Update – Net Visionary Awards

Negative people make me sad


As you may already know I have been nominated for a few Net Visionary Awards. It’s a huge honour and I was delighted. I did a blog post thanking you all for your support so far and mentioned that as a thank you for your unbelievable support I would choose one reader to win a few MAC items. This appears to have irritated some people in the social media world.

Firstly let me say that I am horrified that anyone has considered this negative. I didn’t break any rules or anything. My intention was to reward my amazing readers, as  I do regularly by posting weekly giveaways. Call me naive, but thanking everyone and rallying support for M&B was my only intention. To some  it may seem like I have an unfair advantage since I have so much support from you guys.

The truth is that I know you all would have voted for me regardless of makeup. The hundreds of comments I receive from all of you each week is a testament to that.

Anyway as a result of this I will draw a line under the MAC thank you. I will enter you all into and will post the winner next week.

I’m very upset that anyone would think less of me for offering a thank you to my readers for their support. But to be honest the community here on Makeup and Beauty is all I care about.

If anyone from the social media world has any issues with this I would be delighted to speak to you privately. Please feel free to email me. However, this site is as always, about my readers.

Congratulations to the other nominees.

So ladies please continue to show your support for M&B by voting. Onwards and upwards. click here.


A big Amy thank you to my amazing supportive readers, you’re the reason this site even exists!

Grá mór,

Amy x

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