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Using just about anything to store lipsticks!

There are lots of fancy ideas out there for storing lipsticks and lip glosses. Personally, I like to use things I have lying around the house. I had two watch boxes that were going to go in the bin after Christmas so I decided to salvage them and use them for lipstick organisation – man, I love make-up organisation :)

I keep my favourite MAC lipsticks in one box – the ones I reach for regularly – and my favourite glosses in the other.


And the glosses – a tad messier!


The rest of my lipsticks are stored in a Body Shop Gift box – yes, I literally keep everything for organisation ideas :)

I also used to keep the odd take-away boxes (the plastic ones) and store lotions in them.

How do you store your lip products?

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  • jaimie

    I have 2 watch boxes lying around since Christmas that I didn’t know what to do with…now I do!
    Thanks for the idea :)

  • Julie

    I’m gonna use my fossil watch box for that aswell!:)

  • Micha

    What a GREAT idea:-) I have those exact boxes lying around somewhere and now I know what to use them for! THANK YOU, AMY!!! :-)

  • Ciara

    I love organising make up I use these things I found in Ikea for €1.50 and they are perfect. Got different areas and I have them organised by category. Might not work out for someone with a HUGE make up collection but they are perfect for me. I wish I could add a photo but I can’t :P

  • Becky

    I store my lipsticks(mainly NYX) in a small plastic container, like a tupperware thingie, without the lid on. And my lipglosses ( I have WAY too many) I store in one of those kitchen utensil holders.

  • Nouf

    I agree that makeup should always be organized, you can’t go through everything when it’s messed up especially when u’re n a hurry and if you have a huge makeup collection :p

  • Sharon

    “– man, I love make-up organisation :)”

    I love it too! lol.

    Good idea about the take-away boxes.

  • innerbelle

    AMY organise my makeup for meee :P

  • Siobhán McDonnell

    Ha ha, I’m bonkers for makeup organisation too! x

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