• PetitePulcet

    I absolutely love your accent ! I hope you’re doing good now, you’re really strong woman ! Kisses !

  • dazzle7007

    Love a bit of retail therapy!! Enjoy!!

  • Caitlin Fitzmaurice

    I need those boots in my life! So glad to see you back in YouTube I had really missed your videos! Love Caitlín xoxo

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    Thank you so much for doing this!

  • babygirlMVro

    so glad to see your video! I like to hear your voice, your accent is so lovely!

  • susans51

    glad to see you back amy and hope you and the kids are keeping well :D

  • Naville Torres

    do make outfit and styling videos please. how tall are you? :)

  • ESafont

    Love that you are making videos again, Amy!

  • DorcoUSA

    We love great haul videos! These seem like some great products especially the leather jeggings! Thanks for sharing your fashion tips with us! Keep up the great videos! We’ll be watching!
    –Your affordable razor brand, DorcoUSA*com

  • ShoppingQueenArlene

    Oops….keep it up!!!

  • ShoppingQueenArlene

    Am loving seeing you back….keep I

  • RvrGrl80

    I love the burgundy dress you showed last…wow! It will look lovely on you :-)
    Great video – would love to see OOTD posts, you have such lovely style. Glad to see you back!!!

  • TribalFaerie

    Love that purple dress. You look so lovely. <3

  • iwannabeabarbie

    Amy, where are the boots from? Sorry, if I missed it! X

  • ShesInLosAngeles

    The dress is lovely. Would love to see it on you.
    Doesn’t it feel great when you find just what you love.

  • Emily Vass

    Loving the higher video quality :) and the new content xx

  • LittleMissMulch

    welcome back :) …great to see a video from you in my subscription box x

  • ElffeenBeauty

    Great haul Amy ! I love your style so please please please do ootd video xxx

  • Leeny01

    Welcome back, beautiful!!!

  • Jenny G

    Great to have you back!!

  • choccykaz

    great haul honey, and love all the accessories, very pretty, i love hauls xx

  • Elosabeth

    I love hauls – so i’m excited to see more of yours :)

  • claireyfairey07

    Where was the last dress from? It is gorgeous!!

  • Emma Walsh

    would love to see ootd videos!! great to see you back! x

  • niamh o

    So happy to see you back. My favourite Youtube beauty guru without a doubt :)

  • VanessaMk1

    I’m very happy to see you back! :) I missed you and your beautiful Irish accent! :D

  • lorebringer

    Defo do some OOTD videos, would really like to see your style sense!

  • Deborah Blacoe

    Great haul! Enjoy wearing them.

  • amyoc27

    You are stunning x

  • VictoriasRoses

    You deserve the haul!!!! Beautiful items!! Love them! :)

  • Robyn Messenger

    Amy, I ADORE your style and I’d love to see OOTD videos!

  • Cristi Rose

    You were the very first person I ever watched on YouTube many years ago
    glad to see you!

  • Alexis Snooks

    Love that burgundy top! And love that you’re making videos again :).

  • staciarose20

    I had no idea you had another baby. Sofia is really adorable, and she has
    great hair. :)

  • jcb0818

    The video quality is fabulous. Yes, please do OOTD.

  • spoons2007

    :) loving these videos :)

  • cordeliaistheone

    *Re the jeans I mean the stitching which I never like. I’m 5 ft 11½ so I
    USUALLY have short jeans, not just when they’re supposed to be!

  • cordeliaistheone

    You are so adorable! Love everything you bought! I know exactly what you
    mean about jeans! And would love OOTD videos! (Sorry about all these
    exclamation marks haha I’m excited to see you!) I remember some great
    outfit posts on your blog when you had red hair which I loved :) I go
    through phases of looking at blogs (rather than vlogs) and often forget to
    check but would love OOTD photos or videos, whichever you prefer :)

  • annekr

    Great to see you back making videos again, I was so happy to see your
    videos pop up in my subscription box again :) Those jeans look gorgeous,
    where did you find them?! I´m 5ft 2, I know all those ¨cropped¨ jeans
    hahaha! Great not having to constantly turn up jeans :D

  • I am Claire

    My housemate bought that denim skirt & dyed it a darker colour!

  • I am Claire

    Can you show us your tattoos?

  • dazzledust25

    Yay! Thanks :)

  • KeyVahX

    Amy, honestly so so happy to have you back.. Didnt know how much i missed
    you until now! Lots of love xx

  • MsLu02

    I would love to see some OOTD type videos! or style videos. i really loved
    the style video you did with the maroon jeggings =)

  • Actionmags L

    Lovely to see you in subscription box ;)

  • MegaPolarbear88

    Great to see you back :)

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