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What is happening with my Concealer!

I have mentioned Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Duo many times. It’s great for oily skin, it had brilliant coverage and it doesn’t move. It’s expensive but worth it, I thought!

I use this on a lot on clients with oily skin. It holds up well under studio lights and has great staying power. I also have one in my personal collection in SC3. If I had a breakout on my chin I happily smeared  it on for skin perfection.

Bet your wondering where this is going…

Well I wore it on my chin yesterday and after a few hours I passed a mirror and got a fright. And what is it that I saw?


Caking of the worst kind! I tried to blend it back but there was no saving it. I grabbed a makeup wipe from my bag and soaked it all off. I’d rather a bare chin than a caked one!

I am not happy about this. I don’t have a chin breakout at the moment, for a change, so it has left me wondering whether it only works when my chin is oily. At the moment the skin there is normal.

The caking may have occurred due to the mixing of the concealer with my foundation. An oil based product over an oil free one could cause problems. I will have to investigate this further!

I have to say that this has scared me off this concealer. It’s very off putting and even if it was a once off caking incident I won’t ever wear it with confidence. If I wear it again, I’ll feel the need to check it constantly to make sure it looks good.

Although this has never let me down before I’m not into high maintenance make-up and caked make-up is a beauty nightmare!

Have you tried this concealer?

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  • Lindsay

    I have this concealer and I’ve used it religiously for a few years now. I have never noticed the caking but I usually use my Shiseido foundation. I’ll definitely look out for any differences over the next few days but great blog!

  • Alisha

    I have not tried this concealer however I am definitely in agreement with you in that I would rather have bare skin than have cakey skin. ICK! Lately I have been using a NARS duo concealer which is nice however I’m more into layering foundation than concealer so I don’t go through it very fast so I don’t have too much to compare it to.

  • Lucy :)

    Brilliant post as usual Amy :)
    Just nominated you for a blog award lovely – check it out! :) xx

    • Amy

      Aw thank you so much :)

  • laura

    hi, im havin the same problem i have oily skin and found the MAC select cover up works best for me(i have used this for 5months)been brillant. i have just started usin clinique anti blemish and i think it is drying my skin up. not sure will use it for longer and see how it goes. x

  • Shannon

    Thanks so much Amy for leaving a comment on my Youtube(: I love your videos, you are beautiful and always make the best videos!
    I’ve never tried this product before but maybe it is only suited for oily skin? Great post hun.
    Love xxx S

  • Lauren

    Nothing worse than cakey make-up. Oh how annoying! If it’s been formulated for oily skin, maybe that’s why. Such a shame when you find a product you love though.
    Big fan of your YouTube vids, keep up the good work x

    • Amy

      Thank you Lauren :) x

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