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Very Dry Hands: The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

Th skin on my hands is not just dry, it’s parched. I have tried all of my usual hand creams; Vaseline Intensive Care, Boots, Garnier, Clarins. The best one I have come across is The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector for very dry skin.

The protector cones in a L’Occataine/oil paint style tube which is quite chic. It also makes it great for throwing in your handbag (the smaller tube anyway – mine is 30ml).

Scent wise, it smells mildly of Patchoulli essential oil which you will love or hate.

This is definitely not a lotion, it has a more balm-like consistency. It’s quite thick and really does protect my hands.

Ingredients wise, it contains Community Trade organic beeswax which is said to moisturise, condition and act as a barrier to seal in moisture. It also contains Community Trade hemp seed oil has an unusually high concentration of essential fatty acids that help to repair skin’s moisture barrier. Well, whatever is in there, it works for me.

The tube only contains 30ml but because of the consistency I don’t use as much per application as I would a lotion. It’s so rich that I don’t need to apply it throughout the dry, morning and bedtime does it for me. It costs €15.95 for the large 100ml tube. I checked the prices on the UK website and found the large 100ml tube for £7, reduced from £10.

What hand cream are you using at the moment?

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