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Urban Decay
Naked AURA Illuminated Shimmering Powder

The recent release from Urban Decay is a new take on the exiting Luminous Shimmering Face & Body Powder. It was released as a holiday / Christmas product but this will be of more use to me in the Summer and since I am counting the minutes til I can get my pins out in actual daylight…


This is described as a soft pink shimmer with gold iridescent sparkle. To me its a pinky peach shimmer that leaves a metallic or frosty sheen. Two words: Fairy Sparkle. When I first opened the pretty box and a dome shaped, baked product glimmering in the light I was both excited and terrified. I have reached an age where one must be careful with glitter, but you also can’t deny a fairy princess heart Ha ha.


These photos are not re-touched, as you can see from the giant spot on my chiny-chin-chin! I also forgot to put on my eyebrows lol but I thought it would be better for you to see how it looks in daylight. This is without flash.


It’s quite finely milled for a shimmery/glittery product. It’s also fairly intense when swatched with your finger so you really can’t go on this alone in the store. When picked up on a fluffy brush its a little poofy so I opted for a duo fibre when lends to less mess. A lot of the glimmer didn’t transfer, to my delight. It was no where near as intimidating on my skin as it first appears. Instead it leaves a sheen, a shimmery one that is reflects slightly metallic.


Here I used the flash so it would pick up on the shimmer. I should point out that I really lashed it on my arm, I wouldn’t use this amount on my face in a fit!


Although its not nearly as terrifying as it first appears tread carefully if  you are not a fan of shimmer, in fact run in the opposite direction! Even if you like a shimmery sheen a little really does go a long way. So how wearable is this? In the day light you will sparkle like a Meyer vampire but at night or in artificial light it gives a pretty, ethereal look.


I’ve actually fallen completely in love with it! I just wear it with caution. It costs €29.50 but is on sale for €26 at the moment on Debenhams.ie. ($29 / £22.50)

Now, where’s my wand?

Any thoughts on shimmer powders?

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