp stick, because I love your blog, you put SO much hard work and effort into it, and it upsets me hugely that someone would say/think those things. Ignore them honey, we love you, and we don’t care what anyone else thinks! xxxxxxx

  • jenny_23

    voted babes, girl power (can we still say that) ;P


  • carlinn

    Dont worry about them love! People obviously dont have lives and always feel the need to stir up drama! You are lovely!

  • Cassie

    To be honest I think that’s pretty pathetic that whoever these people are are acting like this. We all love you and would have voted for you regardless of winning a prize because we love reading your blog posts and watching your videos. These people are obviously just jealous!! Anywho good luck and i really hope you win :) x

  • karen m

    dont worry matter what you do there will always be people who will say negative things!I think you deserve the award thats why I voted for you!x

  • Cassey

    vote 19:56 :) your site is amazing.

    Don’t let negative people get you down. They are just bitter, failed people and ugly people


  • Agata

    your site was the only one i knew off the list – and obviously the best :) you deserve to win full stop.

  • bonnie

    I agree with what all 5 of these ladies has said, and probably what hundreds more will say. You are great Amy, and deserve the votes you get. I wholeheartedly believe that you would have obtained the same number of votes whether or not you offered your thank-you contest. Good luck Amy!

  • Louise

    Isn’t the whole point of these awards for people to voice their opinion and to be able to have their say? I voted before there was even a mention of any reward! Whoever has had a bitch is just jealous, they obviously knew that you had such loyal readers who would vote for you and they felt threatened. Thats very childish in my opinion. Really hope you do well in all of your categories Amy, you deserve it =) xx

  • Essjay23x

    You seem to put so much work in to your blog and your You Tube channel. Both are fantastic!

  • Kate

    Hi amy,
    i cant belive people would actully be upset or offended by you being a lovely and loyal guru to all your fans. all your trying to do is say thank you for people voting for you!! im sure it is easier said then done but ignore the bad and always focus on the good because all of us can see from your vids that your such a down 2 earth and nice person. I love your vids, have watched them from day 1 and bought your soaps and reccommended them 2 every1 and any1! my office smells amazing coz i have every1 using them :-) keep up the good work amy coz 4 all the haters out there, there are hundreds of fans like me that appriciate the hard work u put in 4 other people. slán
    kate xx

  • becky

    Amy, when I first began to read this I was utterly shocked and truly upset for you, then I realised it’s really not that shocking, there is a small percentage of people out there who no matter what will always disagree with something a genuine person is doing. As a reader of you blog (and you know how much I really adore what you are doing Amy). I hope even after these dreadful accusations that you can realise how much so many of us enjoy what you are doing. There a days I feel rubbish and without hesitation I jump online and straight to this sight, even last year during my leaving cert you gave me constant support. To many people you are some cyberspace blogger that we know nothing about, to us your a friend, an inspiration and an incredibly beautiful women inside and out ..Becky (bebiv) xxxx

  • Mollie

    Forget the prize, I would have voted anyway. It’s not like you had a campaign going, anybody who saw you were up for an award reads your blog/watches your videos reguarly anyway and obviously thinks you deserve to win. Thank you amy for all your hard work, xx

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