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One heck of a beauty balm! Urban Decay Naked Skin Review


I have always been on the fence with regards to BB creams. The market is flooded with them yet I haven’t tried one worth mentioning so far. Pardon my simpliness but they seem to be just tinted moisturisers masked as something greater. When you look into the ingredients of many of them, they are just that.

Urban Decay launched foundations last year, which I haven’t tried yet (let me know if you have) but held off an a BB cream until this year. My interest in it piqued after hearing that the focus of their BB offering was based on the effects of the product on the skin. I had to put it to the test after that.

Urban Decay’s Beauty Balm claims to have actual anti-aging benefits whilst diffusing light, to even out skintone, minimize pores, lines and redness. It also contains SPF 20 to protect your skin from the sun and something called Perpha-Protect which inhibits cell damage.

The product is very easy to apply. It’s lightweight and velvety is texture and after application it actually looks like my skin, but better. It also didn’t rub off on my clothes and lasted a fairly decent amount of time. I keep a small concealer in my bag for spotty days.

Here’s how it looks on my skin….


I’m needed a little Rimmel Perfect Match concealer under my eyes and some MAC Select Cover Up on my chin.

There is one shade, which was a little scary for me at first considering I’m on the fair side at the moment but after one application I wasn’t worried. It has a gorgeous apricot, warm tone to it which perked my skin up no end when it looks grey and dreary.

Before I blended the product it looked a little dark for me (it looks darker here as its swatched on the pale inside of my arm) but when I blended it it with my fingers the colour just worked.


As far as anti-ageing goes this Beauty Balm  has a cumulative effect and according to the box you will see results within 8 weeks. I’m not quite there yet but I keep you posted on my progress.

This BB can be used to prime the skin of on its own. I heard that if you mix this with Urban Decays Naked Skin Liquid Makeup you get amazing results. I think I’ll have to try that one myself.

A silly note on packaging – I love Urban Decays Naked packaging in all its guises. It’s classy and elegant rather then the usually edgy feel.  The tube is sleek and the plastic means no lumping around glass bottle, which clink around in my handbag anyway.

Is it affordable? At €29/£23 I think so, although it might be pushing its luck a little. When you consider the anti-ageing benefits, spf and the natural, warm light diffused look you achieve I think it’s worth it. It also means that if I don’t have time for my early morning skincare routine it’s not the end of the world. It also lasted longer on my skin that any other BB cream I have tried. The other day I added a little Make Up For Ever High Def Powder over the top and it got me though the day. I did have to touch up my concealer but then again I usually do.

The bottom line – I like it a lot! As with all BB creams I would recommend that you have realistic expectations. If you are looking for a hydrating protecting cream that has a warm tint and blurs lines and pores whilst offering some skin tone evening effects that this is for you. If you complain about coverage when you buy BB creams then you need to go straight to foundation of use this as a base.

* Available from Debenhams, House of Fraser,, hqhair/com and


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