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This weeks giveaway, Maybelline Lipstick in Ambre Rose



Hi ladies,

This weeks giveaway is Maybelline Lipstick in Ambre Rose.

To qualify to WIN you must

  • Follow the site using the google friend connect
  • Leave a comment on the post give-away post (Mondays)
  • Tweet about the competition
  • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Last weeks winner is Marina. Congratulations, if you email me your address I will pop your Maybelline Mousse Blush in the post tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who entered last weeks giveaway. Good luck this week :)

Winners will be announced at the end of each week. Open Internationally.

Good luck everyone!

Amy x


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  • BeautyLipstick

    I was very impressed and felt had to get a valuable experience after reading your article. I will learn more and I’ll try to implement. I want to thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate sharing this great post.

  • marian

    i want to enter! :)

  • Hinna

    hey amy, just leaving a comment to enter :)
    love the new website! good luck with everything!
    ive tweeted about the giveaway (makeupadikt) youtube: hinna212.

  • Juliette

    hey amy, just leaving a comment to enter :)
    love the new website! good luck!

  • saffy

    I did everything you need to do to enter :)

    My twitter is: lulabelle17
    and my youtube is: saffy029

    love the new site! xxx

  • Teddy

    Enter me please, this color we don’t have here in my counrty and i love to try new things out!

  • Kayleigh

    Hiya :) Enter me please.. id love to try that lipstick ! x

  • Roisin

    enter me
    love the look of that lipstick

  • Victoria

    I would love to get my hands on this lipstick.

  • Maxime

    This lipstick is getting pretty impossible to find

  • Niamh D

    Hey Amy! I love your vids! I follow you on twitter and youtube! That lipstick looks amazing =]

  • Emma Computergirl

    I have blogged about your contest. I dont have twitter, but I have ubbed already to your yt.
    Enter me please

  • Julianne

    Please enter me. I’m now following this site, and I’m already your subscriber on youtube (longs4), but I don’t have twitter.
    Thank you!

  • maryke

    I’ve joined this site , im a subscriber and i’ve tweeted about the contest! i would looove to win this :)

  • jacky

    im following you on twitter and youtube but what’s friend connect?
    by the way i love your new site! its so cool!

  • Shyamala

    Cool Site.. Hope I’m lucky enough to win the lippie

  • Lelinh

    Please enter me I’ve wanted to try this out for a while now. Thanks for holding all these brilliant competitions. Good luck to everyone.

  • Jenny
    i tweeted it :)
    user name on youtube is: justjennyxx
    just watched your october favourites
    enter me

  • Charli

    Hiiii :’)
    Love the new site, t’is pretty.

    • Amy

      Thanks Charli :)

  • Lana

    Please enter me.

    I’am following this website.
    I tweeted about the comp.
    I’am a subscriber on youtube.

  • Emily

    Hey Amy! I love your vids! I follow you on twitter and youtube! That’s a great shade of lipstick! :)

  • Angel

    enter me pleasee!!
    my youtube acc is

  • becky

    CONGRATS amy!
    did everything u need to do to enter the comp..


  • Emma (:

    Hey Amy.
    Just watched your october favourite’s video (:
    I’ve already subscribed a while ago (maajaimi). I deleted my Twitter though D:
    xx Emma.
    yay Ireland! :)

  • emily_violet

    I’d also like to enter the competion, my Twittername is also emily_violet, on youtube my channel is emilyvioletta.

    You always have great prizes, that’s awesome.

  • judi

    Hiya!! I’d like to enter please =D
    I’m subscribed 2 you on twitter, youtube and here…(judithclareagnes)


  • Ellie

    can you enter me please
    twitter and youtube both: 6626unique, love the new website btw amy :)

  • lozva

    enter me please. my twitter name is lozva. youtube name is lozva1.

  • Fatima

    Hi doll ;)

    thanx for another great give-away. the lipstick colour is so pretty. I love pink plus i dont own alot of pink lipsticks so this would be fab to win.

    am already following on here so yay

    already scribed to you on YT (rosebud1985)

    tweeded about the give-away

  • Lisa

    This is a great site Amy!
    Quick question, I am already subscribed to your youtube, but how are you going to know which sub I am? Just curious how you’re going to know that to pick the winner.
    Great videos as always and this site really is more ‘you’!

  • Dana

    Twitter: dankamd

    Youtube: heidiheidi0

  • kathy

    love your new blog
    youtube name – SweetHeart9112

  • siamese27

    Please enter me. i’ve followed with google friend and i’m following you on twitter (about to go and tweet about the competition), and i’m a subscriber on youtube.

  • sparklemidori

    enter me please
    and Ive already twitted and subscribed to your yt

  • Bexy

    I love the idea for this weekly comp :) And the lipstick is super pretty!! My YT username is bexyie and my twitter one is Mekekka…

  • Austrian_Babe

    I love the new page! I´m following you on twitter (Austrian_Babe) and I´ve been a YT subcriber for a longish time and love your videos! I´m LadyProtector on YT btw

  • iram

    hey amy! love ur vids ur soo pweety!
    i know now it sounds like im doing it for the lipstick lol! but u r!
    anywayz hope i win!

  • Catriona

    I’ve heard so much about this lipstick! I can’t believe I only discovered your videos recently, I’m hooked. :) My Twitter is Skyllo30 and my YouTube is Meltdown30


  • Bonnie

    Hi Amy, still loving your videos. Your site is looking lovely! Can’t wait for more.

  • Sarah

    I’ve done everything except the twitter bit as i dont have a twitter account. Does that mean i cant enter this and future competitions?

  • Lauren

    Hi Amy!
    youtube: starlight82988
    twitter and google: lahart88

    Thank you!

  • Katie

    Hi Amy! I love your videos and your blog. My twitter is xxkatiexx4650, as is my youtube account. Please enter me. Thank you!

  • SadhbhK

    check, check, check aand check!

    all done :D
    heard lots about this lippie and would love to try it out!!!

    loving the new site by the way
    girly, cute and so easy to use!
    keep up the wonderful work ;)

  • Fee

    Enter me Amy!!


    Follow you both here and Youtube under feenydazzle

  • Heather

    Hi, could you enter me into your contest please. I’m subscribed to you on YouTube ( heathersartmakeup ) and i’ll tweet about your contest now ( @heatherxoxs ). Thanks Amy :)

  • Greta

    please enter me. My twiiter name is gretababez my youtube name is oxgretaox

  • Carline

    Please enter me in the contest :)

    Thank You.

  • Marie

    Hi ~
    Already Twitted here:
    Subscribed in youtube with the username: sakatamarie

    And I loved so muuuch the color!

  • charan

    my id for both twitter and youtube is “newtomakeup” . I am a subscriber for both :) . please enter me in the competition.

  • katy wilkinson

    please enter me :)

    I’ve tweeted here:
    And already follow this blog and your yt account

  • Alina

    i’ve heared only good things about this lipstick, i’d love to try it. thx 4 this competition.

  • emily

    i would love to enter this!! i wanted to try this quite badly.

  • princessmimilie

    enter me please, I would love to win this lipstick since it is not available in France!

  • Etienne

    I would like to enter the contest~
    My twitter:

    I don’t have a youtube account, i cant enter?

  • Lisa T

    Enter me please! I’m a subscriber and I tweeted here

  • chanceuxlilas

    Hi, Amy! Please enter me to win the lovely Maybelline lipstick :)

  • Sara

    I want to enter this. :D

  • LouLouThePoo!

    Congratulations Marina :)

    oww enter me please :D i will tweet it :) my names LouLouThePoo haa how sad i need to change it!! x

  • Laura

    I’ve heard such good things about this lipstick but never got round to buying it! Amazing giveaway! Have a blog, which i’ve generally blogged about cooking! Going to start blogging about make up as that’s the current obsession!

    xoxo Laura

  • Emma

    I don’t have a twitter. Does that mean I can’t enter?
    Emma. :)

  • SJ

    Luv this lipstick and don’t know why I haven’t bought it already :-)……Luv the new website by the way <3

  • BarbiesGlitter

    Hey i did everything you need to do to enter :)
    my twitter is: BarbiesGlitter
    and my youtube name is the same (:
    thanksssss xoxoxo

  • Selina

    Hey Amy,

    I just tweeted about this:

    I know it’s not Monday, but I’m commenting anyways now to enter the giveaway.

    And I love all your videos. You can find me at


  • Niamh

    Congratulations Marinaa

  • UnlimitedElizabeth

    I’m loving your new site Amy. All the graphics are really cute! I’ve seen Anna, the style diet, use some Maybelline lipsticks before and they look lovely. xoxo Elizabeth

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