• angeladaisyful

    Hi Amy. I just moved house and the water is so hard I can’t manage my hair with the products I normally use. What shampoo do u use at hone where the water is very hard? Love the videos:)

  • corkgirl33

    Hey so glad you are back making videos! Tell us how is Sophia?

  • AskVivi 1

    Thanks for sharing! Might have to update my hair routine. I use pro naturals argan oil products too, they’re really good

  • margueriteaimee

    Ohh wow I was wondering how your hair looks this good air-dried. Mine always looks like a disaster this way, may have to try that product!

  • DorcoUSA

    Thanks for sharing these hair care products with us. These seem like some great pieces to get. The Remington straightener seems like a great buy. Thanks for sharing your hair care tips with us. Keep up the great videos.
    –Your affordable razor brand, DorcoUSA*com

  • Renae G.

    Your hair looks beautiful, I can’t believe you didn’t style it! Would you consider doing a video about how to fix hair problems? I.E. Are oils or creams best for dry ends, what ‘fixes’ damaged/broken hair etc. Like a video with the basics for somebody who has no idea how to manage their hair!

  • Necia Cox

    This video was really good i love your editing its great! would you mind checking out my latest video and possibly subscribing. thanks so much xx

  • fruitnoodle1

    I would disagree that the air-dried hair is inappropriate. The fact that your hair looks that good without styling speaks volumes about the quality of your haircare!

  • Moda Beauty

    @Dazzledust25 with her hair care faves & why she ditched the GHDs! Check
    out Dazzledust25 at: https://www.youtube.com/user/dazzledust25


  • pinkabuki

    What products do you recommend for bleached hair to keep moisturize your hair?

  • vividsmile1

    Amy, I also live in a area that has hard water, and I had seen a filter for your shower on Sephora that had amazing reviews but it was like $175, which is ridiculous, so I went on Amazon and found a handheld shower head filter by New Market Naturals that had good reviews and was only $50! It is fantastic and it makes not only my hair but my skin as well feel fantastic! You need to get one!

  • I am Claire

    Amy you have absolutely beautiful hair!

  • spoons2007

    You look really well Amy :)

  • alisonofficial1

    are u irish?? nd where in ireland are u from ?? :)

  • Danielle Keane

    Loving the new honey shampoo by herbal essence

  • trisha60

    ps. been watching u for years!!!

  • trisha60

    hey i love ur style and personality, i dont exactly make as many fashion and makeup videos like urself, but i do make videos aimed mainly at girls and girl talk, shaving, periods etc….please take a look, i hope it helps someone! xxx

  • nellie pisani

    love your hair!

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